17 March 2010

Happy Birthday B!

Today, my husband, Brian, turns 39. He's finally catching up to me. I wish we could be celebrating with him! Unfortunately, by the time March 17th rolls around here, half the day is already over in Taipei, where he's currently traveling. In fact, we called him around dinner time on the 16th, and caught him eating breakfast the morning of his birthday. So strange, isn't it? He was in Taipei last year on his birthday too. And I know for a fact, there is no easy-to-find corned beef and cabbage near him. St. Patrick's Day is just not the same without Brian around.

We miss you. We love you. Happy birthday B! (P.S. In case you can't read it, we tried to make our letters saying Happy Birthday, above. C gave up after only three. Hard to imagine, right?)

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