19 April 2014

Spring Break Days 1 and 2 :: Driving & Princeton


We just got back from an absolutely amazing road trip out East. Our friends Jesse & Kim have visited us twice this year during their travels to the Midwest, and our entire family always has such an amazing time with them. For Spring Break, we decided to take a road trip and visit them this time! Besides our RV Adventure a couple years ago, we've really never spent a ton of time in the car on vacation. Honestly, it wasn't bad at all! Of course, I can say that since Brian decided to gain some bragging rights by driving the entire way himself (there and back). Trust me, I offered -- but he was a man on a mission. On day one, we left at 4:30 am and besides a few pit stops and lunch along the way, we drove straight through -- arriving in Princeton at 8:30 pm. The next morning, we got up and watched a couple of the kid's soccer games and toured Princeton University, where Jesse went to college. It's a pretty amazing campus. The day was insanely gorgeous too, which made it all even more perfect. That evening, Mitch and Ashley came over for dinner. We spent many a good time together in Chicago, but now he's back in Princeton too. We haven't see Mitch for years and it was so great seeing him, and meeting his family. Such a great day.

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