22 May 2010

Galena - The House

We just got back from a whirlwind trip in Galena. One of these days, we'll get there for a true vacation. It's really a very cool place. This weekend, however, we were there for the Galena Triathlon. Brian competed in this event last year. But this time, we had another person to cheer on as well -- my sister. Both did a great job. Since there was a group of us -- us and the boys, my sister and her family (minus one) and my mother-in-law -- we decided to get a house for the night. The race ends up at the Eagle Ridge Resort, which is were the house was. It all worked out pretty nice. We didn't spend much time at the house, but there was plenty of room for all us, a comfortable kitchen, pool table and even a hot tub. We all wished we could have stayed longer. It was a great time.

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