10 March 2015

Inspiration Files :: My Instagram Feed

@alexstrohl - adventure photographer -- simply stunning
@cierrarrose - motorcycle chic who loves the open road. That's me in my dreams -- now I just need to learn how to drive a motorcycle.

@mignardisesla - Minh is a friend of mine. She loves to take pictures of her culinary adventures. She also is the chef behind Porridge and Puffs in LA, which has been getting a ton of accolades. Yay Minh!
@talinegabriel - I follow a ridiculous amount of raw/vegan/gluten-free/non-refined sugar/paleo food blogs. Hippie Lane also has an app that I really should purchase some day, because all of her food looks amazing to me.

@birddogoftheday - a collection of hunting dog photos. I never thought I'd say this -- and my house would be a disaster -- but I can somehow totally see having an entire pack of German Shorthaired Pointers. Just look at them!
@tunameltsmyheart - A chiweenie with an overbite. This guy just makes me smile...

@thiswildidea - Theron Humphrey and Maddie the coonhound
@arielealasko - amazing woodworker based out of Brooklyn (who also happens to have a really cute dog)


I've had an Instagram account for awhile, but lately, it's turned into a major source of daily inspiration. I'm into it. It's also by far, my favorite way to keep up with friends. Looking at my feedd, it seems I'm really into food, dogs and wandering. Often, these things overlap -- like a dog who goes on road trips. These are just some of my favorite Instagramers right now.

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