19 May 2017

Last Week in Moments

We went to the Tears for Fears and Hall & Oates concert last Saturday. Tear for Fears was absolutely amazing, and I'm so happy we got to see them. Hall & Oates was meh. We ended up leaving early just because it was kind of sleepy. I never was a huge fan anyhow. But back to Tear for Fears -- incredible!

I stole this photo from Ali. Selfie our our double date.

Sunday was Mother's Day. C had a game in the morning, then we went to FreshFin for poké. I'm am so addicted! This only my second time there because it's kind of $$$, but I could eat it every single day.

Seriously!?! Look at how amazing this looks.

My dad cooked dinner for the moms. Here we are with our babies. Missing were Tim & Jacob. But we were thrilled that Brian's mom joined us too. Such a great evening.

Mom T and her daughters. Can't believe we are mothers who's children are 20, 18, 15 and 12 ourselves! Crazy.

12 May 2017

Last Week in Moments

As the boys are getting older, I've been starting to think a little bit more about what I want to be when I grow up. I absolutely love being home with them so that's not changing. But I did something I never in a million years thought I'd do — I signed on with Beautycounter  as a consultant.

Why Beautycounter? This past year in I’ve made a huge effort to focus on my health and wellness. For me, it’s about food, diet, exercise and making smart choices when it comes to personal well-being. Beautycounter has been an essential part of this journey.

The personal care industry in the US is extremely behind the times — we haven’t passed a major federal law to regulate the safety of ingredients used since 1938, and only have 30 partially banned chemicals to date. Compare that to the EU, where more than 1,400 are banned. It’s crazy to me that we need to even think about this. Beautycounter advocates for higher standards within the beauty industry, so you don’t need to think twice about what you are putting on you, or your family’s skin. What ultimately sold me was knowing that everything offered is high-quality, safe and works well on my sensitive skin. I'm so excited to be a part of this movement. Feel free to following along:

Facebook :: https://www.facebook.com/consciousconsequences/
Instagram :: https://www.instagram.com/conscious_consequences/

Every Friday night since the beginning of November, C and a couple of his club teammates have been playing on a futsal team coached by one of his teammate's fathers. Last week they won the championship! What a blast.

Brian I took a long walk (over 4 miles) with the dogs. This view never gets old to me.

On Sunday, first C had a soccer game and right after, H -- all on our home field. That never, ever happens! Both sides of the family, and two of Ian's soccer teammates from Waldorf University, came to cheer the boys on. It worked too -- they both won their games.
This could not have worked out more perfect! My niece sent a text that she would be in our neck of the woods for her lacrosse game. It happened to be at University School Milwaukee, where C had a track meet that afternoon. The lacrosse field was seriously right next to the track. All we had to do was turn around and we got to watch both. Perfect!

This tree in our yard is blooming. Such a nice surprise. I always seem to forget about this one.

05 May 2017

Last Week in Moments

C and I headed to Schaumburg last weekend for a soccer tournament. When your favorite Japanese marketplace is only 10 minutes from your hotel, it's ramen for dinner.

Saturday night was dinner with these guys and their parents. I'm not sure I've ever been at such a cold, wet tournament in my entire life. The entire weekend was gross. Loved spending time with C of course, but we couldn't wait to get home. Plus, Brian had left on Saturday for a work trip, so Grandma stayed with H and brought him to all of his games (all of which were two hours away). She was a total lifesaver and H had a great time.

The rain didn't stop until later in the week. I want to love it, but I think Spring may be my least favorite season.

Snuggles before school.

C had his first outdoor track meet on Wednesday. He ran the 1600m and 800m. He's still super fast, but a bit rusty, so was so happy with his performance. I'm not sure what he got in the 800m (came in 4th place), but he ran the 1600m in 6:01 and got 3rd place, literally by a nose. It was pretty awesome.

A treasure found in the yard. You can't tell, but it was almost transparent. I'm thinking it is from a baby hawk.

28 April 2017

Last Week in Moments

It was a gorgeous weekend! Brian hung our new lights. The boys got a fire going. They even pulled out their campfire pie pan. Here's H, keeping a close eye on the pie.


H was in a soccer tournament in Racine all weekend. A big thanks to Grandma for cheering him on both Saturday & Sunday!


This amethyst was a 15th anniversary gift (traditional gifts = crystal) for Brian. Brian & I also have a story about an amethyst on the day he got my number. The rest is history. I've told that story before, so I won't go into it again. Magical.

21 April 2017

Last Week in Moments

Coloring Easter eggs! It's everyone (but Brian's) favorite. Stuck traditional, but maybe next year we'll experiment with something.

Easter morning and never too old for the Easter bunny.

Spent Easter with Grandma Joan, and a delicious brunch at Lake Park Bistro.

She's so cute when she's sleepy.

Gymnastics (especially upside down ones) are definitely not my thing -- but one of these days, I WILL touch that wall with my nose. I've been crossfitting nearly three years now, and lost a bunch of weight since October of this past year. Slow but steady, and it's paying off. I feel incredible, and am gaining confidence to try things I never thought I'd do before. I always said I'd never get a pull-up. Guess what? This past week, I did 4 strict unbroken. It feels awesome.

My friend Yvonne send me this photo from Brian and I at a wedding in New York, circa 1998. I love it! Brian's first comment was how he can't believe he is wearing pleats! He said he never wore pleats. Ha.

Obsessed with flowering trees.

Had a Madrid reunion with some of my gal pals from the Spain soccer trip. We ate dinner at .... Hotel Madrid! I had a great dinner of peppers, octopus, salad and barramundi. Plus we shared dessert, of course. Felt good to be away from the soccer field and out and about.

16 April 2017


Version 2

Can't believe Easter is here. No big plans this weekend, but it's been great. The weather is gorgeous. Spring tends to not be my favorite, but everything is turning green, flowers/trees/plants are blooming -- and even though we get to see this every year living in the Midwest, it's still always kind of magical.

We decorated eggs on Saturday. The boys and I love it. Maybe next year we'll try natural dies (I say this to myself every year -- need to make it happen). Naturally, Easter morning was spent Easter egg hunting and chocolate eating. We've hosted Easter the last couple of years, but with much of our family out of town this year, decided to keep it simple and go out for brunch this year. It was strange not having everyone around, but kind of nice to have a low-key holiday. Joan came and we stopped over at Scott & Ali's before heading over to Lake Park Bistro for brunch. I was so excited! We scored with a table overlooking the lake. The boys both finished their steak & frites. I had the cheese plate, salade niçoise and pavlova with lemon sorbet and berries. Oh, and a mimosa and some of the boys fries. It was absolutely delicious. Such a perfect afternoon.

14 April 2017

Last Week in Moments

It's dog week according to my photos. Gretel celebrated her 3rd birthday while we were on our vacations. She's just as crazy as ever.

She's also quite ridiculous. Snuggles with H.

And we can't forget about this guy. 10.5 years old and doing great. He doesn't demand as much attention. Plus, hates getting his photo taken. It's really quite hilarious. Such a handsome guy though.

07 April 2017

Last Week in Moments

Me and my handsome dinner date the night we went to La Gloria de Montera.
A great last day in Spain exploring Segovia. This may be my favorite photo from the entire trip. Shot from the castle.

Gran Vía (where our hotel was located) was closed off to cars due to a protest at the end of the street. It was pretty crazy seeing such a busy street full of people. We ran out and took advantage of it ourselves. Here's part of the mom group -- and one of the Spanish guides. So happy to have gotten to meet new people and get to know some of the others better.

Ok, this is crazy....H turned 15 right when we got back. I cannot even believe it. We celebrated a day early with steak, french fries, Greek salad and a Chocoflan cake due to Brian traveling on H's actual birthday. Still can't believe that this guy is 15. Love him so much!!!!

Fighting off jet lag with a little afternoon coffee in my new cup Brian brought back from Mexico. He and H spent Spring Break in Playa del Carmen and with our friends The Frigs in Puerto Morelos. Now, I just need to work on getting some of those photographs from Brian.

C's soccer team had a State Cup play-in game on Thursday. They won 8-0, and C played incredible -- scoring within a minute of being put in. He doesn't always get a ton of play time, but absolutely killed it tonight. It was so fun to watch. There were beautiful skies and it was freezing out. Unfortunately, as I was leaving the parking lot, I turned into a concrete light post and the side of my car is really dented. So dumb. I can't stop thinking about it. As always, it could have been worse, but ugh.

06 April 2017

Spain :: Day 8


Our final day in Spain. Can't believe how quickly it went by. Today there was no soccer. Instead, we went to Segovia -- another really incredible town. What Segovia is known for is the ancient aqueduct, dating back to the 1st of early 2nd century, and suckling pig. We took a little walking tour, which ended at the Alcázar of Segovia. Since we were there, a group of us decided to tour it and I'm so glad we did. For lunch, my friend, her son, C and I broke away and decided to have a nice lunch. We ended up at Restaurante Jose, where the boys had Grilled Monkfish, my friend had lamb chops, and I tried out the suckling pig. Not something I would typically eat, but when in Segovia! And yes, it was amazing.

That afternoon once we were back in Madrid, we packed up then headed out to try to find C a hoodie. The streets and stores were insane though, so the only thing we bought was a bubble tea at C's favorite place -- Wowble. So good. That evening was a farewell dinner at the hotel. All of us laid low and just hung out in the hotel lobby before calling it a night.

We were up early the next morning to go to the airport. Unfortunately, we didn't have a direct flight either way, which made for a long day. Greeting us at the airport though, were H & Brian, who had a great time in Mexico while we were away. I think we were all sad to see our vacations come to an end, but being reunited as a family felt really good.