31 August 2010

About Me Bags

For school, both boys had to decorate a bag and include five items that said something about themselves. Here's H's:

1. A tornado, because he likes watching the weather.
2. A ticket stub to his first baseball game, and he loves baseball.
3. A fishing hook, because he loves to fish.
4. A toy electric guitar, because he owns an electric guitar.
5. A snowman, because he likes snow.

And here's what C included:

1. A bug finger puppet, because he likes catching bugs.
2. A blue feather, because blue is one of his favorite colors and he likes going on nature walks.
3. A silly disguise, because he likes goofy around.
4. A dog necklace, because he loves dogs.
5. A Spongebob Squarepants toy, because he really likes Spongebob.

30 August 2010

Ground Cherries

We haven't made it to the Farmer's Market as often as we'd like this summer, but were able to go this weekend. I wanted everything! Sweet, sweet corn, fresh tomatoes, peaches, micro-greens, beets, giant sunflowers. You name it. C wanted to try a wheatgrass shot and completely downed it. He had a cute little grass stain on his forehead most of the day from where the cup hit his head. Everything at the market was so amazing. One of the stands had these -- ground cherries. I've never seen or heard of them, but let me tell you, they are weird and absolutely delicious. They are like a berry with a firm(er) tomato texture. Yum!

29 August 2010

Happy 6th Birthday C!

The big party was last night, but we had a fun day celebrating C's 6th birthday (and eating leftover cupcakes) today. We went to the toy store to let him spend a little of his birthday cash (he picked some more stuff for his new Kung Zhu pets). We went to the pool -- can't believe it's closing for the season soon. Had an amazing clam bake dinner. And opened more presents (from us). It was a fun day. I still can't believe C is 6. On the way to the grocery store, he said I could start calling him Big C. That he wasn't going to suck his thumb anymore or use his blanket. So far so good too! He's smart, and funny. He's serious, yet totally crazy ... a lot of the time. My sister got him a book called How to Behave and Why, which I thought was a hilarious and great gift, especially considering what he did to her car last week (don't ask -- I'm still sick about it). But I honestly cannot imagine what our lives would be without him and I absolutely, completely, adore him. Happy 6th Birthday C!

C at 6 years old:
Favorite color: purple
Favorite food: crab legs
Favorite drink: orange juice
Favorite toy: Kung Zhu pets
Favorite TV show: Spongebob Squarepants
Favorite subject in school: art class
Favorite animal: lion
Favorite sport: soccer
Favorite day of the week: Sunday ("because you can eat sundae's")

Getting Down and Dirty

28 August 2010

Celebrating 6

My baby turns 6 tomorrow. That just doesn't seem right. But it's true. I should know -- I was there when it all happened. Tonight he celebrated with 8 of his good friends. This was the year he could have had a "big" party (at My Gym, or somewhere like that). Instead, he said he wanted a back yard dog party. Upon arriving, the guests went to the Adoption Center to pick up their dogs. They drew numbers which matched up to a dog to keep it all fair, filled out an adoption form and name tag (rubber bracelet collars with paper tags). They had dog bone shaped graham cracker snacks, pizza, fruit salad and carrots for dinner. Multi-colored cupcakes with blue frosting and sugar dog heads on the top (this what was negotiated after I stirred C away from fondant, which he really wanted). We had a dog bone shaped pinata, and watched Milo & Otis. Unfortunately, we couldn't plan the party late enough to really be able to watch the movie too well, but it was cute. At least for a little while. C had a great day with all of his best buddies. And Nina & Papa even came down! He's a very happy guy.

The Sharks

Soccer season has begun! H is on the U10 team this year. When we drove up to the new field they play, he looked at it, and said "Ok, I'm a bit freaked out." It's big. Much bigger than the small fields the U8 teams play on. And it was a lot of running. But he has a really fun team. The Sharks. Pretty threatening, right? It was so much fun watching them today. I think it's going to be a great season. By the way, The Sharks and the Aqua Hedgehogs (isn't that great) tied. A good start to the season.

27 August 2010

First Week of School Party

Tonight was the first week of school party. There were even fire dancers, which the boys thought was pretty cool. We didn't stay for the movie, but it looked like it was going to be a fun night in the park.

Birthday at School

I went over to school today. You see, it's C's birthday weekend (the benefit of having a birthday on a Sunday). And today was his celebration at school. It was the first birthday of the year in his class. (A little girl lost her first tooth while I was there. Also a first in the classroom -- exciting times.) C stood in the middle of a circle while we all sang a birthday song. We brought pudding cups. The kids were adorable, and it was fun seeing C. He did great his first week of school. He was even one of 11 of the kids who got a good behavior slip. Then he got home and went crazy, making me wonder how in the world that could possibly be. Oh well. He was super proud today, and it was great.

26 August 2010

Gina's Italian Ice

Saying we are fans of Gina's Italian Ice is a bit of an understatement. I really think I could eat it every day. C had his 6-year doctor appointment, so we walked over tonight after dinner as a treat (it really doesn't take much for us to come up with an excuse for treats, if you haven't noticed). Between the four of us, we had strawberry, cherry, watermelon, lemon and coconut. You really can't go wrong with any of the flavors. Hopefully we'll make it back soon again -- it's only open for the season a few more weeks.

25 August 2010

Lulu Wolf

Artwork by Lulu Wolf (blog). (via Design*Sponge)

Chocolate Mug Cake

I made 5-Minute Chocolate Mug Cakes to celebrate the first full day of school. What an excuse, right? They were rich, rich, rich -- but really good. I'll definitely need to make them again during the fall or winter -- loaded with whipped cream, of course. The boys went off to their first full day of school happy and excited, which is always good sign. They also had their first day of child care, and both seemed to have a good time. Couldn't have asked for a better day.

24 August 2010

First Day of School 2010

H (grade 3) and C (kindergarten) - first day of school 2010

It seems like just yesterday we were taking H to his first day of first grade. As we were leaving the house, he said "You know what? I think I'm getting pretty used to this stuff." C had a great first day (hour) of school too. He's kind of freaked out about one thing -- that he can't read. He even made me go back to the classroom to tell his teacher this fact. She assured him that while some kids do know how read, he'll be like most of the kids in his classroom this year. After we picked H up again (he had three hours of school), we came home and had a first day of school picnic in the back yard. I'm very excited for this year! And I think H & C are too.

23 August 2010

Last Day of Summer Break

For the last day of summer break, the boys: hung out with Nina, Jake and Maia, went to the bead store for new necklaces, ate Pete's for lunch, and played games. It was the best summer yet. H starts third grade, and C, kindergarten. It's weird. But I'm so excited for both of them.

22 August 2010

High Dive

The boys came back today! My mom brought them back from Wisconsin, and my niece and nephew came too. We went to the pool, ordered Thai food (delivery), and walked to Hole in the Wall for ice-cream. All per the request of Jake and Maia. What was really exciting though, is that H went off the high dive for the first time today. Ever! And he went many times, actually. He had an absolute blast. P.S. I jumped off the high dive too. The things we do for our kids.

20 August 2010


Went to Val's Halla with Melissa to watch a couple very talented performers tonight. After the first song, I turned to Melissa and told her that I thought it was about time Brian and I hide all the TVs in our house and ban Spongebob so the boys could come up with more creative things to do. These girls were really quite amazing.

Publican. Yes, Again

At our last perfect night of dining with Leif & Melissa, we decided that it was imperative to set up another outing. Immediately. We picked the Publican. I really think it is one of my favorite places to go right now, and we had, yet again, another great meal. We ate oysters, ahi tuna escabeche {with artichokes, potatoes, preserved lemons and almonds}, the taste of three hams, feijoada {pork tenderloin, shoulder, chorizo, kale and cranberry beans}, sweetbreads {fennel, apples, fresh ham}, frites with egg, carrots {with black olives, harissa and burrata}, and the waffle for dessert. Of course, we had some of the most delicious beers ever. My favorite of the night was the Sint Bernardus Wit. Ok, I may have even had a couple. It was the Elsmo's first time eating there, and we definitely have some favorite items on the menu, so we went all out. I'm not sure whether or not the Publican does this often, but they were also offering a wine dinner for $35/person that included three courses and a dessert plus two wine pairings. I thought that was a pretty good deal, and will have to keep my eyes open. It might be a fun way to enjoy another dinner there. But our meal last night ... perfect.


This is where Storm hangs out every morning. I think someone is really missing Leanne.

17 August 2010


The boys are up in Wisconsin this week, enjoying Papa & Nina time. They are having fun going to water parks, playing tennis, hanging out with their cousins, while Brian and I spent the evening in the basement. Getting ready for a garage sale. I'm not a fan of having garage sales or even going to garage sales. But oh my gosh, the stuff we have collected over the years. It's insane. Really, I'd rather be anywhere else then getting ready for this thing. But it sure will be nice when it's done. (more vintage Holiday magazine covers here, via Hither & Thither)

15 August 2010

Two Days at the Beach

The boys and I drove to Wisconsin this weekend. My sister had a big party that we went to on Saturday. And H & C will be spending the last week of summer vacation with my parents. The first thing we did when we got there was head to the beach. It was cloudy, but still so unbelievably hot out, and felt great. That beach is definitely one of my favorite places to be. Today, we went back, and it was an absolutely perfect beach day. It was hard to leave, for sure. Especially since I left the boys behind with my parents -- it's just Storm and me tonight!