29 August 2008

Happy 4th Birthday C!

Is it really possible, that today you are 4?


(1 year)

(2 years)

(3 years)


It's been so much fun watching learn and grow. You came out crying and have kept us on our toes ever since. It makes me nuts that you can be so stubborn, but I also love more than anything that you are your own little person. You are funny and can make anyone laugh. You seem to get people wrapped around your little finger -- you are addicting. You've struggled with words, but you've made up for it by being very animated (and the words are certainly coming -- sometimes non-stop right now). This was the year you started school. You had your brother to team up with, and this year will be different. It might be tough at first, but I think this will be a good year for both of you. You are great friends, and I hope it continues throughout the years. Time is slipping by way too fast, but at the same time it's so exciting watching you get older, and I can only dream of the places you will go. We love you C!


kswen said...

LOVE the haircut. Such a little man.

Mel said...

You choked me up a little. I have to go buy the cutie a present. Sniff.

Penny said...

Beautiful! I'm glad I read this post after I got home from work....