28 March 2016



It was another wonderful Easter for the books. Easter is still C's favorite holiday. Plus, it tends to fall around H's birthday, so he often gets a little birthday celebration thrown in the mix. The day itself was pretty miserable outside -- rainy and gloomy. No matter. We weren't going to let a little bad weather ruin the day. The Easter bunny came in the morning. Then we spent the rest of the morning getting ready for our family to come! It was the standard crew -- Brian's mom, sister and her family, my sister and her family and my cousin and his family (my parents are still in Florida). We spent the afternoon eating and catching up. We were even able to have another (indoor) egg hunt. For dinner, we stuck with a traditional spiral ham, and everyone pitched in by bringing a dish. It turned out perfect. I'm still stuffed! My mother-in-law also offered to pick up a Danish layer birthday cake from O & H, complete with the cutest frosting Easter bunny on it. He may be turning 14, but it really made his day. He absolutely loved it and has been talking about how nice it was. So that was it! Another great Easter.

25 March 2016

Last Week in Moments

We went to look at bathroom fixtures and dream about remodeling. C was thrilled to be there. Such a grump.

Spring Break! Yes, we are sticking around cold Wisconsin this year. In fact, we welcomed our time off with ... snow.

While the snow may be getting old, watching six deer cross the street never does. It was beautiful. (And, the good news is, the snow melted the next day.)

18 March 2016

Last Week in Moments

It was a rainy kind of day. Heck -- it was a rainy kind of week, to be honest. One that made us all very tired.

Celebrating Brian's 45th birthday on St. Patrick's Day with a homemade Chocolate Guinness birthday cake.

Papa was in town for a couple of days, and got to join us for dinner after an afternoon of pheasant hunting with Brian. We were all very happy to see him.

11 March 2016

Last Week in Moments

It was gorgeous out over the weekend. We went over to the soccer club on Sunday to get some ball time in.

H made a delicious beef stew for dinner. Completely on his own. It was pretty amazing. C had made a cake the day before. I picked out the recipe for him, so he wasn't a big fan. It was a raw chocolate layer cake with ganache and caramel. I loved it.

On Tuesday, H left for his 8th grade class trip to Washington DC. Brian was gone the Thursday before through Wednesday (the day after H left). H comes home tonight, and I just cannot wait to get my people back together! I haven't heard too much from H, but it seems like they are super busy, he's really tired, and they are having a great time.

Spring in the air and Gretel is crazy. I always keep one of these stuffed birds around in case of emergency. Within 5 minutes, she always pulls the squeaker out, then works on pulling off the head and feet. We have bit and pieces of these birds laying all around our house.

C and I had a date on Thursday! We went to Belair, and had a great time. Unfortunately, even though Brian got home the night before, he had a dinner meeting already so couldn't join us. He's been really busy lately. Too busy.

04 March 2016

Last Week in Moments

C and I got to visit Grandma on her birthday. Look -- he's almost as tall as her! We also got to spend some time with the cousins.

H is playing volleyball for his school again. They had a rough start on their first games, but looked much better the next time around. In fact, they actually won! Maybe the pizza their coach bribed them with helped.