30 September 2009

Wild Things

I'm really liking these pillows based on Where the Wild Things Are. (Available from Urban Outfitters, found via Oh Joy!) Speaking of wild things, got a call from the school nurse today. I guess H and another boy collided a recess today. Can't wait to see his little knocker.

28 September 2009

Together Again

Brian came home from Las Vegas late on Saturday night. Interbike went very well and he ate like a king. Sunday started with an awesome run, vegan blueberry pancakes, and grocery shopping (without the kids). To top it off, the weather was simply perfect. My kind of day. Brian and the boys washed the cars. I met up some friends for drinks. So much fun, and something we need to do more often, for sure. What made it ever better, is that it was a set up for surprise party for Melissa -- that her 12-year-old daughter and her friends planned. Can you stand it? They did it all, and did a great job. What a well deserved compliment, I think.

26 September 2009

Soccer Today

H started the game playing goalie. He really enjoys that position, and did great.

See? A natural.

C entertained himself by taking photographs of the game.

The Fire Balls (I thought it was Fire Bolts, but no) lost 0-1. None the less, the team had a great time. And that's the point.

At lunch, the boys and I had a conversation about fueling their engines. I'm not sure where C heard this term, but it's his newest excuse not to eat. His engine is full. He proceeded to tell me that girls didn't have engines. We have flowers. But boys have engines. Monster truck engines. Wow.

Mouse in the House

Remember this? I just couldn't resist.

Kitchen Helper

I made a Tres Leches cake this afternoon, and had myself a little helper. Honestly, I love the concept of kids in the kitchen, but I have zero patience. I'm working on that. C was way into it.

24 September 2009

Inside Paris

I'm totally digging this book and the whole concept behind it. Ami Sioux asked fifty Parisians to draw maps to their favorite places in Paris. And this is how it turned out. Stunning. It can be ordered here or here (currently sold out). (via Cup of Jo)

Ice Cream by H

I love that he put the ice cream in a "bol" not a cone. Don't spriman and mostracks sound yummy?

23 September 2009

What a Treat

Awhile back, my neighbor mentioned an amazing Italian pastry she had called a Cassatina. I tried to block it out of my mind, because it sounded so good. "A spongy cake with pistachios, orange zest and vanilla." Yet, today, there she was at the door, holding her adorable little baby, and a pastry box ... a Cassantina. Oh my sweet goodness. It was delicious. If Penny and I ever go missing, I bet you can find us at Pasticceria Natalia!

22 September 2009


Here are a couple dresses I absolutely adore. The left is the Warrior Dress by Virginia Johnson. She also has some really great scarves I wouldn't mind owning. The right is the Serape Dress by Harvey Faircloth. The website says they are "dedicated to creating spirited, off-kilter classics for modern women." I love that. Both were found via Oh Joy!

21 September 2009


Four and half years after moving in, most of the major projects are done on our house. But not all. The upstairs is still void of any trim, and C's wall, therefore, has a little hole in it. He's convinced it's mouse house. (We've never seen a mouse in our house -- not this one at least). I had no intention on buying anything at the zoo yesterday, but caved at the dinosaur mold-a-rama machine. As C was going to bed, he set his new dinosaur out. I asked him what he why he put it there -- he said it was scare the mice so they don't come out. Maybe this is why he comes in our room every night. I think it's time for some trim.

20 September 2009

Dinosaurs at the Zoo

It's been another fun weekend. Yesterday we spent most of the day at our neighbor's block party. H had to leave us for a bit to go to a birthday party at Medieval Times. He had such a blast, and even made it home in time to watch the traditional evening movie they have. Today we woke up, and even though I had all intentions of hanging around the house and doing some organizing, it was so beautiful out, so we ditched that plan and headed for the zoo to see the "Dinosaurs Alive" exhibit. It's been running since April, but we just didn't make it there until today. (Plus, I'm not a big fan of the zoo in the summer -- it's too much.) Today was great. And when we got home, both of the doodles crashed ... which meant, I still got to do some of what I originally intended to do today.

18 September 2009

Happy Friday Video

I'm finding this video hilarious. Maybe it has something to do with the detox Brian and I have been doing all week (Sunday is the last day). I don't know what it is, but I've been finding a lot of stuff really funny. Like this. And this. Until 9:00 pm -- then I've been cranky. Sorry Brian. But this video...funny.

(Video by Steve V, via Cup of Jo, via Swiss-Miss)

17 September 2009

Back to School

Tonight was Curriculum Night at H's school. We got to meet in his classroom and discuss what they would be learning over the year. I adore his teacher, and think it's going to be a great year for him. My favorite project was the one seen above -- it's a town. The homes are colored, based on what kind of house they live in. The chimney is whether or not their street had a block party this year. The doors indicate whether or not they have pets. The windows according to how many children are in the family. They even created their own businesses. H's is a pizza restaurant called Pizza Hud. It's right around the corner from his house. The whole project was very cute.

16 September 2009


The full day at school is really taking a toll on the big guy C. This is the second night this week he slept through dinner.

15 September 2009

Ahoy, Matey

Brian and C picked these cookies up for the boys when they got my birthday cake. He hoped they would distract C from telling me about the cake. It didn't work. He still told me. And told me "not to tell Dad that he told me." But I didn't know it was from Bittersweet. C kind of left that out. Aren't they amazing? (P.S. The photo is a couple weeks old. The cookies were gone pretty much right away, so no fear that I fed the kids two-week-old cookies.)

14 September 2009

U2 360

Last night, Brian and I got to go to U2 360 tour concert. We went with David & Anne, and last minute, acquired a third set of tickets. We were very pleased the Leif & Melissa could join us. All of us had amazing seats. Brian and I ended up with the general admission set, but because of a screw-up (they lost the original set of tickets) got access to the pit -- the area between the stage and the catwalk. It was a way I've never experienced a U2 concert before, and was quite amazing. The stage was about 15-20 feet away from us, and we enjoyed many up close moments with Adam Clayton. The show was simply awesome.

12 September 2009

The Fire Bolts

H's soccer season started today. He has a great team, with lots of his friends on it. His game was bright and early this foggy morning (8:30 a.m.), but the team performed great. H has come such a long way since last year. It's fun to see. The Fire Bolts (H's team) tied the Green Goblins 1-1. And what made it even better was a surprise visit from Nina & Papa. We showed off our wonderful Farmer's Market, had lunch at Wishbone and even saved room for gelato. What a great day.

10 September 2009


What a great 10th anniversary! I picked Brian up at work, and we headed to the Judy A. Saslow Gallery for our friend Jason Rohlf's exhibit. Please stop by -- it runs through October 8th, and is amazing show (the public opening is tomorrow night). Jason and I share some great mutual friends. He's such a nice, and very talented guy. I like him a lot. Ironically, when Brian and I got married, my wedding present to him was a painting from Jason. So it was pretty cool that Jason's opening, was exactly the same day as our anniversary. We got to hang out for a bit, then Brian and I headed to an amazing dinner at The Publican. I really can't think of a better night.

Pablove Across America

Our friend Jeff just announced Pablove Across America. His son passed away June of this year from cancer. Pablo had just turned six years old. And Jeff is going to be riding 3000 miles in 30 days to raise awareness for Pablove and pediatric cancer. What Jeff and Pablove is doing is a big deal. Who knows. Maybe some of you riders across the country can meet him along the way.

10 Years Today

Brian and me -- our apartment, 1994

Brian and I met during the Fall of 1993 -- 16 years ago. He was 22, just out of college. I had barely turned 24. Within four months of knowing each other, I was packing up my apartment in Milwaukee, and moving to Chicago. I never looked back. We got married nearly six years later, on September 10, 1999. And, I've got to say, things have worked out pretty well. In fact, I couldn't be happier. Happy Anniversary, Brian!