26 June 2015

Last Week in Moments

Our friends just bought a new bar/restaurant on Upper Nemahbin Lake (right down the street from my parents) called Panga. We went out Friday to check it out, and back on Saturday with the boys. They spent the day kayaking and SUPing with Mike + Kristyn's four kids. They were having such a great time that they even got to go home with them. It was perfect, especially since Brian & I had a date with Scott & Ali to Movida. We all had an absolute blast // Sunday was Father's Day, and we woke up and made Brian blueberry pancakes

Later on Dad's Day, my parents met us at C's baseball game, then came over for dinner // C's friend from soccer came over on Monday and they bobbed for food (like fruit snacks) then dumped the water all over our driveway and pretended to swim. Weirdos

Tuesday was a perfect summer day, so we spent the afternoon at Brown Deer Pond. It was our first time there, and so much fun // Wednesday was tennis. Papa met the boys and took them to the driving range. It's been a couple years since they actually took lessons, and I was amazed -- they were really good

Had to take a picture of this flower from our garden before it was too late // Even though it was chilly out, we spent some time on the lake after I picked the boys up from tennis lessons. They built and enormous "shampoo river." Week two of summer break -- I'd say they are having a really great summer.

19 June 2015

Last Week in Moments

H had his last soccer game. Both will be with the same club again last year playing for their same teams // Brian has been waiting over 20 years this, and is so excited to own a BMW motorcycle

On the first day of summer vacation, we went to a pool party. Unfortunately, not many people were there and it was cold. Still a good way to start the break

The boys also started tennis this week, and we got to spend some time on our favorite lake. It was heaven // Brian and I went to a Dinner Lab. All of the dishes were really amazing, but I think this may have been my favorite (shaved pork jowl naem, minted melon, black garlic, roasted melon espuma and rice cracker)

12 June 2015

Last Week in Moments

On Saturday, C had 2 soccer games, H had one, he refereed 3 games and we had 3 soccer parties to go to. The first party was for C's team at a teammates house. Check out this awesome view for a little soccer game // There were soccer tryouts this week. Still waiting to hear about C, but H has officially accepted his position on the U14 (!) team

On Tuesday, the Marlins played at Helfaer Field // Thursday was Market Day at C's school. All year, they work volunteering in class for "MAC money" to spend. He and his friend made soda popsicles and artwork. I was invited in as a "shopper" which was a blast.

Friday I volunteered at Field Day at C's school // And then, it was the last day of school! H is moving on up to 8th grade (I cannot believe it) and C is done with elementary school and heading to the middle school with his brother. It was a bittersweet day. Both have had a great year.

10 June 2015

Marlins at Helfaer


Last night, C "Don't-Touch-The-Hair" P and the Marlins had an 8:30pm (!!!) baseball game at Helfaer Field. It's always a game the team looks forward to. The field is incredible. They get to play under the big lights. They all get nicknames. There are announcers -- this year it was H and his friend from school (the coach's daughter). Who did a great job, by the way. The Marlins were the home team. As you can see, they had a great game. C pitched the last inning. It's really a just-for-fun night, and they had a really good time.

05 June 2015

Last Week in Moments

Someone had fun in the mud at a birthday party he was at // Making fire starters

Beggars // Nasturtium from our garden

C officially has the longest hair in the house now that I cut 7" off // He did it again! Fastest mile in the 4th grade (and his school) at 6.37

02 June 2015

Inspiration Files :: Swedish Apartment

location // Stockholm, Sweden
source // Oscars (it's for sale)
via // Bliss Blog