06 January 2010


As H left the house this morning, I warned him to do a little more homework than usual at his after-school program. He had reading, spelling, a page from his weekly homework packet ... and a poem to write (he also was supposed to draw a picture to go along with it). Plus, he had an extra math assignment thrown in the mix. If you ask me, that's a lot for a seven-year-old to do, especially after a full day of school. He's pretty self-disciplined about getting some of it done on his own, but he saved the spelling and poem for home. The poem had to be about a fish. He chose a pipefish. (See, I still learn something new each day myself). We brainstormed during dinner (got to love the chalkboard wall), and this is how it goes:

Hiding in the seaweed bed,
is a little pipefish I call Ted.
He is in the leaves,
so hiding is a breeze.
And yes, he does not want to be seen,
because other fish can be mean.


Marketing Mommy said...

Wonderful poem! You have a writer on your hands for sure.

CHris F said...

Keeeeiiiiiillller Poem! I love it!