29 April 2013



While the boys and I were living it up in Madison, guess where Brian was. Brazil! Can you even stand it? It was a quick work trip, so he really didn't have a ton of time there. But it seemed like a pretty cool adventure. He found out about it a week before he had to leave. Originally, Brian and H were the ones going to Madison. They were going to spend a fun weekend together while C and I stayed behind and went to his games. But obviously, we had to change things up a bit. Everything worked out fine of course, as you can see. Brian flew into São Paulo on Thursday (he left Wednesday night), then to Rio on Saturday, where he sipped fresh coconut water while strolling the beach. He came back today. It looks amazing. Doesn't it? (Photos courtesy of Brian)

28 April 2013

Tournament in Madison


While this weekend was good one for C, it was an amazing one for H. His team was in a tournament in Madison all weekend. I dropped him off at his coach's house first thing in the morning so he could get a ride there, and so I could take C to his game (he had to miss one today though). I was sad to miss the first game, which the U11 Whites won. But we made it to the second. (It didn't go very well.) Madison is about 1.5 hours away from us, so many people spent the weekend, including us. We stayed at a hotel along with half the team, as well as some players from the other U11 team and one of the U12 teams. The kids and parents basically took over the pool and the lobby area, and all of us had a really great time. The morning was spent swimming again. I wasn't quite sure how they would play after over two hours of hanging out in a pool, but guess what? They did great. They won 8-1. And the best part was the incredible goal H made! It was from near the corner and just arched right into the net. Everyone -- parents and players -- was cheering for him. It was pretty awesome. The team just missed out on being in the playoffs, but still, it was such a great weekend.

Soccer -- Finally Again


After a couple weekends of cancelled games due to rain and snow, we finally had a soccer-filled weekend. It started with C's game. They lost, 3-4, unfortunately. But C scored a goal, and it was a great start to the season.

26 April 2013

The Nest


Can you even stand this cuteness that is right outside my window? I thought "my" bunnies would be long gone by now, but nope! Every day, they inch out a bit, and retreat right back to their cozy nest. It's nice today, but I'm sure with the rain (and snow) we'd been having, they were like "screw this!"

25 April 2013

The Pink Shirt


H's band class recently sold t-shirts to raise funds for the department. C wanted one too, and when given the choices -- red, white, purple or pink -- he did not hesitate. He picked the pink one, of course! The shirts arrived a couple weeks ago, and he was even more excited when he saw that it was not just pink. It was hot pink! His favorite. As soon as it was warm enough outside, the pink shirt made it's debute. The pride at watching him look at himself in the mirror the first time wearing his new favorite shirt was absolutely amazing. He just stood there with a little grin saying how much he loved it. I told him how great it looked on him. And then I just mentioned that some of the kids may comment on it. He said, "I know that, since mostly girls wear pink. But everyone knows pink is my favorite color anyway." And off he went. He came home that afternoon and said a couple boys did say mean things about his pink shirt, but he just told them that girls wear blue, so what's the big deal? (Side note: What IS the big deal? Isn't that silly?) I adore his attitude and wish more than anything it never fades. Needless to say, as soon as he saw his shirt had been cleaned, he pulled it out and wore it again. And this time, no one said anything.

21 April 2013

Gallery Night


On Friday, we took the boys to Gallery Night. This photo was taken at our last stop to visit our friend Melissa. They definitely loved being at Gallery Night, as you can see. We also got to see Jason and Guinevere who were visiting from New York for the Tory Folliard Gallery 25th Anniversary celebration. And we stopped in Fred's shop -- where C got that rad sticker, that still resides on his jacket. It may have been still been snowing outside, but felt great to get out and about on a Friday night.

Eggs + Bunny Update


Our bunnies are still safely in their nest. I wish I could pick them up and snuggle them. They are that cute. When C and I first uncovered them, he said, "Wow, how did they hatch so quickly?" Adorable. (These eggs were a gift from one of Brian's co-workers. Beautiful.)

19 April 2013

Right Outside My Window -- Bunnies


Our kitchen window looks onto flocks that are out front. They are actually almost eye level since the kitchen sits sidewalk level. Anyhow, as I was looking out last night, I saw a rabbit digging around. Shut, I knew what this meant. This morning as C and I were waiting for his bus, we decided to investigate. Low and behold, we've got ourselves a little nest. Even with the blurry photo (new camera + not wanting to invade their space too much), you can see a bunch of little ones. So. Cute. And they look to be a week or so old. I really don't know -- but at least, they are nowhere like this. I can't believe they have survived the dog, kids who love to stand on the flocks, and the crazy rain we've been getting.  

17 April 2013

Field Trip


Finally -- I was picked to chaperone a field trip! C and the rest of the second grade were able to go to the Mitchell Park Conservatory (aka, "The Domes") today. I remember this field trip always being one of my favorites, and my little group and I really had a great time.

14 April 2013



Well, it's still cold, raining (with some snow mixed in) and just not really nice out. We were booked solid with soccer games that were supposed to start this weekend. But were all cancelled. Honestly, I didn't really mind at all. I know what the next two months are going to be like. Insane! So it was pretty nice to have a free weekend. The boys did have their last swim lesson this morning though. For they past few weeks, they've been taking lessons at our gym. Mainly to get them ready for the swim test they need to take to use some of the deeper areas at our gym's outdoor pool. None of the local pools we've ever belonged to require a swim test, so while they definitely know how to swim and are comfortable in the water, they weren't familiar with treading water or the freestyle stroke they need to do to pass the test. Hopefully they will be ready this year. H said he'll be fine, but C said he needs some more lessons. I think it's just because he liked his instructor so much.

09 April 2013

Student of the Week


Hey, hey, hey! Look who is the Student of the Week in his classroom! On Monday, he brought this poster he made (he got to answer some questions about himself -- like the fact that oysters are his favorite food) and three objects that mean a lot to him. He brought a model house he made Brian and I a couple Christmas's ago out of a shoe box (he brought it last year too when he was Star of the Week), some of his favorite Pokemon cards, and a bracelet my sister gave either him or H a long time ago that has a bug in it and glows in the dark. Today he got to bring his favorite book. Tomorrow he brings a letter we wrote to him that gets read in front of the class (well, actually Brian's writing the letter and I put together a little photo book of some highlights of his life. I hope I don't embarras him too much). Thursday, I get to join him for lunch. And Friday he gets his Student of the Week certificate. Big week!

07 April 2013

Lake Park Bistro


Ever since Chef Adam Siegel from Lake Park Bistro came to the boys' school for Special Interest Day a couple years ago, and H made and tried his Steak au Poivre, he's been talking about how he really wanted to go to the restaurant some day. It's pretty fancy, and not a place you get to go to every day. But this year, in lieu of a birthday party (timing just wasn't right this year), we decided to finally take him. The boys got all dressed up in their nice shirts and ties -- they looked extremely handsome. The staff at the restaurant presented H with a card thanking him for sharing his birthday with them. And we had an excellent meal.

Les Appetizers // Escargots Bourguignons
Les Salades // Grand salade de Lyonnaise (me), Betteraves (Brian)
Les Viandes // Steak Frites (C & I shared), Steak au Poivre (H), Beef Cheeks (B - I can't remember the french name, but it was amazing)
Desserts // Ile Flottante & Marquise au Chocolat (ordered by us), Gateau au Chocolat & Cremes Glacees Et Sorbets (brought out by the servers)

Everything was absolutely amazing. But that salad I had? Oh my gosh. I cannot wait to go back just to try it again. The birthday boy was extremely satisfied with his meal too. It was a really great, special evening.

04 April 2013

A Celebration


Well, the 11-year old had a pretty incredible day. Since he was bringing cupcakes to his advisory class, it started with a ride to school (instead of the bus). Once he got there, his friends surprised him by decorating his locker with streamers and candy. He went to tae kwon do in the afternoon and everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to him. To end the day, we had a special birthday dinner -- filet mignon, small red potatoes and Greek salad, as requested by the birthday boy. I also made the chocolate strawberry birthday cake he asked for. The only big bummer was that Brian is in New York City and missed the big day. It may have come up a few times around here. But that just means, we have more surprises and celebrations in store this weekend.



Today, H turns 11 years old. He is so excited, and so am I. It's not every day you get to celebrate someone as special as this guy. The years since he has entered our world have been nothing short of amazing. It's just so much fun watching him learn and grow every single day. This has been a big year, starting middle school and all. It isn't always easy growing up, I know. But my gosh, I can't stop gushing with pride over this guy. He is kind, thoughtful and hard working. I absolutely adore him. Happy birthday, H!

H's Favorites:

Color: dark red
Food: lobster
Drink: Piña Colada (Note from Mom: virgin, of course)
Toy: iPod
TV show: Survivor
Subject in school: science and math
Animal: Storm and alligators
Sport: To watch or play? Football
Day of the week: Saturday

(Past birthdays: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6)

03 April 2013

"Bill" the Fish


Do you guys remember "Bill" the fish? The one my son won at Oktoberfest one and a half years ago? H's didn't make it too long. I have a feeling it got traumatized when he stuck it in his mouth. Gross, I know. I'm still trying to forget about that one. But back to "Bill." Believe it or not, the crazy thing is still alive! I was cleaning his (or her, we really don't know) bowl the other day, and I realized, there was absolutely no way this fish was going to fit into the tiny little juice class I normally put him in while I clean the bowl. Bill has gotten huge. We are going to have to build a pond soon!