07 December 2019

Moments 12 19 :: Week 01

Met up with with our Chicago peeps in Purdue for the Old Oaken Bucket football game. Cold and rainy, but so much fun.

Just look at this crew! <3

Freezing! Fortunately, our neighbors on the seats beside us took care of us by giving us some plastic bags to sit on. We made it for the first half before we just couldn't take it any more.

Purdue lost, unfortunately.

I love how much this guy loves Christmas.

He's also a really great helper.

Putting on the final touches.

There she blows! The P4 Christmas tree of 2019.

St. Nicolas still came on the 6th. You are never too old.

C is having a blast playing basketball. Their first game was Monday, and he didn't get any play time. He got a few minutes on Friday night, and did awesome. Most importantly, he's totally enjoying it and learning a ton. Nina & Papa even made it to game on Friday! Yay!

29 November 2019

Moments 11 19 :: Week 05

Hosted my annual Beautycounter pop-up. Always such a great excuse to share the products I love and spend some time with my friends.

Sleepy. Look at how gray my little girl is getting.

Sunrises like these are the best part about the colder mornings.

Swim season started! Cannot believe it's his final year. This sport has really been wonderful for him. Who would have thought? He dominated every event he swam, and was so much fun to watch him shine. It's going to be a great season.

Thanksgiving morning, three of the P4 went to CrossFit! I love doing stuff like this together. Our workout was teams of 4, so it was the three of us and another one of our amazing members. It was a long WOD, that took almost 1.5 hours! Such a great way to start the day.

Out and about, and saw these gorgeous flowers. What a beautiful display.

Tree Hunting


The place we've been getting our tree at for years now closed. We always got a perfect tree from there. This year, we had to find a new tradition. Ended up going to Trees For Less, a place we drive by all the time when we board the dogs. We really liked it! There's the option of fresh cut or cut your own. We opted out of the hayride, and decided to walk around to find one. At the end, we agreed that the trees that were already cut, were really nice and went that route. C found the perfect tree, and stubbornly stood guard while we checked the others out. We did end up going with the one he picked out, so he was a happy guy. We'll have to wait to decorate it, but at least the first part is done!

Thanksgiving '19


Per tradition, my parents got back from Florida in time to host Thanksgiving. It's one of my favorites. A chance to reflect, spend time with family and friends, and kick off the holiday season. This year's gathering included us, my parents, my mother-in-law, and my niece and nephew. We were missing a few of the standard crew, so it was quieter and low key, but still really wonderful.

22 November 2019

Moments 11 19 :: Week 04

Always pointing. This time it's for a squirrel.

We went to the trampoline park Sunday night. What a blast.

Such a prince. Took no time to hop on the stack of double beds.
This is kind of cool! H is officially a college student LOL! His math class received their university ID's (and t-shirts) from Cardinal Stritch University. He will be earning up to 7 college credits in Calculus and Statistics through a Concurrent Enrollment partnership with Cardinal Stritch University. Way to go H!

15 November 2019

Moments 11 19 :: Week 03

This is something I've always wanted to try. Decided to look for classes a few months ago, and noticed one of the school's had a couple pottery class -- so got it for Brian for our anniversary. The class was last Friday night and such a blast. You never know, I may be back.

This guy has had a cough for three weeks. After a sleepless night, for all of us, we decided to go to the doctor. It's nothing major, probably just sinus infection, but he's on antibiotics for a bit. Anyhow, thought my man child looked adorable in the pediatrician's office.

Yes, I made him do this. Today is Storm's THIRTEENTH birthday. Officially a teenager.

08 November 2019

Moments 11 19 :: Week 02

Last Friday Brian & H visited University of Dubuque.

Oh Storm. Love this guy.

Pathetic. She's such a good snuggler though.

Happy little corner of our house on a sunshiny day. It's been so cold this week -- and snowing -- but at least the sun is out.

C's new thing is to toss paper airplanes into our ceiling. Great....

Proud mom moment. This guy got inducted into the Spanish Honor Society this week.

Gretel making herself comfortable on H.

01 November 2019

Moments 11 19 :: Week 01

Love these grasses on my walk with Gretel.

Pumpkin carving almost didn't happen. None of use LOVE doing it, but then H got all sad about it being his last year. I woke up Sunday morning, brought the pumpkins in, and decided we had to do it. Sunday was trick-or-treating in our neck of the woods. C hit up a few homes as a soccer playing bike rider (what he was doing and wearing -- thank you kind folks who played along with him), but basically he hung out with friends. He's missed trick-or-treating in the past due to soccer, and finally was around. Of course, now he's a bit too old for all of it. That happens. :(

Our finished pumpkins. <3

This girl and her indestructible squeaking toy. She absolutely love this thing.

So, this was Halloween day. What the heck? I remember years when it's been too warm for full costumes. I remember years when it's rained. But snow? This is a first.

Meanwhile at Brian's work, SNL was the costume theme of the year. Here's Brian & Katherine as Garth & Kat. Too funny. Everyone who dressed up absolutely killed it. Seriously, the all the photos I saw were amazing. So fun.