19 April 2019

Moments 04 19 :: Week 03

In honor of Prom this weekend, thought I'd pull up my old Prom pictures. LOL!

This is better! Are they so cute? His date is a good friend of H's. (She's actually dating our next door neighbor who is in college).

Proud parents.

The Grand March. Kind of a funny (to me) tradition at their school. But I loved getting to see where prom was and hear their names announced. H had a great time. I really don't think it could have been better, to be honest.

The day after. Haha! It was a late, fun night. That's for sure.

Then this nonsense happened. C was in a soccer tournament in Rockford over the weekend. We were 15 minutes away from the fields when the rest of the tournament got cancelled. Grrrr.. Nothing like spending 3 hours in the car for no reason.

And then the snow melted. I love spring!

12 April 2019

Moments 04 19 :: Week 02

Bliss. A scene from last weekend when H got his hair cut.

It's absolutely disgusting out right now, but there were a few gorgeous days this week, and this one took full advantage of it to sun herself.

05 April 2019

Moments 04 19 :: Week 01

Arrived home from Spring Break in the nick of time to wish this crazy girl a very happy 5th birthday!

Felt great to get out and about on Sunday. So lucky to have the Schlitz Audubon nearly in our back yard.

As a last Spring Break hurrah, we went out for pizza.

In case you were wondering.... (an awesome gift from Brian).

Super snuggles all the time. I've been a little worried about Storm lately. It's hard watching our pets grow old, and he's kind of my guy....

S E V E N T E E N ! That just sounds old.

For the most part, it was a regular day. Had to wait for C to get home from soccer practice then celebrated with his traditional steak, french fries and Greek salad. This year's cake was a S'more Icebox Cake. I have to admit, I wasn't sold on his pick this year, but it turned out ridiculously good.

As I was taking C to the mall this afternoon, he said he liked my outfit. I'll take it!

30 March 2019

St. Louis :: Day 3

Another full and amazing day ... and photo overload. We switched gears and went for calmer today. It started with another trip to Soulard Farmer's Market since we kind of missed out yesterday. Super cool place. Really inexpensive, nice produce. We even saw an ostrich egg. Which the boys of course wanted, but we had to pass up. Across the street was Bogart's Smoke House. We happened to be there right as it opened at 10:30am so decided to get a snack. As soon as the doors open, people started piling it. We knew it would be good. And it was. We all split one meal of a half slab of ribs, tri-tips, baked beans and collard greens. It was amazing. And put C over the edge for the rest of the day, to be honest. We spent a couple hours walking down Cherokee Street. The highlight for the boys was the piƱata & candy store. They had absolutely everything. We ended our time there with lunch at La Vallesana. The boys all tried beef tongue tacos (C had a single one) and a couple other varieties. I opted for chicken and pork. The carnitas was amazing, by the way. Next was Ted Drewes. We had to, right? H and I split a St. Louis Classic (vanilla custard, St. Louis Sticky Cake and cherries). So good. C passed. Next, it was off to the Missouri Botanical Garden. Honestly, it's what we all needed. Such a lovely, peaceful place. We walked the entire grounds, and were all smitten with the Japanese Garden. The koi were huge! Anyhow, that place made us all really happy. After coming back to the apartment and watching some basketball, it was time for dinner. Ended up around the corner at VP Square. One of H&C's favorite meals is hot pot, and they were super excited it was offered. Perfect last night.

The next day we were up early to hit the road. Nothing too exciting -- the entire route is basically highway and farms. But we made it time to reunite with our dogs. What a great getaway. St. Louis, I heard you were cool but you surprised me. We all enjoyed getting to know you a little.

28 March 2019

St. Louis :: Day 2


Photo overload! It was a big day that started with crepes at Rooster then hours at City Museum.  Wow, that place is crazy and cool. Definitely stimulation overload. I crawled with the boys up some scary metal tunnels (Brian stayed behind) and went with C on the 10-story slide (H and Brian opted for the 5-story version). Some takeaways were: 1) wear moveable pants. My stiff jeans made moving around slightly difficult which was a little scary when you are trying to change leg position in the middle of a suspended tunnel. 2) bring knee pads. And headlamps if you think you are going to be going in the caves (which, I wasn't going to do anyhow). It was a pretty amazing place. After that, we went to the Soulard Farmer's Market. Most everything was closed when we went so we headed to the Gateway National Park. There was no way this family of scaredy cats was going up in the elevator, but the museum was interesting and impressive. In the evening, C unfortunately got a headache. That kid and his headaches! He's gotten better, but I think just get overstimulated on vacation. Or something. We left him at the apartment and went to Pho Grand for dinner. It's been rainy now, so totally hit the spot. Such a great day. We are loving this city.