26 August 2008

First Day of First Grade

Today is H's first day of first grade. New school, new teacher ... I get it. But he was absolutely petrified.

(Update: It seems H did just fine. He came out of school very excited and even wanted to take his homework to the playground with him.)


Penny said...

Awwww, that little face makes me VERY sad. I'm sure he handled his first day like a rock star and before long he will be begging to go to school even on the weekends (well, maybe I took this a little far but you get my point).

Mel said...

Hey...that is a sad face, but he was all smiles on the playground later. I was there the whole time and he was doing fine; I even talked to him and he seemed very happy!
How are YOU doing with all this change??? I know if felt a little ill sending Emma to middle school today...big doings in the OP.

Angela said...

Ok, so H is fine, but I am a little sick to my stomach. This is a whole new world and a feel a bit clueless. But middle school is major -- I feel for you.

laffy leif said...

Nice! Congrats! A bid day for the

Welcome to the Irving Family. Hud is going to rock the house.