31 March 2010

Art by C: Flowers

Woodland Theme

We are done having babies. But if that wasn't the case, I think a woodland theme would make the most adorable nursery. Oh, and if we weren't done having babies (but we are), and we had another boy (which we would), his name would be Van. (All images, Big Bear bean bag and "wood" pillows by Chic Sin Design.)

30 March 2010

Night Out

Our first day without children, started out by me having a stomach bug and staying home sick on Monday. Yuck! The good news is, I sprung back to normal by this morning. By the time we got home from work today, the weather was absolutely gorgeous. Brian and I went for a run, then out for dinner. It was so nice! The boys seem to be having fun too. They were roasting marshmallows tonight, went fishing a bit and hit the skate park ... twice. When we talked to the boys tonight, C got on the phone and told me "I need you. So badly." Kind of made my heart melt a bit. But I think we will all be just fine.

28 March 2010

Pancakes with Papa

This week is Spring Break for the boys. Last year we spent it in Florida. And I kind of totally wish we were there again. But alas, it just didn't work out this year. The boys, however, are spending their time off in Wisconsin with my parents. And they are so extremely excited. Let's just put it this way. When Brian and I said we were leaving, H's response was, "Good. Finally." I don't think they are going to miss us one little bit. And Brian and I have a week sans children. It's going to be kind of nice I think. Last night my niece and nephew spent the night too. Three of them had a slumber party in Nina & Papa's room. So cute. This morning, they made pancakes. As you can see, they went a little pancake batter crazy. But what really cracks me up is my boy's folded arms in the bottom photo. Goof balls.


On Saturday, our friend Z celebrated his 5th birthday by having a super fantastic party at Pump It Up. There are two enormous rooms filled with inflatable playground equipment. And a climbing wall. The climbing wall is one of those things that H is completely unsure about. He always really wants to do it. But then he chickens out. He's never done it yet. Fortunately, Finn was at this party too, and as soon as Finn decided to do it, H & C were on board (thanks Finn!). And once H was on, he didn't want to get off. I'd say that C, however, is still unsure.

26 March 2010

Friday Night Fish Fry

If I had to say one thing I truly miss about living in Wisconsin, it might just be the traditional Friday night fish fry. It's not like I went every week, but in Chicago, you just don't find them. This Wisconsin native thinks that's just plain weird. So when our friend Matt suggested going to Irish Times together with the Elsmo's, we couldn't wait. Let's just say, we were not disappointed. The all-you-can-eat fish fry was delicious. The company was great. We also learned two things today. 1) When scheduling a date to go out for fish fry, try to remember when it's Lent. The place was absolutely packed. 2) Tarter sauce + malt vinegar = yes! (Photos taken with my iPhone - I'm a dork and forgot my camera).

25 March 2010

Hanging Out

Only two more days with the cone! I'm sure he's pretty sick of it. So are we. You should see how banged up it is from knocking into everything.

Wood Stools

I absolutely love these. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them. In fact, I'd like not just one, but a bunch of them. (Available at Wood and Wool Stool)

24 March 2010

Art by C: Lion

I should say, Lion with Ants. See them?

23 March 2010

Story by C

C wrote his first story at school today. Language is still a bit of a struggle for him, so I'm super proud. Here it goes:
I would like to travel to Florida to see Disneyland. And I would also like to see what Disney World looks like.
There was a page two too. It said he wants to go to Florida for Spring Break. Um, I hope Wisconsin is alright with him!

22 March 2010

House in Buzen by Suppose Design Office

Check out this amazing house in Japan by Suppose Design Office. It's basically a courtyard home, designed as a collection of rooms with a glass canopy. “Paths covered by a glass roof weave between the disconnected structures to create an interior space that feels exterior, a private space that feels public, a hall that feels like an avenue.” Of course, I can't imagine it piled high with snow, like we get around here in this neck of woods. But I think this concept is completely WOW. (Originally seen via Hindsvik via Dezeen)

20 March 2010

Almost Sleepover

Tonight was the Almost Sleepover at C's school. We dropped him off in his PJs at 4 pm, and picked him up at 7 pm. While he was there ...

we were here. H, Brian and I had a date. H got to choose the restaurant and picked "red chicken" at Khyber Pass. It was great getting to spend some alone time with him. C had a great time too. They ate hot dogs, and made dirt pudding. They watched movies and had popcorn. It was an awesome night. Next month, we get to do the same with C while H is at the Alumni Almost Sleepover. We all can't wait.

18 March 2010

Cone Head

Typically, I think cones on dogs are pretty pathetic and funny. Storm is no exception. It is so huge and bulky. It's already been dented and beat up from him bumping into everything. Now, imagine him moaning and crying, because that's pretty much what he did during most of these pictures. Isn't that sad?

Here he is, drinking water. He wasn't moaning here.

Here he is, resting. And moaning. See, if you hang your head over the edge, you barely know that cone is there!

And another view, just for kicks. He's such a good sport.

17 March 2010

Under the Knife

Today was the big day -- Storm's surgery. Everything seemed to go well. Let's cross our fingers for a healthy biopsy. Poor guy is so groggy. He's just walking around crying, and his legs are slipping out from under him a bit. It's so pathetic.

Here he is trying on his new cone. He doesn't like it. Not one little bit. But I know he'll be chewing away at those stitches if I don't put it on him tonight. I hope he sleeps ok with it. He's "between sizes" so it's absolutely giant on him.

If you get grossed out by stitches and stuff, you better close your browser now. Because we are all about documentation here.

Poor, poor guy! He'll be like this for 10 days. Then back to normal like nothing ever happened.

UPDATE (03.23.10)
Just got the call from the vet and his prognosis is looking good. No cancer, which is a huge relief. There were atypical cells that were cloning quickly. But it seems that it was a common bump, that should have gone down, and didn't. Instead it was inflamed, and probably infected. So, it stinks we all had to go through this, but the results couldn't have been better.

Happy Birthday B!

Today, my husband, Brian, turns 39. He's finally catching up to me. I wish we could be celebrating with him! Unfortunately, by the time March 17th rolls around here, half the day is already over in Taipei, where he's currently traveling. In fact, we called him around dinner time on the 16th, and caught him eating breakfast the morning of his birthday. So strange, isn't it? He was in Taipei last year on his birthday too. And I know for a fact, there is no easy-to-find corned beef and cabbage near him. St. Patrick's Day is just not the same without Brian around.

We miss you. We love you. Happy birthday B! (P.S. In case you can't read it, we tried to make our letters saying Happy Birthday, above. C gave up after only three. Hard to imagine, right?)

16 March 2010

Beach House Round 2

Here's yet another version of the Lego Beach House by H. This one features stairs and a fireplace. I think they are amazing.

15 March 2010

Blast Off

Awhile back, we were at the toy store buying birthday presents. C spotted the Marky Sparky Blast Pad Advanced Missile Launch System and has been obsessing over it ever since. Like he does. On many occasions.

Anyhow, we had to go back to the toy store over the weekend and went while H was at soccer. Just the two of us. And as soon as I mentioned we were going there, he brought up the rocket toy again and how he just had to have it.

Now, we really don't buy our kid's a lot of stuff, but they are not deprived by any means. Unless you are looking at the picture above and notice the holes in H's pants. Then you might think I'm lying and that they truly are lacking in some basic necessities. But not really. Those just happen to be his favorite pants -- believe you me, they are on their way out the door. Very soon.

Back to Blast Pad. C wanted this thing so bad, so I told him he could have it -- if he bought it himself. So he did (after I lectured him on how he could be saving his money for a car when he's older, or spending it on toys now -- he obviously picked the now). He got money out of his piggy bank and paid me back. And I took it, because no way am I giving in. No way. So far they seem to be having a great time with it. Hopefully the trade-off was worth it. In any case, C is very proud of his new purchase.

14 March 2010

The Lego House that H Built

Here's C, taking credit for the Lego Beach House that H built. It's actually really amazing. Inside, there's a café, complete with rotisserie chicken oven. (It's one of three designs you can make). H could spend all day making these things.

11 March 2010


Storm has the most beautiful coat of fur -- it almost looks like suede. He also has very short hair and is very muscular, so you can see any sort of lump or bump he might have. He has had a little lump on his leg since the middle of summer. We got it checked around the holidays, and it was fine. But it still isn't going away so we took him back to the vet today. The good news is, it doesn't appear to be cancer. The bad news, is there are some abnormal cells that could morph into something bad, so we need to get it removed and biopsied to make sure. Besides the initial shock of the crazy enormous vet bill we are about to have to pay, of course I'm now completely worried about him. I really hope everything is ok, poor guy.

10 March 2010

In the Classroom

Tonight is the night that is always one of my favorites at C's Montessori school -- Parent Child Night. For one hour, we get to go into the classroom and sit down with our children while they show us some of their favorite works. C spent most of the time writing down his numbers to 100, but he also showed us word boxes, spiral cutting and pouring. It's always fun to see how they've progressed since last year.

Dog Mustache

I'm sorry, but this is really funny. (Originally seen via Swiss Miss. Purchase here.)

09 March 2010

Hard at Work

This is my MousePath for 4.5 hours of work today. The tracks show movements, and the circles are when the pointer didn't move. Doesn't it make life in my cubicle look interesting? You can download the application here.

I Could See Living Here

I love the white, wood and openess of this lovely brownstone. (Originally seen on Design*Sponge. Photos by Emily Gilbert).