27 April 2018

Moments 04 18 :: Week 04

We met our friend’s 6-month old mini dachshund at C’s soccer game today. Now, every time Brian and I get in an argument, I’m just going to pull this picture up and all will be better.

Middle school tennis season started. It's been a couple years since C played, but it came back to him and his match ended in a victory.

20 April 2018

Moments 04 18 :: Week 03

First his driver's license, and now this. Not officially his but a new-old third family car. He wasn't quite as excited about it. It's manual, and he needs to learn how to drive it. But I'm sure having fun zipping around in it.

It was a snowy weekend. All soccer games were cancelled. We may have watched a few cooking shows.

More snow. I tried to embrace it because it really is quite pretty. But c'mon! It's April. Soccer practices were canceled all week. Soccer games again too. It's nice, but I know the next few months are going to be even crazier because of it.

The cutest, chubbiest, fluffiest little bird had been taking refuge in our porch. The dogs absolutely loved that.

Brian was in LA for the week and came home with these! Technically, they are for the boys. But Swedish candies are a weakness. I moved them far, far away from me, that's for sure.

13 April 2018

Moments 04 18 :: Week 02

Brian & C were in Minnesota all weekend for C's soccer games so it was just H and me at home. It was so nice and quiet (just saying....). H got his haircut, and then we went out for dinner. Lucky me!

It was National Siblings Day on Wednesday (is that really a thing?) and I found this gem among the archives. I couldn't resist.

H got his driver's license! I can't believe it, but yes, we have another official driver in the house. Weird.
Meanwhile, poor C. He came home Tuesday not feeling well, and ended up getting so sick. It's kept him out of school for three days and even landed him a trip the doctor. We were supposed to be in Rockford for a soccer tournament all weekend, but fortunately, it got canceled. I cannot even tell you the happy dance I did when I found that out. All I can think about is a couple mornings of sleeping in and watching some movies. I can't wait.

06 April 2018

Moments 04 18 :: Week 01

On our way home we drove through the Smokey Mountains. So beautiful.

We made it back in time for Easter -- C's favorite holiday. Fortunately, the Easter bunny was organized and even came.

We had lunch at Fuel Cafe and pretended to still be on vacation.

Even decorated eggs. Better late than never.

While we were on vacation, this little one turned 4 years old.

Uncanny resemblance. C vs. @henrythecoloradodog

Annual chalkboard portrait for H's 16th birthday.


04 April 2018

16th Birthday


As much as I absolutely cannot believe this, H turned 16 years old today. It was a pretty good day with a few surprises scattered throughout. Dinner was steak, Greek salad, green beans and mashed potatoes. For his cake, he requested a chocolate peanut butter banana cake, so I made him this one. 16 you guys! That's crazy.

01 April 2018

Spring Break 18 :: Day 8


Well, we made it home. Honestly, I'm not too happy about that. It does feel good to be back, but it's just so sad that vacation has already come to an end. Yes, we spent a crazy amount of time in the car, but it really was a fun adventure. We woke up early this morning and drove through Smokey Mountain National Park. Breathtaking! Such a beautiful place. We also drove through Gatlinburg so of course, had to get out for a bit. Personally, I couldn't wait to get back in the car and get out of there. But C absolutely loved it. It reminded me of the Wisconsin Dells. He loves that too. On our way of Tennessee, we decided to stop for BBQ. Full-Service BBQ was located right off the highway - perfect. After that, we were in for the long haul. Arrived back home around 10:45pm.

The last Spring Break we spent together traveling somewhere was 4 years ago! How crazy is that? It was our road trip to Princeton, NJ. So yeah, I'm sad to see this one come to an end. Loved spending time with my crazy little family.