12 August 2008

Home Again

The boys got a special treat this weekend, and stayed at Nina & Papa's house a couple extra days. They came home tonight ... and I was so excited to see them. Here's a little background: my parents live in a gorgeous house the woods in a beautiful part of Wisconsin, and the kids absolutely love it there (so does Storm, for that matter). But who wouldn't? They all get to run free! They love being able to go in and out when they please, watering (soaking) the plants, looking for snakes, bugs, turkey and deer. They go exploring. They play. They sleep in. They even roasted marshmallows over a fire pit! And what did I do? I was home, by myself. I ate what and when I wanted. I straightened up their toys. I did laundry. I took a run with Storm. I was loving every moment. Is that bad? Because it felt really, really good. But they are back, and I swear, that as soon as my mom left, they looked at each other, laughed these evil laughs, and I'm not even joking! Their heads started spinning like they were possessed. They were terrible! Deliriously tired, but awful. (They also fell asleep instantly after being separated from each other.) I am not sure why this happens, but it does ... every single time they spend a couple days away from us. And it always takes a couple more days to get them back to "normal." Nonetheless, I'm so glad they got to spend as much time as they did in Wisconsin this summer. It was a great break for them (and me) from their daily routine, and I know they had a blast spending time with family. I also know that tomorrow will be a better day, and that as nice as it was, our house is just not the same without them around.

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