21 February 2020

Moments 02 20 :: Week 03

Valentine's Day!

This year, H was at Skettifest, and the rest of us were at the basketball game and stuck around for Varsity too. They are full of style points, and just so much fun to watch.

Annual Valentine's Day family photo. I'm going to be saying this a lot, but can't believe H won't be around for it next year. :(

The next day was swim Sectionals. H swam the Medley Relay, 200 IM and 100 Breaststroke.

Here his is, winning his heat of the IM.

Part of the team. They did so great.

H had a great day, and ended with PRs in every single event. He PR'ed his IM by 4 seconds. So crazy. Unfortunately the day ended in heartbreak. Their Medley relay ended up coming in 17th. Only the top 16 teams go to State. So close, and they really deserved it. Another team in another sectionals ended up PR'ing their event by 7 seconds and pushing ahead of Nicolet. H was crushed, to say the least. The other unfortunate thing that happened is that he's been swimming the 400 Free Relay all season -- except the last two meets so he could focus on the breaststroke (the free relay is right after that event). Our team ended up making it to State for that event. Great for the team, but such a bummer for him! Oh well. That's how it goes. He did end up going to State, but as an alternate. Not quite the outcome he wanted his Senior year, but he's proud to be part of it nevertheless.

Brian and I had a date night Saturday night. We went to see Deep Sea Diver and Joseph. It was so good.

I feel like we've been running in so many different directions, and it's been forever since we've gotten to just hang out together. Sunday we decided to change that and went out for tacos. They were amazing.

The State Swim team. Friday they got off all day, went out for breakfast, then met up at the school before hopping in the school vans and heading to Madison. Going to be quite the exciting day for all of them.

14 February 2020

Moments 02 20 :: Week 02

Basketball season is still going on. Only a couple more weeks, and C cannot wait. It's been a long couple of month, and I can say with 99% certainty that this was his one and only season. I'm so proud of him for doing it though. Last Friday, Jalen Johnson made his comeback to the high school team, and even though it was Slinger, it was a packed house. I imagine that's how it's going to be the rest of the season. Super fun to be part of though.

Major snow. The neighborhood looked so beautiful.

It was the thick, pretty kind. It was pretty dreamy actually.

Wish my phone could capture this, but it was an amazing moon on 2/11.

The snugglefest never gets old.

07 February 2020

Moments 02 20 :: Week 01

Swim season is winding down. Last Friday was team hair dying day.

Version 2
Varsity meet at Plymouth High School. One of the coaches took this awesome picture during H's IM.

Reverse pull-ups at the gym. Six years of CrossFit, and I still struggle with any sort of gymnastics movement.

31 January 2020

Moments 01 20 :: Week 05

Last Friday Beautycounter HQ sponsored Counter Conversations in Milwaukee. We got to catch up on our latest advocacy efforts, and I got to hang out with my friends. Win, win!

H swam in the Shorewood Invite. His events were 400 Medley Relay, 200 IM and 200 Breaststroke.

He was hoping to do a little better than he did (especially in the breaststroke), but he podiumed every single event! I'm telling you, a few years ago he never would have imagined he would be doing that. He did incredible.

Last home meet. Parent night. <3

On Thursday, I rode the train down to Chicago for lunch with a friend. It was so fast. I only had 2 hours. But I need to do that more. Basia and I have known each other for over twenty years. I checked in with her around the holiday season, and found out she had moved to NYC! Fortunately, she still makes it to Chicago quite often, so we decided we HAD to meet. So glad we made it happen.

She had made reservations at Blackbird. It's one of my favorites and it's been YEARS since I've been there. We both had the salad (ridiculous -- so good -- that's the before and after they cut it up for you), then decided to try a cheese and dessert. Chocolate opera cake with beet ice cream. Wow. What a treat.

24 January 2020

Moments 01 20 :: Week 04

A scene from last weekend.

Still a ways to go -- but getting closer.

Schnugglepie. Just look at that nose.

My guys. Probably talking EPL Fantasy League soccer.

Prime spot, right in front of the fire.

So stinking cute!

Someone is excited to be done with exams.

This guy too.

We celebrated with ramen.

17 January 2020

Moments 01 20 :: Week 03

It snowed -- and someone really loved it.

Sunday dinner and a trip to LeDuc's to bid my niece farewell. She left the next day for Rome, where she'll be studying for the next semester. So excited for her.

Really trying to read more. I tend to read around 11:30pm when my eyes can barely stay open, so it takes absolutely forever to finish a book. I only got through five last year! This is the first one of trhe year that I finished. So good.

It's been really cold the last couple days. I think Gretel really wanted to snuggle. Storm was not impressed.
Other things going on:

  • Brian has been in Japan all week for work. He's taking a couple extra days to go skiing. 
  • I'm obsessed with the show, You. It's so creepy, and I cannot stop watching. Just what in the world is Joe going to do next?
  • H has been absolutely killing it in swim. Last night was probably his biggest victory. His school only won two events at the meet, and his 100 Breaststroke was one of them. Not only that, he was up against a former teammate, and who H never could beat. H's time? 2:06:01 -- a new PR for him. It's too exciting.
  • Speaking of H, he's been accepted into 7 universities. Still waiting on one. Unfortunately, he got accepted into his second major pick at Purdue, so it's not looking good for him going there. Oh, Purdue....
  • C has been playing basketball, which is making him realize how much he absolutely loves soccer. Too funny. Only six more weeks in the season. 

10 January 2020

Moments 01 20 :: Week 02

C got to play at the Marquette Dome for ODP. Always a treat.

Amazing sunrises!

H was invited to participate in a scholarship competition at Western Michigan. It was the first school he visited almost a year and a half ago, so interesting to see again now that's he's visited others. He's gotten into 6 colleges. Still waiting to hear from 2 others. Exciting times over here! And stressful. Lots to consider.

03 January 2020

Moments 01 20 :: Week 01

Took advantage of the break and took the boys to Il Ritrovo for pizza.

Brian and I took a motorcycle trip up earlier in the year, but it was their first time there. It seriously is the best.

Since we dragged them to the Kohler Showroom, figured we might as well stop for ice cream at The Greenhouse at The American Club. Affogatos for three of us.

Took Gretel for a walk and stumbled upon a ridiculous amount of duck in the creek. She loved it.

Of course had to visit the Milwaukee Art Museum when Greg & Yvonne were here. We love it so much.

Just a few works that I was drawn to.

Sometimes they are different pieces.

Sometimes they are ones I can't stop staring at each time I visit.

My honey.

We stopped at Pandls for ice-cream drinks on the way home. Grasshoppers and a Brandy Alexander.