31 January 2012

There's Nothing Sweeter


I could stare at them like this for hours.....

30 January 2012

Two Peas in a Pod


I cannot tell you how many times H does something that drives me totally nuts ... and then I realize that the poor child is JUST LIKE ME! The habits of his that drive me absolutely crazy, are the same ones that make me nuts about myself. He's a worrier. And analyzer. He needs to know every detail of every plan. But because of these traits, he's also a very sweet, helpful and hard working kid who (usually) always thinks of others. I adore him.

Then there's C. A very live-in-the-moment kind of guy. He can be so stubborn, and sometimes a bit difficult. For example, if he wants two cookies, but you only give him one, he won't even take the one since it's not two like he wanted -- and he'll totally get upset about it. At the same time, he's passionate and has such a zest for life. Combine that with his incredible laugh, gorgeous smile and big eyes, and he's quite the charmer. I adore him too.

For some reason, as much as I hate to admit it because it's so completely unfair, I tend to be a lot more patient with C's antics than I am with H's. And I think it's simple because, H reminds me so much of myself! I just want him to have no fear, not hold back, and stop worry so much. Do you want to know the funny thing?  It's completely opposite with Brian. If Brian ever asks if anyone wants to (insert the blank -- i.e. go to the hardware store) with him, H is right there. Those two just love hanging out together. On the other hand, Brian's patience level with C can sometimes be quite low. Neither ever want to back down. And I can't tell you how many times C is doing something that's testing Brian's nerves, and I start laughing because at that very moment, they are completely reminding me of each other. Two peas in a pod.

It's funny how it all happens like this. But the most beautiful thing is, we all balance each other out.

29 January 2012

Pablove 3


Last night Brian and went to Turner Hall for the 3rd annual Pablove concert. Sadly, I didn't know much about any of the bands playing last night. But I did really enjoy watching two of Brian's co-workers in Testa Rosa. As we were leaving for the night, Meiko was on stage, and I wish we could have watched more of her. And, we missed Butch Walker, which would have been great to see. Of course, it was absolutely awesome seeing our friends Jeff & Jo Ann last night. And we snuck out to meet up with Scott & Ali at Elsa's for dinner. So much fun. (Pablove Benefit Concert 1, 2)

26 January 2012

Inspiration Files :: Mim Design

Here we go again -- I think I'm craving a bigger kitchen. Or maybe it's because the ignitor on our stove has been clicking non-stop for over a week and it's really, really annoying. If I could lift it, I might just throw it out the window. (The repair guy came out today, but the part won't be here until early next week.) Anyhow, the kitchen is what initially caught my eye in this house. But honestly, I'd take the entire thing. Architecture by Mim Design(photos by Mim Design, via Desire to Inspire).
By the way, here's another kitchen by Mim Design. The rest of the house wasn't my favorite, but I'm not sure I've ever seen anything like it! I dig it. Probably not the best ceiling for snow, but nevertheless, quite something.

25 January 2012

Star of the Week


A couple weeks ago, the Artist of the Week. And now, the Star of the Week. C is on Cloud Nine. He brought in a few of his favorite things, some photos, and got to put them on display in his classroom. Even the beloved blanket has been making it's way to school every day (but comes home at night). But today was extra special because I got to visit him! I read his favorite book, There's a Mouse About the House, to the class. And then we had cupcakes I made! C was very particular about them -- I blame it on the fact that he has a summer birthday and doesn't celebrate in school -- but we ended up with chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with strawberry frosting and star sprinkles. They were a big hit. It was such a great day. (By the way, C really wanted me to post the funny photo of him and the yawning Storm dog ... Goof ball.)

22 January 2012



C asked me to watch a movie with him today -- along with just a few of his friends.

Ice Skating


Right next door to the boy's school, there is a pond that gets flooded in the winter for ice skating. Because of the mild season, yesterday was the first day the rink was open. The boy's got ice skates for Christmas, so of course we had to go try them out after dinner. In 2nd grade, the kids use the rink for gym class. So when H ran into a few of his friends from school, they were skating circles around him -- but totally took him under the wings and we barely saw him all night long. Even C got in the mix. He was so determined and never gave up -- it was pretty awesome. Two hours later, Brian and I had enough, and took to sitting around the fire in the warming house, while the boys were still skating around with their friends. Hope to get to spend a lot more time here. Can you believe how lucky we are to have this? (P.S. It's free! But you do need to have your own ice skates.)



In all the years of watching H play soccer, today was probably the most fun I've ever had watching. His team played another one from the soccer club -- the one his old soccer coach, coaches. At half time, the score was 2-2. It was tied for a long time, or the other team would be up by only a couple points. It was close. Towards the end, the other team pulled ahead quite a bit with some amazing goals. The ending score being 8-3. I wish it would have ended a bit a closer, but both teams really seemed to have a ton of fun.

21 January 2012

Monster Jam


Well, this is something I can say I've never done this before! After a delicious dinner, we met up with our friends Eric, Karen and their 4-year old twins at Monster Jam. We surprised the boys -- they were seriously excited. And, I have to admit, it really was pretty fun. Loud, but very cool. Those trucks are crazy.

20 January 2012

Right Outside My Window


Nothing will stop these boys from sledding down our mini hill while waiting for the bus. Not even the fact that it was 0 degrees Fahrenheit this morning.

18 January 2012

Lauren King

Illustrated scenes inspired by vintage photographs. I cannot tell you how much I absolutely adore this. Art by Los Angeles based Lauren King [blog | shop]. (via poppytalk)

17 January 2012

Long Winter Walks


Not sure what I was thinking (well, I do -- I was thinking it was going to snow all day), but I decided that I had to get all my errands done first thing morning. Of course, it was the worst time to go. Here's a fact -- I really don't like winter driving. Living in the Midwest, it's simply part of life for a good portion of the year and I do it of course. But I swear, the streets were slippery, the snow was blinding and my heart was pounding like mad by the time I got to my destination. (The way home was much better though.) After a few hours, the snow stopped and the sun was shining so I made my way outside to slow blow our driveway. Honestly, I couldn't get enough! It was gorgeous out. So decided it was a great time to take Storm on a long, long walk. We were gone nearly an hour. Call me crazy, but I really do love this weather.

Winter Wonderland


This is what it looked like right outside our house this morning as the boys were heading off to school. I kind of love it when it gets like this -- it reminds me of living in a black and white picture.

16 January 2012

Inspiration Files :: Albergo Diffuso

A little something different for the inspiration files! Honestly, I could never imagine living in cave, but I find this 18-room hotel project in Matera, Italy quite amazing. Of course, it reminds me a bit of our little house in Italy -- so of course I have a soft spot for it. Le Grotte Della Civita photographed by Jordi Canosa Fotografo (via Desire to Inspire)

12 January 2012

Late Night Sledding


Finally, some snow! The kids were beyond excited. Other than doing their homework and eating dinner, they could be found outside. We even discovered the little hill in our backyard makes for some perfect late night sledding.

11 January 2012

Liam Stevens

Amazing work by London based illustrator and designer, Liam Stevens. (via Where the Lovely Things Are -- another from the archives)