27 April 2014

Sports Weekend


Well, spring sports have definitely kicked in. Yesterday C had two soccer games and a baseball game, and H had soccer. I missed H's game and C's baseball game due to my Oak Park visit, but from what I hear, it was brutal cold. Ouch. I made it back in time today to catch another one of H's soccer games, and C's baseball games -- and I'm so glad I did! Both were super exciting. H's team ended up losing 1-2, but played an amazing game against a team has crushed them several times in the past. Plus H (the little blue speck in the background) scored an awesome goal. C's baseball game was great today too. They won, and C was first off to bat (bringing in a run) and pitched three innings. Fun day, but I'd be lying if I didn't say it felt great to be home and finally dethawed.

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Mel said...

I swear we had the same life this week-end! xo