29 June 2018

Moments 06 18 :: Week 04

Always so much fun with these people. Biergarten bike ride with the gym crew. Meet up point, Colectivo. Next up, Hubbard Park (my favorite beer garden .... shhhhhh).

Next, the ever popular Estabrook, where we got to watch the last few minutes of the Germany World Cup game. The one they actually won. Final destination, Bavarian Bierhaus. Such a fun day.

Last U14 game of the season. Wasn’t always the easiest year, but they’ve improved, like each other a lot and have a really good time. It’s a great group of boys. Looking forward to a little break, then these guys are stuck with each other for another year. Fun!

22 June 2018

Maci Visit


My friend Maci from Italy came to visit for a couple days with her son, who is about a year younger than C by the way. The visit went way too fast, but was absolutely amazing. She's the person who introduced me to wearing men’s cologne and accessorizing denim jackets. She is the one who forced me go to high school dances and started getting me out of my shell. She’s also the one who ignited my interest in foreign exchange — the following year we hosted Andrea from Costa Rica, and then I went abroad for a year in Germany myself. Basically, she had an enormous impact on me growing up.

They arrived late Wednesday night, spent the day next day in Green Bay visiting her host-family, which left us Friday to spend together until they had to leave that night. We met my parents, niece and nephew for lunch, then visited the old high school, the subdivision we lived in, and of course, Leduc's. It was an overwhelming and exciting visit. I loved seeing her. I loved watching the boys together. She had the same sparkle in her eyes and calmness about her. I hadn't seen her since I was 15. It's crazy to think about everything that has happened throughout all of those years -- both good and bad. I absolutely cannot wait to see her again. My heart is full.

Moments 06 18 :: Week 03

Happy guy and his new kicks.

One of the reasons I love summer. A little extra time for friends. Met up with Tammy & Terri at Cloud Red.

Went to the Nomad Nacional to watch the World Cup on Father's Day. Germany vs. Mexico - and Germany lost! Still a fun morning of Füßball nevertheless.

Happy Father's Day to Brian!!! <3

Prost, to my dad on Father’s Day! I may not have inherited your skin tone, but at least we rocked the same permed hair in the early 80s. (Photo taken at the Hofbrauhaus).
It poured and H just couldn't resist swimming in the gross drainage area in front of our house that got completely flooded.

New million dollar smile. Ok, maybe not a million, but close! Someone is so happy to get his braces off after two years.

15 June 2018

Moments 06 18 :: Week 02

C and I stopped by my parent’s on our way home from soccer in Madison and got to say hello to these two little crazies. (Actually, only one is crazy - but she’s so cute it’s hard to resist)

On Saturday, rode the Trek 100. He hasn't done a ton of training but had a blast and did awesome. He even felt amazing the next day. Yay!

Rocking my CrossFit GroundWorks Pride shirt. Couldn't join my friends at the parade, but was with everyone in spirit.

We headed down to Chicago to celebrate Finn's high school graduation. Super proud of him. Can't believe another is leaving the nest.

These guys! 😍

When your former boss is in town. “The Chief Schief “and “Angelique” reunited after seven years!

12 June 2018

A Special Graduation Party

IMG_6315 (1)
IMG_6334 (1)

Oh boy. Another one of the Oak Park crew is heading off to college. This time, it's our Finn! We are all so excited for him and proud of his accomplishments, of course. He'll be studying film and playing soccer at Augsburg University in Minneapolis. Even though we don't live by each other anymore, we sure are going to miss him. These boys have grown up together, and it's really been something special to watch. We were so glad we got to celebrate the day with him. Melissa created a fun and delicious Ode to Minnesota. As you can imagine, it was perfect. Such a great day. Congratulations Finnr!

08 June 2018

Moments 06 18 :: Week 01

Obligatory near-the-top-of-the-Hoan photo from the UPAF Ride for the Arts ride we did last weekend.

Loved supporting the arts with this crew. Some of the crew from the gym.

My coach and friend. Love getting to work with this one every day.

Brian and I had a quick impromptu date at Tre Rivali. Don’t want to forget about this combo tomatoes, burrata, basil, olives and LEMON MARMALADE. Wow.

Teacher gifts this year were "Everything But the Ice Cream" baskets. C has 8 teachers, so we need to always find something we can mass produce. I got a ton of compliments on this year's gift. I like doing things that he can help with and wants to give himself. I gave him a few choices, and this is what he picked. The hot fudge sauce was a Smitten Kitchen recipe and amazing. I just made another batch to keep in our refrigerator.

We have a bird nest. Now I just need to keep Gretel away.


Last day of school for C was on Thursday.

Last day of school for H was on Friday. And he went right into his first day of work. Good stuff.

The burning of the homework has begun.

01 June 2018

Moments 05 18 :: Week 05

The table has been moved outside. The patio is officially open for business.

She leads such a life of leisure.

On Memorial Day the boys went to Pinelawn for their annual service. Brian and I did our first Murph WOD, which is a tradition in the CrossFit world. For time: 1 mile run, 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 squats, 1 mile run. We are still paying for it.

Post-Murph with our coach Fernanda.

Saturday through Monday, we also had State Cup soccer games up in Appleton. Every day at 5:30pm. Kind of puts a damper on any plans, that's for sure. Unfortunately, his team did not do very well either. Such a bummer.

Summer hair cut! Some highlights and kept it a little longer.