31 March 2009

Florida - Colors

After months (... and months, and months, and months) without green, it's nice to see. Here's a few colors seen on a little walk around the block with Winston, my parent's dog.

Florida - Day 2

We made it! And are having a blast in warm, sunny Florida. The boys have spent the entire day -- minus a trip to the corner hamburger shop -- in the pool. I think they will sleep great.

29 March 2009

Murder Mystery Party

I absolutely love having fun, clever friends. And, to top it off, most of us live within a few blocks of each other (the farthest away is about a mile away). Lucky, right? We think so. During the cold winter days, the idea was brought up to do a murder mystery party. The Frigs & Elsmo Four hosted the party at The Frigs house, which decorated beautifully for the occasion. We had a 5-course meal that was to die for (had to say that), and included dishes such as split personality soup and death by ? with blood orange sauce. Truthfully, I was really pretty bad at the whole acting thing ... and the guessing who done it thing ... but still had a great time as Roxy Rich. Brian made a very handsome Bryan Seafoam, host of a television cop show. We had an amazing night.

28 March 2009

The Depot

Finally! We made it to The Depot American Diner. We've heard so much about it, and with risk of it closing, decided we better get there right away. Amazing. The boys had strawberry Crush and chicken noodle soup. Brian and I had Reuben sandwiches. Brian's coke was the kind imported from Mexico (using real sugar, not corn syrup). We finished off with donuts with mocha cream. I think I want to go back tomorrow.

27 March 2009


Looks like someone else is having fun with the Nintendo DS besides the boys.

26 March 2009

It Sucked and then I Cried

I went to Borders to a book reading tonight. It was for Heather B. Armstrong's new book called It Sucked and then I Cried. She's also the author of one of my favorite blogs -- dooce. I had to do an awkward lean-in thing while strategically placing my shirt so it didn't open to get his photo, so it's not the best ... but it was so great meeting her.

The Skinny

When I was out in LA, I learned that the jeans I wear that I consider to be skinny, were not. So to Barney's I went, with my friend/personal shopper/the only person who can talk me into buying anything. I'm now a proud owner of a pair of Current/Elliot Skinny jeans. I love them.


(Rainbow by C)

25 March 2009

Oren Lavie

A couple weeks ago, Brian showed me this beautiful video by Oren Lavie (Her Morning Elegance). I keep thinking about ... more and more ... and I tried to find it a few days ago but couldn't remember the singer's name. How happy I was to see it posted on Design Mom today.

24 March 2009

Child Parent Night

Tonight was C's child-parent night at his Montessori school. He showed us number rods, constructive triangles and mirror polishing (his favorite). He was very proud, and it was very fun to see.


(photo courtesy of wove)

Isn't this Dreaming Spires Willow Playhouse by wove amazing?

23 March 2009


Brought back for H & C from Brian's recent trip to Asia.

22 March 2009

Key Lime Cove Weekend

We just got back from a very fun weekend with Grandma (Brian's mom), Aunt Pam, Mackenzie & Ian at Key Lime Cove. Between the tube slides, lazy river, arcade and getting to hang out with family, the boys were in heaven. We all had such a great time.

21 March 2009

Easter Eggs

(photo courtesy of astash toys)

Not sure why, but I was completely surprised to see Easter is only a few weeks away. I love these felted eggs by astash toys.

20 March 2009

Green Tea Kit-Kats

Brian got home tonight after being away for a week. He was in Taipei for the Taipei Cycle Show. During his layover in Tokyo, he picked me up this green tea (matcha) Kit Kat. So yummy. We are all so very happy to have him home.


(Artwork by C)

19 March 2009

Our Collection ...

of Pez dispensers. (At least, part of it.) Do you know there is actually a Pez Museum? And Pez conventions? And a documentary about Pez dispensers and collectors? Basically, a whole world of Pez? Wow. (I thought these were cute, but now, I'm just getting a little creeped out ... ok, they are still cute.)

17 March 2009

The Big Wad 'O Gum and St. Patrick's Day Dinner

As I picked C up from child care today, I was told that a classmate of his put gum in his hair. Not only did he put gum in C's hair, it was a chewed piece of gum picked off the sidewalk and THEN put in his hair. Gross.

But never fear ... we were invited over for a little St. Patty's Day dinner at the Elsmo's tonight, and I was greeted with a green beer (thanks Leif),

and my first lesson in removing gum from hair, courtesy of Melissa. The trick? Peanut butter. Really, it worked. I only had to cut out a few end pieces. For some reason, C did not want to put peanut butter in his hair. His solution was to cut the entire glob out, but Melissa managed to coax him out from his hiding spot under their table and talked him into it. And even though he had a big gob of peanut butter in his hair for the remainder of the evening, the gum was gone.

Not only is Melissa a master at getting gum out hair, but she's an amazing chef. She made a wonderful corned beef and cabbage dinner, and even though it's only Tuesday, it was a really nice break in the week. Thanks.

Happy Birthday Brian!

Hope you have had a great day. We love you so much. (And, Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone else.)

16 March 2009

Tulips ...

are my favorite flowers. Recognize the vase? I made a big one for us and finally pulled it out this weekend.

15 March 2009

Train Necklace

H & C are huge fans of trains. Still. Probably forever. The obsession may be slowing down a little bit, but I think there will always be a place in their hearts for trains. I found this graffiti writer subway necklace on Etsy a couple weeks ago, and can't help but think how much I'd love one with my boys names on it. (Photo and necklace by DMD Metal).

A Day At the Zoo

14 March 2009

Beautiful Day

Today, we got a little taste of what's to come.

11 March 2009

Dreaming of Cookies

(Chocolate Chip Cookies by C)

P.S. See the carpet in the back? It still says Merry Christmas. The wreath on our door finally came down a few weeks ago. At least we don't bother to put lights up. They probably would still be there.

07 March 2009

Museum of Science and Industry

So, we were driving to the zoo when it started pouring. I like rain, but pouring? I thought it could turn disasterous. So we headed to Hyde Park to the Museum of Science and Industry -- which happens to be the boys most favorite place in the whole wide world. "The Great Train Story" section remains the favorite spot. We went there twice. But the boys also loved the huge John Deere tractors in "Farm Tech", the "Swiss Jolly Ball," and "Under the Big Top." It was a fun day. And, there's always next week for zoo.