30 December 2015



I had such a nice day with Brian today! We left the boys at home and visited the Milwaukee Art Museum. We hadn't been there since the grand re-opening, and it is truly is spectacular. One of my happy places was completely modified. Ultimately, it's a good thing, providing for a lot more uncrowded exhibition space. But I'll miss it. The collection overall is amazing. Because the boys weren't with us, we had more time and got to see some of the older pieces that we usually overlook. Loved it. My favorites are still the modern pieces, but the older ones are absolutely crazy. The Larry Sultan exhibit was also going on. Pretty cool. Afterwards, we went to the Milwaukee Public Market with the intention of grabbing some oysters. The whole place was a madhouse, so we ended up for oyster lunch at the Harbor House before doing some NYE grocery shopping. Such a great day.

29 December 2015

New Jersey Visit


Our friends Kim & Jesse were in town (aka Southern Wisconsin and Illinois) for the holidays. We were able to spend some time with the boys on Boxing Day, but missed out seeing the girls that day. When Kim mentioned they were going to a trampoline place and wanted to find out if we could meet them, we couldn't pass up the chance to see them again. We <3 these guys. Hopefully we won't have to wait 1.5 years to see them again!

27 December 2015

Christmas Day


The boys got us up at 7am Christmas morning. I know they were up much earlier than that, but we set the 7am rule a long time ago. Thank goodness. We opened presents from Santa and enjoyed a morning relaxing at home before heading out to Christie & Tim's in the afternoon for an amazing Italian-themed Christmas dinner.

Christmas Eve


We have just been having so much fun this holiday season. Our annual Christmas Eve. appetizer party was at our house this year. Despite the looks on everyone's faces above when I surprised them by taking their photo (ha!) we had a great time. The evening was spent with the Schwebels and Ali's family, Nina, Papa, Grandma, the Kramers, Terri and the boys, and our friends the Kochs. It was such a great night.

26 December 2015

Last Week in Moments

Our gingerbread house ... complete with dog peeing on the witch // Annual holiday dinner with Andrew/Shelly and Scott/Ali. This year we went to Eddie Martini's. We've been doing these dinners since 2008. So much fun

Lazy Sundays. Even crazy dog Gretel was happy to participate // Christmas morning

18 December 2015

Last Week in Moments

We had a big party weekend, and I think I was recovering until Wednesday. Friday night was GMR's holiday party. Marcus was the DJ, and Red Moon Theater featured a couple table ladies. So much fun. The next night was Mike & Kristyn's annual party. Thanks to uber and super fun people, we didn't get home until 2am. I don't even know myself anymore // The next day, the boys and I went to my sister's for our annual cookie baking day. So much fun and so productive. I love it

Gretel has officially been driving me crazy. This is pretty much how she is all day every day. A total nut ball. Poor Storm // My favorite Thai Zucchini Soup were the best left-overs ever

11 December 2015

Last Week in Moments

Due to some abnormally warm winter weather, Brian and I joined some others out for a motorcycle ride where we crashed the Santa Rampage. Maybe one of these years we'll join them on bicycles

St. Nicholas came to our house

The 7th & 8th grades had their winter music concerts. Here's the 8th grade choir, with H front and center. They did such a great job

04 December 2015

Last Week in Moments

So sleepy after all of our Thanksgiving festivities // Our finished Christmas tree

Received a whole box of photographs of the boys over the three years each of them spent at their Montessori school. Such great memories. Both boys still say those are some of their favorite years. P.S. It's pretty obvious which child has always been more serious...

Advent season has arrived! And the boys were pretty excited that I made them calendars again // Troublemaker! This one has decided that she is now going to eat dog beds

29 November 2015

The Tree


Per tradition, we picked up our Christmas tree this weekend. We stopped at Monches Farm again. It was kind of strange without our friends Maria & Robbie living there, but we did get to Facetime with them as we were hunting for the perfect tree. Decorating the tree was a several day process this year. H, aka Mr. Christmas, was very patient even though he was going crazy not having it finished on the very first day. It's done now and I think we all are happy to have our little tree lighting up our living room again. We are officially ready for the holidays now.

27 November 2015



I started Thanksgiving morning with a really fun group WOD at CrossFit. Afterwards, I had about 10 minutes at home before we left to go to my parents. We dropped the dogs off, then went the country club where we met my sister, cousin and their families for some platform tennis. It was such a blast. So much fun! Afterwards, we cleaned up, then it was time to meet up again for the big feast. My parents hosted this year. The day was filled with whipped cream fights, poker and other shenanigans, but also just appreciating how much we have to be thankful for. We spent the night there, which seems kind of funny considering they don't live that far away -- but it really makes for a nice evening since we don't need to rush home afterwards. The next day, my uncle and cousin came over. We haven't seen them in really long time. Too long, to be honest. Brian and H had to leave for a bike ride, but the rest of us reconvened for brunch with Skip & Brad. Early in the afternoon, it was time for us to leave and go Christmas tree shopping. Bring on the holidays!

Last Week in Moments

Went to the Nomad to watch the Barcelona vs. Madrid soccer game // Second anniversary party at the CrossFit gym I go to

Thanksgiving day platform tennis with the family // At Monches Farm picking out our Christmas tree

20 November 2015

Last Week in Moments

Last weekend was the first one we've had in forever that we didn't have anything going on. We went out for dinner. And lunch. Saw the new James Bond movie. Brian & H met up with Chris and went mountain biking in Kettle Moraine. They also rode motorcycles on our friend's property later in the day. C and I walked along the river hoping to see some late salmon. There were a bunch of fishermen, but no salmon.

I got a haircut. I love how Matty styled it. It hasn't -- and probably will never -- looked this good again. But I still love the cut.

13 November 2015

Last Week in Moments

Celebrating our niece turning 17!

The ongoing sage of Gretel getting spayed -- first, we had an appointment in September and she went into heat. So, I scheduled and appointment for two months later. Over the weekend we got a phone call that our vet left the practice, so someone else would be doing the surgery. No big deal, but still. On Tuesday, it was time for her appointment. I took her in and got a phone call four hours later from the vet. The couldn't do the procedure yet! Turns out, she's still at the end of her heat. And, in fact, she's in false pregnancy. I didn't even know that existed! So now we keep teasing her about her fake babies. And have to wait another month.

So many leaves!