28 February 2009

Big Winner

Look who is a big winner! H had a winning number in the cake walk at his school's Fun Fair today. He's very excited.

26 February 2009


When I was in Manhattan Beach, I found these adorable balancing dragonflies as a little gift for the boys. (Of course, I ended up coming home with *awesome* sweatshirts for them too, but my intention was just to bring these back). Anyhow ...

I decided see how well they balance by testing one out on Storm's nose. Despite this embarrassed look, I'm sure he loved it.

25 February 2009

Snowmen in a Bowl

This winter, C was a little obsessed with snowmen. Around the holidays, he cut probably 50 out at school to decorate our house with for the holidays. We talked him out of it -- but we still have the bowl full of snowmen. I think they are really cute. (Felt bowl by Timary Art)

24 February 2009

Dance Party on a Tuesday Night

There's nothing like a little dance party while cleaning up the kitchen. I love how Storm is looking at us like we are nuts! (Music by M.I.A.) (Oh, and please don't mind my sweaty running ensemble).

23 February 2009

California Revisited

I had so much fun in California this weekend. Brian definitely is husband of the year, and I truly appreciate that he did this for me. I still can't believe it! It's something I never would have done it myself, and everything was perfectly planned on his part -- even down to the Beach House mix that he put together on my iPod.

My friend Y picked me up from the airport, and the moment I arrived, it was non-stop. She was nothing but fabulous. We went to Chateau Marmont for lunch, where my friend Minh met up with us. So much fun. We saw Benji Madden, Bryan Adams, Christian Louboutin and an artist who's name I thought I had, but can find.

After I checked into my hotel -- the beautiful Shade in Manhattan Beach -- my friends came over and we went for dinner at Petros where we dined on a peach salad, calamari and a roasted chicken with feta.

The next morning, after 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep, I woke up and went on a 5 mile run along The Strand. Then we went to lunch at Rock 'n Fish, shopped a bit, visited friends and I had my first Pinkberry. That evening, I went with Y and G to Koi. We ate crispy rice, Kobe beef, rock shrimp tempura, miso cod and some other yummy sushi. Oh, and we saw Dave Navarro.

The last day (yes, it's here already ...) I borrowed one of the cruisers from the hotel and rode The Strand, stopping to take some self-portraits and to watch the hundreds of surfers that were out that day. Then we walked the neighborhood, grabbed a quick lunch at Le Pain Quotidien and it was time to go. Yes, already! It was incredible. Thank you B!

22 February 2009

California 09

For Valentine's Day, Brian sent me away on a 48 hour trip to California. I'm back, and will be sure to post more tomorrow. But the above photo is a scene from where I was this morning. What an amazing trip.

19 February 2009

Snow & Cold Again

(Snowman by C)

It's so cold out, and even snowed again last night. And while I've been a trooper about it until now, today it's chilling me to the bones. C can't stand the cold either. He said he "misses the beach and the flowers." But, H was jumping up and down with joy when he saw a thin layer of snow dusting the sidewalks today. "My snow is back!" he sang.

In honor of the frigid cold weather, check out the beard hat I found on Etsy. Rusty Roger Beardaclava. Now that's funny.

17 February 2009


People are getting sick all around us. So when we woke up and C had a little fever, there was no choice but to keep him home today. He built himself a little house and watched cartoons all day long. I wish I looked this happy when I was under the weather!

16 February 2009

Blog of the Week: Lolita

A new daily read, "Lolita is a visual inspiration-bank, full of fantasies, dreams – a filter of colors and shadows, a silhouette in the dark." Lovely.

14 February 2009

Valentine's Day 09

We had so much fun this Valentine's Day...

We took the el downtown and went to the Art Institute of Chicago (fyi - it's free the month of February)

H & C created a Joseph Cornell inspired art piece.

They loved the Miniature Rooms,

and looking for paintings with trains.

We walked up Michigan Ave. and visited the Lego Store.

Ate lunch. When we got home I ran to the grocery store, then we had fondue. Brian and the boys surprised me with chocolates ... and a weekend in Manhattan Beach! Just me. Alone. Can you believe it? I'm excited. I'm nervous. I'm in shock. I'm going to miss my family. But, I can't wait.

13 February 2009

Letters from Friends

Today was a big day in the eyes of our 6- and 4-year-old boys -- school Valentine's parties. H is jealous C got so many tattoos. C is jealous H got so much candy. Go figure.

12 February 2009

Swim Class

The boys had their second swim class tonight (in the pool above -- we are the last group, so it's empty when we leave). H is a fish, but can't stay long above water. C is just a goof ball. Both have no fear of water, but are in Level 1 since they have to pass that class in order to move on. But they sure do love it.


Here I am surrounded by two of my lovely 'grands amis'. (Thanks Melissa! -- photo taken the other day at Dining with the Chef.)

10 February 2009

Block Tower

Last night, C was sound asleep in his bed. He was clutching a little book, and looked like an angel. I snapped a photo and have spent way too much time contemplating whether or not to post it. I have decided that it is one I'm keeping for myself. Sorry Internet. It's not the very best photo I've ever taken -- but if you are anything like me, you are constantly reminding to yourself to take a mental snapshot of a moment, and then as time goes on, you forget. It's like one of those, but captured. Precious. (The photo above is one I've been meaning to post for awhile anyway.)

It was a beautiful day with weather in the 60s. And tonight, Penny and I went to a fundraiser for the Oak Park & River Forest Day Nursery, which Melissa is co-president of. It was held at Trattoria 225, and was a great time.

09 February 2009

Blog of the Week: it's mary ruffle

Photos for daily inspiration.

08 February 2009

Skiing in Wisconsin ... Again

We had so much fun skiing a couple weeks ago, that we headed back up to Cascade again this weekend. The temperature hit the upper 40s. It was gorgeous. This time, my sister and her family (minus one) didn't chicken out because of the cold weather came. H & C could have cared less that Brian and I were even there -- they would only ski with Tim & Christie. They've taught my niece and nephew to ski, had a ton of patience, and with the help of their ski poles (a technique I now know), H & C got to go on the big hills all day long. H even hit a black diamond! I can't believe I'm saying this, but I hope it snows again so we can make it back one more time.

On our way back home, we stopped in Racine and got to visit with Grandma, Brian's sister and her family. It was a really fun day, and a great weekend.

05 February 2009

Art by H: Teacher's Baby

H's teacher is on maternity leave. I know, that sucks. I thought teachers were supposed to plan those things better. Anyhow, before she left, all the kids drew pictures of what they thought her baby was going to look like. Here's H's take on the situation. What was really cool, is with the help of the art teacher, the kids presented Ms. C. with a card that had all of their pictures from this project. It really turned out great.

04 February 2009

Etsy :: Pillows

UL ... Birds Nest Cushion by Lalitah
UR ... Je táime Pillow with Pocket by moonteaartwork
LL ... House pillow, my lovely ready room by LeiLiLaLoo
LR ... Google News Top Searches in 2006 Pillow by elasticco

Calgon, Take Me Away

I was reading the February 2009 issue of Wallpaper* magazine -- which happens to be their Design Awards issue -- on my frigid commute to work. Termas de Tiberio in Panticosa, Spain was featured as the Best Spa. My laptop photo doesn't do it justice, but doesn't this alabaster-lined indoor pool area look glorious?

03 February 2009

Marshmallow Nose

H made smores at child care today and got to bring a couple marshmallows home. Being the sweet kid that he is, he asked for some for his brother too (H has always been like this -- C on the other hand, basically said "Gee, thanks - these are great, you should have seen the three cookies I made yesterday but ate on the way home so I wouldn't have to share them with anyone." Fortunately, H isn't the kind of guy to let that get to him.) Anyhow, I started setting the table, turned the corner, and saw the C with this marshmallow nose. He wore it for probably 20 minutes. And yes, he then took it off his (boogery) nose and ate it. That's all just part of it.

02 February 2009

Blog of the Week: Poppytalk

"Poppytalk is a canadian design blog collecting inspiration and promoting emerging design talent." What? Design, inspiration, emerging talent? Can't beat that. Lot of good stuff.

01 February 2009

After the Bowl

Football isn't a sport I necessarily understand or get into. But I love football season. And I especially love getting together with friends for the Super Bowl. This year, The Frigs invited us, as well as some friends and neighbors, over to watch the game. I forgot all about my camera tonight (thankfully Melissa didn't) -- but snapped this one of the boys relaxing on The Frigs porch on our way out. It was a great evening. Thanks.

Putting out the Fire


This is only the boys second time ice-skating. We need to do it more often with them -- so much fun!