24 January 2010

Baby Schwebey

(I had to stitch the photo above together -- Scott really doesn't have three legs).

I made it until bar time last night (which is 2:30 in Milwaukee). Pretty amazing, actually. After a few hours of sleep, we joined some of the other groggy concert goers for Scott & Ali's baby shower. There was a slide show starring Scott & Ali as babies and wee ones themselves.

Scott looks amazed and scared all at once, doesn't he? I have to admit, I did submit some pretty funny ones that didn't make the cut. After all, Brian has known him since grade school. Which means they experienced the awkward middle school years together. And high school in the 80s. I'm right there with them, so really can't talk. But trust me, there are some good ones.

There were also cute ones like this:
Gosh, Brian looks like C in this. Just look at that chin! Anyhow, I think they were in grade school. So cute. I especially like Brian's wrist bands and Bill's knee pads. And Brian and Scott's bowl cuts.

The baby shower was a great ending to a fantastic weekend. I cannot wait to meet this little Baby Schwebey!


Mel said...

Looks like a perfect gathering!

Ali said...

Angie! You are the best! So fun that you posted these pics!!!! What a great weekend!