30 January 2015

Last Week in Photos

Just another Friday night // Hiking with the Frigs

C had Market Day at school this week, and decided to paint water colors as his item to sell // Gretel is definitely over-accessorized, sporting a collar, invisible fence collar, and hunting collar since she can be a really bad listener -- it works

C's soccer team came in 1st place in their futsal league // My dad was in town, and took Brian, C and I out for dinner

C's watercolors, ready for sale at Market Day // H was on a 3-day, 2-night overnight winter wilderness field trip. I missed him so much. But he had a great time. I'm so happy.

29 January 2015

A Day in the Life of C ...

In C's Spanish class, they are working on a project where they write about what they do on a typical day. He picked Monday of course. The day he has soccer practice. He told me which photos he wanted to take, and I think they turned out pretty awesome. Here's a day in the life of C....

wakes up +++

eats breakfast +++

goes to school +++

soccer practice +++

eats dinner +++

does homework +++

goes to bed +++

27 January 2015

Inspiration Files :: Art

Kate by Liz Markus (via Design Crush) // Series 8 #22 by Nanci Yermakoff

Rocky Mtn. Natl. Pk by Brooks Salzwedel // Corner at the Park by Geoffrey Johnson

“abstract N° 702” by Koen Lybaert // Beach Day by Paul Ferney

25 January 2015

Futsal Champs


For the past couple months, C's U10 soccer team has been playing futsal. After an undefeated season, they found themselves playing in the championship game today. They played against a team they already played twice before. Needless to say, it ended up being a very intense game. Fortunately, they pulled through, and won 7-5. Pretty exciting, and well deserved, for sure. Way to go #13!

Weekend with the Frigs


It's been awhile since we've seen our friends The Frigs, so when they proposed getting together for the weekend, we were thrilled. The plan was to go ice skating and skiing, but our winter wonderland weekend was foiled by the warmer weather. Instead, we went hiking. For Christmas, my cousin's daughter got a horse this year, and we've been dying to meet her. Since we were heading out that direction, we thought we'd see if they were out at the stables, and they were! So we got the added bonus of getting to meet Sugar too. How exciting is that? H said he could have spent all day out at the stables. We'll have to go back. Afterwards, we hit up the Lagrange General Store for some food, then the John Muir trails in Kettle Moraine for a little hike. Along the way, someone had built a bunch of tiny snowmen. It was so cute. We had a pretty low-key evening and morning. It was just so great to get to see them.

23 January 2015

Last Week in Photos

Our friends Jo Ann/Jeff were in town from Los Angeles and we went out for dinner with them and Ali/Scott at Morel // C built a snowman ... complete with butt crack

We needed something drown our sorrows in after the Packers lost in the playoffs to the Seahawks, so ordered udon noodle soup (C is, and always has been, a Seahawks fan by the way, so was thrilled) // The boys were off of school for MLK Day on Monday. While H went to work to sell his coffee, C and I made a coffee delivery then had an oyster lunch at the Milwaukee Public Market

The snow is melting and ugly lately, so C decided to make muddy snow bricks naturally // Gretel is bigger than Storm, the camera shy guy

20 January 2015

Inspiration Files :: Wear

Botines by Ricardo Medina // Jumpsuit by NSF

Staple Stud by Kathleen Whitaker // Raw Pyrite Cuff by Dea Dia

Blue Herringbone Scarf by System63 // Chelsea Booties by S├ęzane


It's been a long time since I've made note of my favorite things. With Pinterest, I tend to simply file everything away there ... and forget about it. For some reason, I actually checked it today, and guess what! There's some pretty great stuff there -- or a least, so I think. Over the weekend, one of our friends was in town. She had on some super cute earrings that I couldn't take my eyes off of. What do you know? I pinned them a few months ago (the staple stud). Aren't they great? Anyhoo, here are some of my recent favorite things.

16 January 2015

The Past Week in Photos

H had a futsal game on Saturday, and we finally got to try Cafe Bavaria ... sehr gut!

I made a really good (paleo) oven baked chowder // Deer and dog tracks in the snow

Gretel got busted eating a piece of chicken off the counter (off of a fork) // Brian spent 4 days in Chicago, and made a great dinner for us with the groceries he picked up at Eataly

13 January 2015

Inspiration Files :: Eagle Ridge

Location // Orcas Island, Washington
Exterior // Rusty corrugated steel & salvaged wood from old barn
Architect // Gary Gladwish
More Information // via dezeen

09 January 2015

The Past Week in Photos

It finally snowed, and H&C were very happy. Too bad it was below 0 degrees Fahrenheit most days.

The Rosemary Old Fashioned was my drink of choice this past holiday season // Hot chocolate that my sister brought back from Guatemala

Caught Storm & Gretel in a super snuggle // It may be freezing out, but somebody doesn't seem to mind

01 January 2015

New Year's Eve

nye2-1214 nye3-1214
Happy 2015! I'm predicting a really great year ahead. We spent our New Year's Eve. very low key this year. My favorite way to ring in the new year is spending it with friends and family. This year, after a week of non-stop fun, we are all just so tired. We opted for a celebration with just the four of us ... and it was perfect. We had oysters for an appetizer. Beef tenderloin and cheese fondue for dinner. Salted caramel ice cream for dessert. Delicious. We tried to talk H into celebrating the New Year on Eastern time, but he wouldn't have it. Ironically, he fell asleep on the sofa at 11:30pm (C had already gone to bed) so Brian and I did force ourselves to stay up until midnight since we were so close. We didn't even crack open the champagne, however! Goodness. Anyhow, here's to a happy, healthy, peaceful, and exciting 2015!