11 January 2019

Moments 01 19 :: Week 02

C's school takes 8th grade photos for a fancy composite thing that gets displayed in the school. Can't believe it's this guy's turn.

Crazy workout with Milwaukee Masters. And Happy Birthday to my friend Matty (smack dab in the front, duh).

Random dog photos. Remnants of Gretel's Christmas toy. Storm with a flipped back ear (and sleepy).

04 January 2019

Moments 01 19 :: Week 01

These were the top 9 liked photos on my Instagram account for 2018. Definitely some good ones here!

After two nights staying out until 1:30am due to the concerts, we wouldn't wait for a relaxed New Year's Eve. It also happens to be our friend Fernanda's birthday (32!) so she came over to celebrate and Kim & Gerry stopped by too. We made it until midnight and it was perfect.

See? We made it. First photo of the family in 2019.

It's been a number of years since we came to see the crazy polar bears. I could only talk H into coming with me. He ran into a friend of his, and was a little bummed he didn't participate, I think. I personally was fine simply spectating.

It was pretty busy this year thanks to moderate temperatures.

Our new calendar (365 days of drawings) & lucky Sauerkraut and Pork, a tradition our friends Greg & Yvonne introduced us to last year and one the boys insisted on again this year. I like it!

After the Polar Bear Plunge, we came home and watched Crazy Rich Asians. What? You are wondering where I sat on this big sectionals we have? A chair off to the side. Look at these guys!

Bayside basketball kicked off this week too. The Bulls one 36-18 with C-Dog scoring 6, including an incredible 3-pointer. We went right from basketball to H's swim meet. It's so fun watching him. He's swimming mainly varsity events and improving each week.

01 January 2019

The Gufs 30th


Once upon a time, many years ago, there was a band called The Gufs. A member of the band was a handsome percussion player, and as fate would have it, we met and fell in love. Haha! I'm not very good at story telling, but seriously, if it were for the band, Brian & I would have never met over 25 years ago. So crazy. Over the weekend, the band played a 30th Anniversary concert. The first night sold out super fast, so they added a second night and of course, we were at both. Brian left the band after a few years of being a part of it, but they invited him to play a few songs with them both nights, which was so fun. The best part was the boys getting to see their dad in action and seeing tons of friends and family come out for the concerts. For the first night, our friends from Oak Park came with their kids. You know how I feel about that - yassssss! It's because of the band, Leif & Melissa met as well so we were beyond giddy to share this night with the rest of the crew. The weekend started with us meeting at Kopps for lunch. After quick cocktails at their hotels, we headed over to the venue. Such a blast. The guys have been working so hard for months, and it was so worth it. They put on some amazing shows. The next morning we met at Fuel for brunch. Always sad to say our goodbyes, but it was amazing getting to experience it all with them. On Night 2, only H came with me. But we met up with Christie & Tim, Justin and the girls and some friends from the gym. So fun. I'm not going to lie, I was pretty exhausted from staying up two nights past 1am. How in the world did I used to do that? But it was so worth it. Such a special weekend and I was so excited to be a part of it.

28 December 2018

Moments 12 18 :: Week 04

After a ridiculously fun Christmas, it's unfortunately been a bit of a struggle for some of us! C woke up with a crazy stomach bug, and was a mess the entire day after Christmas. So sad! Besides feeling like poo, he was signed up for a really fun soccer camp and had to miss the entire first day.

He made it to the second day, but only for part of it. So far, the last two are looking better, but he's still not 100%. Meanwhile during break, Brian got to take Gretel out hunting twice, H has had swim practice every day, and Brian, H & I got to have a really nice dinner date. We are keeping busy but it feels great to have a bit of a break, that's for sure.

25 December 2018

Christmas 2018


Here are a few scenes from Christmas. We spent Christmas Eve. at Scott & Ali's. We've been switching off doing that every other year since we moved here, and it's always so much fun. On Christmas morning, Brian & I were awake before the boys. Such different times from a couple of years ago. I think all of us are missing the magic a little this year, which is a little sad. But that's just how it goes. After opening gifts, Brian and H were in and out all day tending to a brisket. It was worth it - it turned out amazing. Our entire family was over. How lucky are we that we get to do that?  And just like that, it's a wrap. It was such a busy holiday season this year! And today was no different. But what a wonderful time of year. I wouldn't change a thing, that's for sure.

21 December 2018

Moments 12 18 :: Week 03

Annual holiday dinner with these guys. This tradition is at least 10 years old. I love it. This year we went to Buckley's. So good.

Looking pretty in her holiday collar.

This year was the first that Milwaukee hosted a German market. It's been here for four weeks, and we finally made it.

Wasn't too cold, but cold enough that the warming hut was a welcome break.

Us. Kicking off the weekend.

14 December 2018

Moments 12 18 :: Week 02

Per tradition, my sister invited us over for some Christmas cookie chaos. It's always fun to get together and feels great to bang out so many different cookies. Typically we have cookies to last through the season, but with two teenage boys, I've got to say, we are actually going through them! Plus, H love the reindeer so we might be more of those. By the way, don't my niece and C look so similar? Crazy.

My friend Kim turned 50. These two ladies make my day every day.

Just a cute snuggle photo. Gah, they are cute.

We hosted a swim team Skettifest again this year. Such a great group of guys, which makes it an absolute pleasure to do. Feeding a bunch of swimmers is no joke, that's for sure.