18 November 2017

Last Week in Moments

Brian was out of town, but the boys and I were able to meet my family for dinner. You'd think that would happen more often, but life is just so busy. Glad we made it happen. We all had a great night.

When I looked over at the sofa the other day, the blanket was all bundled up. With a napping Gretel under it! She sure made herself comfortable.

It was this guy's 11th birthday. He's lumpy and bumpy, has quite a bit of grey, and snores like a freight train. But my gosh do we love him.

10 November 2017

Last Week in Moments

Last Friday, we got to celebrate Ed's 50th birthday. A couple things make this really great. First, he recently moved to Brooklyn so just visiting his old stomping grounds for his party. Second, I've known Ed since I was 17 years old, which means that I've known this guy here longer than most. Such a fun night.

Her favorite perch.

I heard Gretel barking outside and when I went to check it out, this is what I found. Haha! The recycling people left treats (yes, this is normal -- the garbage people do it too) -- but they were right on the other side of the invisible fence. Pour Gretel.

Lots of smiles at the soccer banquet. Such a good and successful season.

Clearly the Switch Witch doesn't visit our house.

This guy has been driving me around a lot. Which means, the holiday music is already playing. Ugh.

In an epic battle, the 7th grade boys' team, "The Gentlemen," beat the 8th grade girls' team for the championship.

03 November 2017

Last Week in Moments

Picking out the biggest pumpkins in the world means you have to take carving to a new level. Brian even pulled out the drywall tools to make this happen.

The trick-or-treating motley crew. Those inflatable costumes crack me up.

This guy was a little bit excited about the tiny bit of hail -- then snow -- we got. Gretel seems pretty happy too.

This year's pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns. Mine is the one with crayon melted on it. All I'm going to say, is carving would have been much easier.

When it's pitch black outside and cold out, plus this guy is all curled up in bed, it's super hard to wake up in the mornings.

27 October 2017

Last Week in Moments

Had a great time horsing around in Blue Mounds, Wisconsin on Girls' Weekend.

The homestead where we stayed. Our home was the barn. But we also had access to the farmhouse. Such a beautiful place to be.

Pretty much my entire weekend was play with the goats. Pet the horses. Visit the chickens. Repeat.

A few of the lovelies I got to hang out with.

Changing seasons and Storm. Look how handsome he is! I can't take it.

Pink skies and puddles. The sunsets have been amazing.

22 October 2017

Blue Mounds Girls' Weekend



This past weekend, I was lucky enough to get away with an amazing group of lady friends -- five longtime, and two new to me. We escaped to a farmette in Blue Mounds, Wisconsin. The setting could not be more perfect. We had access to an original farmhouse that was super quaint -- and slightly terrifying, to be honest -- a huge barn, and a large property with a friendly group of horses, goats and chickens. Fortunately, we all fit in the barn, where we planned on spending most of our time anyway. Most of our days were filled with petting the goats and horses and gathering fresh eggs. Seriously, it was unreal, and I was in absolute farm heaven. We also passed the time with incredible meals, a few cocktails, and just soaking it all in and enjoying each other's company. Too much fun. I'm so lucky.

20 October 2017

Last Week in Moments

H's soccer season came to an end, with a rainy game under the Friday Night Lights. It was a great year -- the JV team ended the season 16-1. Not too bad!

I'm usually not a huge carnation lover, but these are amazing.

We went to Spieker's Pumpkin Farm on Sunday. This guy was in absolute heaven. I think we visited the pigs at least three times. They were so cute.

I think it's safe to say we got the largest pumpkins in the world. Glad they are old enough to carve these themselves.

The baby cows were pretty cute too. This guy (or gal) was just about to nibble my hair.

Often, Gretel cries when she is trying to fall asleep. Kind of like a baby,  Seriously. She just won't give up. She was laying down and crying for about 10 minutes when Storm finally had enough. He squeezed right in and snuggled her. It worked! She stopped. He's the best.

16 October 2017

2017 School Photos

2017-2018 school year photos. 10th (15 years old) & 7th (13 years old) grades.

(20162015, 2014, 2013)

15 October 2017

Pumpkin Farm


On a whim, we decided to go to a pumpkin farm. I honestly can't remember the last time we went to one. Sure, we may have spent a million dollars on pumpkins -- partly because the three boys (Brian included) found the perfect pumpkins that happen to be absolutely giant -- but it was worth it. I love that our 15 and 13 years old were up for going to a pumpkin farm. These years are fleeting. In fact, H drove us there and back! On the highway. So yes, the million dollar pumpkins = totally worth it. There were also a few animals, including pigs. In fact, the pigs are the reason I wanted to visit Spiekers Pumpkin Farm, because someone (C) adores them. Even though he woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, these pigs totally turned his day into "the best day ever." They also have a hay ride into the fields to pick your own pumpkin, but we opted for not going on doing it since it has been raining all weekend and was totally muddy. But the pumpkins they had already picked were really nice, so we were happy. So many options -- regular pumpkins, small pumpkins, large pumpkins, white pumpkins, fantasy pumpkins, gourds that look like giant pears.... There was also a giant corn maze that they boys went into. It was mowed like the Disney castle, and really was quite impressive. Such a fun day.