21 April 2014

Spring Break Days 6 and 7 :: Fallingwater, Cleveland & Home Again


We left early in the morning (after a round of dodgeball in the house) and started driving again. This time, we actually did a little site-seeing along the way. Our first stop was Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater. We had purchased tickets to an earlier tour, but Pennsylvania traffic got the best us. Fortunately, we were able to fit into a later tour. What a magnificent place. My favorite part was the staircase leading to the river, where you could set on the edge and have the water run over your feet. I can only imagine how awesome it was to vacation there. Many of the materials used actually reminded Brian and I of our house. Afterwards, we drove a few more hours and ended up in Cleveland, Ohio. It turned out to be perfect. We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express, which was really nice. First off, it was a warehouse building, so all the rooms were pretty cool. But we lucked out even more. The only room available was a suite. It was enormous. H even slept in the living room. That night, we went out for an incredible dinner at The Greenhouse Tavern, where we ate:

Devils on Horseback – bacon wrapped date, almond, bitter chocolate & roasted Fresno pepper
Foie Gras Steamed Clams – with butter, red onion brulee, late harvest viognier vinegar and grilled bread
Crispy Chicken Wings Confit – with roasted jalapeño, lemon juice, scallion and garlic
Rabbit Sausage
Gnocchi Sardi Pasta – with wild spring mushroom, talegio fonduta, flowering thyme and spring onion
Pan Fried Pork Chop Saltimbocca – with sage, country ham, pomme puree, scrapple and red eye gravy
Gravy Frites – with pommes frites, mozzarella cheese curd and brown gravy
Crème Egg dessert

It was delicious! Now for a good, crazy story. The next morning, we woke up and I checked Facebook. I noticed that one of my high school friends – who lives in Pittsburg -- was in Cleveland for a little getaway with her oldest son. As we walked into breakfast, I stopped in my tracks. There was Marian! Can you even believe it!?! I hadn't seen her since college, and there she was. Honestly, if I hadn’t read that post, I probably would have had a heart attack. It was so awesome. Anyhow, after breakfast, we were on the road again, and made it home later that evening.

H had a great time the entire trip and loved everything about it. C had fun too, but the hotels were his favorite part. He wasn't a big fan of New York City. The homeless people and cigarette smokers freaked him out. As we were in Central Park, however, he spotted a person who he insisted was a leprechaun. Even today, when I suggested he might have been a homeless person, C says that there is no way -- his jacket was too nice. And so, I leave you with this:

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