30 March 2015

Birthday Treats


We couldn't have the day pass by without birthday treats! Of course, Storm got one too. Such good dogs. Today was also the boy's first day of Spring Break today. Yay! C spent the afternoon at a friend's house. H and I rearranged his room -- it looks awesome. Then they both had soccer practice. Not doing anything much this week due to our recent trips. But I think we all ok with that.

Gretel Turns One


Can you believe it? The Gretler turns one today. I had her and Storm at the vet's last week. She weighs 71 pounds and stands taller than him. He, on the other hand, has lost weight, and now weighs 74 pounds. Thanks to running around with Gretel, I'm sure. She is a mighty bird hunter, quite the snuggler and a complete goof ball ... perfect for our family. Turns out, we all really adore her. Happy Birthday Gretel!

27 March 2015

Last Week in Photos

Brian was in Spain for his birthday this year. Fortunately, he had been traveling a ton, so I was able to work on (and finally finish the day before he got home) this paint-by-number for him. Originally, I thought it was just a quirky little something. But let me tell you, these things are no joke.

While in Spain, H & Brian got to tour the Real Madrid facilities and H got his photo taken with Ronaldo (and a green screen) // Someone brought chalk to the playground, and there was a ton of great art all over the playground when I had recess/lunch duty

H had his last volleyball game. He did really well, and was bummed he didn't get to play as much the last week. So he decided to just stretch out on two chairs and make himself comfortable // C's class had some anolis and were giving them up for adoption this week. We escaped having them as permanent pets, but are petsitting for his friend's two - "Lizard" and "Lips" - and their cricket friends.

26 March 2015

Art by C :: Man on Rug


C came running out of school the other day proudly waving four pieces of artwork at me. I guess they had been chosen to be on display somewhere. He (kind of) whispered to me that no one else had so many pieces selected for the show. Just the other day I was telling him how creative he is, and that he has a really unique way of seeing about the world. That he would make a great artist. It probably was while he was having yet another meltdown doing his homework. School still is so hard for this guy -- fortunately, he's extremely social so loves it. Anyhow, he reminded me of that conversation when he was talking about these pieces. He was just so happy. Good stuff.

24 March 2015

Inspiration Files :: Summer Home

Location // Sagaponack, New York
design firm Huniford // more images // via Desire to Inspire

21 March 2015



Tomorrow, the rest of my family comes home and C & I absolutely cannot wait to be reunited with them. It felt so weird -- and kind of sad -- coming home yesterday and not having them here. It's been long enough. From what I gather, they are having a fantastic time in Spain. Eating amazing food, seeing the sights, and of course, enjoying a lot of soccer. Here are some of the highlights from H's trip:

- A La Liga game - Real Madrid vs. Levante
- Training at the Real Madrid Academy
- Tour of the Spanish Soccer Federation Complex and Museum
- Attending a Champions League game - Athletico Madrid vs. Bayer Leverkusen
- Sightseeing in Toledo
- Tour Real Madrid's stadium
- Madrid city tour
- 3 friendly matches with local youth clubs

I'm just so excited to see them again and hear all their stories. Thank you to so many of you who supported his "Road to Spain." What an amazing opportunity -- I'm sure it's something he'll be talking about forever.

20 March 2015

Last Week in Photos

We were happy to be waking up in Florida -- it didn't rain once while we were there // Twice we were able to go out fishing -- didn't have much luck, but it sure was fun

After the first time playing Pickle Ball, C said he wanted to play every day -- and we did // Little Hickory Beach

Barefoot Beach // Air plant tree right outside my parent's windows (can't believe I never noticed them before)

Mandatory mini golf // On our way home....


C and I had such a great time in Florida, and are safe at home. Brian and H are still in Spain, but come home in a couple days. We really are missing them, so those couple days cannot come soon enough. We sure had fun last week though.....

19 March 2015

Florida :: Day 6


My dad had some phone call meetings in the am, so after homework, my mom, C and I went to Barefoot Beach. It was already packed by the time we got there -- hello, Spring Break! -- but so much fun. C ended up meeting a boy from Canada who was his age, and playing for hours in the ocean with him. We left the beach later than we thought we would, but it was so much fun for him. Someone is missing his brother (me too!). After game of miniature golf and a quick dip in the pool, we played Pickle Ball. It's the boys vs. the girls at this point. They were trying to throw us off with matching clothes, fancy dance moves and good looks, but the ladies still ended up winning 2 out of 3 games. At least they got 1 win today. (By the way, C plays great. We are not going easy on him.) We had dinner at Zorba's -- one of our favorite meals yet -- and ended up in the hot tub and pool afterwards. Such a great night. We leave tomorrow am, and C and I are both really sad about that. I'm looking so forward to picking up my dogs tomorrow, and seeing H & Brian on Sunday though. But it really has been such a great week, and such a special time with my parents and little guy.

18 March 2015

Florida :: Day 5


After homework we went to the Survey Cafe for a late breakfast/lunch -- where we sat under an air plant tree! -- then had another boat for the day. Still no luck fishing, but we had fun trying. We docked the boat near Barefoot Beach and went in the water a little bit. After heading home, we swam, then played Pickle Ball again. Finally, we had dinner at Charlie Chiang's and ice cream at Royal Scoop before calling it a night. Only one more full day ... but we aren't thinking about that.

17 March 2015

Florida :: Day 4


Today is Brian's birthday! Felt kind of strange not celebrating with him. No worries though. He got to watch both of H's training sessions today, eat tapas, and attend a Champions League game. Amazing. I think it was a pretty good day. As for us, C did homework in the morning, then we rode our bikes over to watch my mom play tennis. Afterwards, we ran a couple errands, then took a boat over to Little Hickory Beach. I remember going a few years ago and you could hardly put a towel down -- the beach was hardly there! They have rebuilt it and it is absolutely amazing. My mom, C and I walked out to a sand bar. Wish I could have brought the camera with because it was really cool just standing out in the middle of the ocean. Afterwards, we played more pickle ball (C still says he wants to go every day), then had dinner at home. Right now, my mom and dad are being troopers, hanging out with C in the hot tub and pool even though it's past their bed time. I think we are all going to sleep well tonight.

16 March 2015

Florida :: Day 3


Another full day. It started out with homework and a melt down. Because guess what? It stinks to have to do homework on vacation. It just does. After homework, C and I went running. He had to drop to my speed, so I'm not sure it will be helping him in his mile run training for this year. But it felt good to get out there. In the afternoon, we took out a boat and did a little fishing. My mom and dad caught fish, but not C. We have a boat reserved another day this week so hopefully he'll be more lucky. We took a little swim, then off to the Pickle Ball courts we went. So much fun. Long day, so we spent a relaxing evening at home.