11 August 2017

Last Week in Moments

Grandma came and stayed with the boys for the weekend, while Brian and I went to the CrossFit Games in Madison, Wisconsin. How cool is that? I had reserved a hotel as soon as I found out that they were going to be there, but wasn't sure Brian would be as excited as I was. Fortunately, he was into it.

We ran into my old coach who opened her own gym, her husband and another one of my old workout buddies. So great seeing them.

My new coach is friends with Margaux Alvarez, one of the CrossFit athletes. I spotted my coach, who was with Margaux, who was there selling shirts and taking orders for her wine. I only spent a couple minutes with her, but from what I could tell, she's pretty freaking awesome. Such a pleasure meeting her.

Brian and I went to Stronger U meet-up, then headed over to Morris Ramen. We both had the Spicy ramen with chashu chicken. Delicious! It was a gorgeous night, so we also enjoyed some time just wandering around.

The next morning we went to the Dane County Farmer's Market before going back to the Games. The boys were super bummed they weren't there with us. Next time.

Had so much fun the entire weekend. From the 60+ women absolutely killing it in the 2RM front squat today, to the teens, it was such an inspiring experience. My favorite moment however, was this. In the 16-17 boys group, this athlete was struggling with his handstand walk. It started with one guy, but by the time the clock ran out, he had an entire group of competitors cheering him on and helping him get through it. That's what it's all about.

Before going home, we went to Miko Poké. So good. I'm totally obsessed with poké -- it's ridiculous. Afterwards, I had to try their Hawaiian shaved ice with Agave Hibiscus and Ginger Lime syrups. And check out Tom Selleck. Well played, Brian.

Before we left, the boys found a couple new pets -- two tomato hornworms. So gross. They took care of them for a few days, then decided it was time to release them. Thank goodness.

Amy and the girls were heading back from vacation up north, and we were able to meet up with them for a quick lunch at Kopp's. So great seeing these girls. Especially Gracie, who is heading off to college in a week! Crazy how fast these kids are all growing up. So exciting, but so bittersweet.

04 August 2017

Last Week in Moments

The boys finally made it out to my parents house for a night, so Brian and I went on a date. Tried Kindred. So delicious. I even had a cocktail. Can't tell you how long it's been since I've done that!

C and I got to go out on Saturday night, just the two of us. He picked sushi. I had a date night with every single one of my boys this week. It was awesome, and such a treat.

Brian and H spent Saturday night camping at the EAA. H is hugely into aviation, and has been wanting to go to the air show forever. We knew he'd love it, which he did. But Brian was just as excited about it.

While H and I were exploring Chicago, C was in Lake Forest for his final Wisconsin Fire training day. They went from 8am until 5pm. It was a fun day. So glad he got to have this opportunity this year.

At the Wisconsin State Fair.

03 August 2017

Wisconsin State Fair


Oh my gosh, we had such a fun day! The boys and I went to the Wisconsin State Fair. We missed it last year and were not about to let that happen again. Today was the only day we could go, so we braved the rain -- and the crowds of opening day -- and went. Seriously, it was such a blast. The first stop is always the Milk Barn. C had Salted Caramel and H and I had Chocolate Peanut Butter. 50 cents for a little glass of milk. Delicious. Because it was raining, we found a moment of dryness and headed for the Giant Slide. It was the one ride they went on this time. We didn't even make it to the carnival ride section. We did, however, watch the pig races. C's obsessed with pigs, so he was in hog heaven. Next, we checked out the animals. This, is by far my favorite part. They are all so adorable. I love the goats. My favorite this year though? The little baby Clydesdale. So sweet! As far as the food goes, we didn't stray to far from our favorites. Maple cotton candy, corn on the cob, potato pancakes, deep fried cookie dough, deep fried oreos, deep fried pickles, a cream puff. And the boys got crickets. Weirdos.

01 August 2017

A Day in Chicago with H


The boys and I left bright and early this morning (6:15am !!!) for Illinois. First stop -- dropping C off at his last Wisconsin Fire obligation for the season in Lake Forest. They had trainings, classroom sessions and games all day. After dropping him off, H and I drove along the lake into the city, and to Bucktown. Brian and I spent a ton of time in the this neighborhood when we first met. He worked at an antique store on Milwaukee Ave. And, our first house was close by. In fact, here's H standing outside of it! Our 2-flat in the city. He lived here for the first 2+ years of his life. Good times.

It was so much fun exploring today! We basically walked up and down Milwaukee Ave. and Damen. First, we stopped in The Wormhole for some coffee. Next, we went to David's Teas and a couple little shops before checking out the first place C lived as a baby. Truthfully, that apartment = stress to me. Let's just say, I don't recommend starting a gut rehab on a house, a new job (Brian) and having a baby all within 3 weeks (me -- although, I had started a new job 5 months earlier myself!). We lived in this place for 8 or 9 months -- after we sold the 2-flat while our Oak Park home was getting remodeled. Lots going on during that time. Great neighborhood though. That part was fun. Next we stopped in Stan's Donuts, then it was time to meet Melissa and Emma for lunch at Big & Little's. I had the Bahn Mi and Raw Ahi Tuna tacos and we split the Kimchi Fries. I'm still thinking about those things. So good. Think we were done? Nope! Next, we wandered up to Jeni's for some ice cream. (I had cream puff,) Let's just say, I didn't have much will-power today.  Oh well. Finally, it was time to meet up with C again and watch the play. And that's a wrap for Wisconsin Fire. Too bad. It really was a great experience for him. Unfortunately, he's switching clubs next year and where he's going doesn't have a relationship with Chicago Fire. We are so glad he got to have this experience. Such a good year.

28 July 2017

Last Week in Moments

It doesn't look like our Gretel-proof fencing is working too well. Ha! Actually, this is the first time she got herself in there, so the clematis have never looked better.

C's Latino League played in a neighborhood soccer tournament this past weekend. He had to miss Saturday's games, but was able to make it for the finals.

On Monday, I drove him up to Stevens Point for Striker camp. He had been looking so forward to this camp all summer. He roomed with three other players from his team last year.

Meanwhile, Brian had a business dinner on Monday, so H and I went on a date. Love spending time with the 15 year old. First, we had dinner at The Vanguard. I had the Nashville Hot Chicken, and H had the Thai Breaker. We would have ordered a little differently (H's was a bit too spicy for him, and I would have done different sides), but still enjoyed it. Afterwards, we went to Purple Door for ice cream.  I had Lemon Cardamom and H had Strawberry Chocolate Chip. Yummy!

On Wednesday, I went back to Stevens Point to pick C up. It was a short but sweet few days. Perfect for him, since he said he was a little homesick at night. He did great though, and actually had a super successful experience. He was awarded top player in his group, and the coach (who is the UW Madison soccer coach), even said that they will never forget that bicycle kick he had as they called him up. So exciting. He did what he wanted to there, and learned a ton.

My mom invited me to guest day for tennis again this year. We weren't able to make it last year, but it's always a really fun time. We didn't win, but definitely held our own. Not bad considering I only play once or twice a year. I actually would love to play more. Just need to figure out how to do that.

23 July 2017

Garbage & Blondie at Ravinia


It's been years since we've been to Ravina. The last time, we saw Lyle Lovett in the pavilion -- at least 8 years ago. The time before, Bebel Gilberto -- pre-children with my parents. I wish it didn't take so much time and effort, because it really is a fun thing to do. We met Bill & Lora at their house and drove together. We were able to park at a house nearby. Brian rigged a cooler on wheels (a skateboard), which we all laughed at, but actually worked out perfect. Once there, we met up with Chris & Penny. We even got to see our friend Jeff, who was in town from LA. So great. We dined on some pretty delicious fare and had a really nice time hanging out while listening to John Doe & Exene Cervenka, Garbage & Blondie. Seriously! What a line-up. Such an amazing night.

21 July 2017

Last Week in Moments

Loaded up the car and took a road trip last Saturday. All six of us.

Two P boys on the pitch. H is starting to play on C's Latino League for the summer. They both had a blast.

It was a perfect summer day earlier this week, so we declared a beach day. Drove up to Harrington Beach State Park.

Cat sitter extraordinaire. He absolutely loves hanging out with our neighbor cat Stella. Such a lucky girl.

15 July 2017

Dalton & All Things Amish


This morning, we loaded up the car -- dogs and all -- with only a couple destinations in mind. Otherwise, we weren't sure where the day was going to take us. We drove through the beautiful Horicon Marsh.  Unfortunately, we didn't stop this time. It's a a different trip for a different time. A time when we get to spend a few hours there. Today, we wanted visit the Amish community in Dalton. We did this trip a few years ago, and decided it was time to go again. First stop, Salemville Cheesehouse where we picked up some blue cheese, smoked blue and 8-year cheddar. Next was Pleasant View Bakery. Our eyes were definitely bigger than our stomaches, and we ended up buying a ridiculous amount of baked goods. We also got some raspberries fresh off the horse-drawn wagon. Seriously, the woman was delivering them as we were there. And we picked up the last dozen farm fresh eggs that were selling for $2. Insane. Next, we stopped at Mishler's Country Store for some baking supplies and the pet store next door, where we got two amazing leather leashes for the pups. Such a fun road trip destination. Just remember to bring cash (or check)!