28 March 2010

Pancakes with Papa

This week is Spring Break for the boys. Last year we spent it in Florida. And I kind of totally wish we were there again. But alas, it just didn't work out this year. The boys, however, are spending their time off in Wisconsin with my parents. And they are so extremely excited. Let's just put it this way. When Brian and I said we were leaving, H's response was, "Good. Finally." I don't think they are going to miss us one little bit. And Brian and I have a week sans children. It's going to be kind of nice I think. Last night my niece and nephew spent the night too. Three of them had a slumber party in Nina & Papa's room. So cute. This morning, they made pancakes. As you can see, they went a little pancake batter crazy. But what really cracks me up is my boy's folded arms in the bottom photo. Goof balls.

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Penny said...

Enjoy your week san kids!!!