31 January 2010

What I Have To Put Up With....

Let me tell you a story. The year was 1988, and I was an exchange student in Germany. My host family took me on a ski trip to the Italian Alps. I confidently said I knew how to ski. But really my experience consisted mainly of visiting a land fill. (I didn't know any better, really.) There I was, on top on the mountain. MOUNTAIN, people. Not land fill. And right on the other side was a cliff. A cliff ... on the mountain. I did what most people would do. I stood on top and cried. And I slid down on my bottom. And my host family decided pretty much on the spot to put me in ski school for a week. Well, if I do say so myself, by the end of that week, I wasn't half bad. When I came back from my year abroad, I was in college. I didn't get a lot of chances to go skiing. And then, my junior year, I decided to switch over to snowboarding. So I snowboarded for about ten years (a lot more than the years spent on skies). Then we bought a house. And got married. And had kids. And we just didn't hit the slopes very much. So last year, I decided to switch back over to skies. My body is thanking me for that (although, I'm tempted to bring out the board just once more to try it out again -- I really love it), but here's the point. I'm not a very confident skier. I can get down pretty much any hill. But I'm not very daring. This is a little video of me. I'm the one in the middle of the hill cautiously contemplating my next move. And the rest is what I have to put up with pretty much on a daily basis. You feel sorry for me, don't you.

Ski Weekend

We went to Wisconsin this weekend to take the boys skiing at Cascade. They were so excited. They spent the morning in ski school. We went a couple times last year, and figured they could use a refresher. H did really great. According to C's "report card" from class, he did good too. But each time we spied on him, he was doing something more like this:

He'd seriously wait like this until an instructor walked by and picked him up.
By having the boys in ski school, Brian and I had some time to ourselves to test out our new skis (our Christmas present to each other). They were awesome!
After ski school, we took the boys on some of the other runs (besides only the magic carpet area and bunny hill).
H wanted me to take some pictures to show his teacher.
This one's just for her. He specifically asked for me to take this one to show her what the hills look like.
H was confident going down by himself. In fact, Brian took him alone on the last run, and was a bit nervous because he was going so fast. H said he was in control. But he did have a big crash on the bottom. C still needed a bit of support.
Overall, both did really well. We put in a full day, and can't wait to go again in a few weeks.

28 January 2010

27 January 2010

Art by C: Lovely Bones

Here's an oldie but goodie that just made it's way to our home. A skeleton made by C. I adore the noodles popping out of the eyes for pupils. And the mouth. And the jumbled alphabet noodles. And of course, the bow on top of it's head. Clearly, it's a girl skeleton. That C sure digs the ladies.

26 January 2010

Rear View Mirror

On our way up to Milwaukee this weekend. C snuggling his blanket and sucking his thumb. I wonder how long it will last. He says until he's ten. We'll see.

25 January 2010

Tour: The Iron Horse Hotel

Since we were going to be out and about in Milwaukee until the wee hours of the night on Saturday, and had the baby shower on Sunday morning, Brian and I decided to stay The Iron Horse Hotel. What a treat. It's in an old warehouse building close to downtown (and near the Harley-Davidson Museum). Rooms were spacious and quiet. The interior was comfortable and interesting. The staff was really friendly. The restaurants and bar looked great. We didn't get to try them out, but it seemed to be a happening spot. That's a picture of the lobby above. And the library below. (The books were pretty good too).

And the work out room. We just peeked in. To say we were there.
Here's a view from the second level.And now, on to the room. Not too shabby, right? And that bed! Let me just tell you, C-O-M-F-O-R-T-A-B-L-E. I don't think I've ever slept better. Of course, it could be the fact that we didn't have at least one of the boys coming in during the night.Finally, the bathroom (which you can partially see thanks to the see-through-ish shower), and the entry way.Oh, and pooches are welcome at The Iron Horse too. Storm was in the kennel. I'm sure he had more fun, of course. But there was the cutest Bracco Italiano hanging out in the lobby when we left. Visiting Milwaukee? Here's a great place to stay.

24 January 2010

Baby Schwebey

(I had to stitch the photo above together -- Scott really doesn't have three legs).

I made it until bar time last night (which is 2:30 in Milwaukee). Pretty amazing, actually. After a few hours of sleep, we joined some of the other groggy concert goers for Scott & Ali's baby shower. There was a slide show starring Scott & Ali as babies and wee ones themselves.

Scott looks amazed and scared all at once, doesn't he? I have to admit, I did submit some pretty funny ones that didn't make the cut. After all, Brian has known him since grade school. Which means they experienced the awkward middle school years together. And high school in the 80s. I'm right there with them, so really can't talk. But trust me, there are some good ones.

There were also cute ones like this:
Gosh, Brian looks like C in this. Just look at that chin! Anyhow, I think they were in grade school. So cute. I especially like Brian's wrist bands and Bill's knee pads. And Brian and Scott's bowl cuts.

The baby shower was a great ending to a fantastic weekend. I cannot wait to meet this little Baby Schwebey!

Pablove Concert

Brian and I spent the weekend in Milwaukee. It was the Pablove Benefit Concert at Turner Hall. The line-up included: Willy Porter, Truth in Fiction, Pet Engine, Old Man Malcolm, Mike Benign, Maritime, The Lackloves, Fever Marlene, and The Gufs. Brian even played a song with The Gufs (he's the good-looking djembe player). What a fun night. We saw so many people -- most we haven't seen in years! Jeff was in town too, and it was so great to see him. I realized I have known him for twenty (2-0) years. Unbelievable. I can't imagine losing a child to cancer, like he and his wife did. What they are doing to "fight childhood cancer with love" is absolutely amazing. All proceeds benefited The Pablove Foundation.

20 January 2010

What's Going On?

I think I may be in a bit of a rut. Work is really busy. It will be for the next three weeks, at least. Brian's work is also really busy. He was in Cleveland, Ohio last weekend. Colorado Springs today and tomorrow. It's not like we haven't been having a good time though. The boys and I had dinner with The Frigs last weekend, and got to do our laundry at their house. You see, our machine has been broken for two weeks -- the new one arrives Friday! In the meantime, I feel like I'm in college, bringing our dirty clothes where ever I go. Unless you don't mind that, you may not want to invite us over for the next couple days. On Sunday, we had a great brunch at the Elsmo's. I did not bring my laundry (but out of full disclosure, our laundry was cleaned in their machine earlier in the week). Monday, the kids had off for Martin Luther King Day. Brian and I did not. So my parents (even Papa) came down from Wisconsin to spoil watch them. Then last night, we had dinner with Tyler. He does things like start water fights with our boys. They think he's great. So see? We are doing great. Just in a bit of a rut.

18 January 2010

16 January 2010

A Day at the Zoo

We went to the zoo today. Winter at the zoo is a great time to actually enjoy the indoor exhibits. Less people. Less odor. Spent most of the time connecting with the primates. There were a few little babies -- adorable. A gorilla even waved at me. Then threw hay all over himself. I'm assuming it was a boy. H & C also love the alligators and river otters.

13 January 2010

Weardrobe 100

I have a little problem. I don't like shopping. At all. And while I also don't like spending money on myself, I am a big fan for buying quality over quantity. Which means I don't buy many clothes. See the problem? My wardrobe needs serious help. Weardrobe published an online book called the Weardrobe 100 -- "the best of 2009 street style from the top fashion blogs online." There are some really great blogs featured. Perfect for a little inspiration. (Shown above: Alma Luna, Fashion Fillers, Style Rookie, What I Wore, Cupcakes and Cashmere, Flying a Kite)

12 January 2010

I Love Macarons with Feet

Over the weekend, I attempted another batch of macarons. The others turned out so great! These, not so much. No feet! They were malted milk, and I could tell right away that they just were not quite right. They may not look the way they were supposed to, but they still tasted great. (“J’aime les macaron avec les pieds” - I love macaron with feet tshirt by A Table For Two. My new motto -- I want it!!!)


(Photo of H by Melissa)

Today, H went on a bowling field trip with the entire Circle of Friends group from his school. Circle of Friends is a club where the special education and regular students play together and basically just hang out. He was up by 6am this morning, so excited for his day. Melissa was one of the chaperones on the field trip. I was thrilled when this adorable photo showed up in my email.

09 January 2010

5:58 pm Tonight

Getting ready to go out for dinner with friends. C wore a suit coat over his "monster" shirt. Handsome.

08 January 2010

A Walk in the Snow

On Friday's, we first take C to his school. It's three blocks away (and takes a half an hour when you factor in snow angles and climbing on every single snow mountain along the way). From there, H and I go to his school. It's four blocks away (and not as many stops). Then, I walk to the train and head downtown (no stops for snow angels -- by now, it's just me and I'm freezing). It's another four blocks away. By the time I got to work, I felt like I had walked ten miles. Snow is exhausting!

07 January 2010

06 January 2010


As H left the house this morning, I warned him to do a little more homework than usual at his after-school program. He had reading, spelling, a page from his weekly homework packet ... and a poem to write (he also was supposed to draw a picture to go along with it). Plus, he had an extra math assignment thrown in the mix. If you ask me, that's a lot for a seven-year-old to do, especially after a full day of school. He's pretty self-disciplined about getting some of it done on his own, but he saved the spelling and poem for home. The poem had to be about a fish. He chose a pipefish. (See, I still learn something new each day myself). We brainstormed during dinner (got to love the chalkboard wall), and this is how it goes:

Hiding in the seaweed bed,
is a little pipefish I call Ted.
He is in the leaves,
so hiding is a breeze.
And yes, he does not want to be seen,
because other fish can be mean.