28 February 2019

Florida 19 :: Day 4


The last day *sigh*. We took the boat to the beach again. How could you not? Found a lot of sea gems and even came upon the nude beach. Good for them, but I'm really not sure I understand the intrigue. At night, we ventured into Naples. As we were driving, we saw the most perfect sunset happening. My dad dropped my sister and I off at the beach. We missed the sun setting, but it still was stunning. We had some time to kill before our reservation, so wandered the streets where one of the stores had the craziest looking little cat. Three actually. I love critters with their tongues sticking out, so this one got me. Dinner was at La Pescheria. Really good, simple food. My mom and I split a salt crusted yellow snapper which was absolutely delicious. The next morning was bright and early so we could catch our flight. It really was a great trip. We'll be doing it again for sure.

27 February 2019

Florida 19 :: Day 3

Christie, my dad and I tried to rent jet-skies -- but did not have any success. The place he's rented them from in the past is in the luxury boat business now, and the offerings available on the beach just didn't seem awesome. Oh well. We ended up having a beer, swinging by the Farmer's Market and stopping by DeRomo's again instead. This time, we bought some cookies and pastries that were absolutely amazing. After lunch, we decided to go kayaking with my mom. We didn't see anything amazing (like a manatee or alligator) but I love doing that when we are down there. My mom also mentioned there was a bald eagle on the golf course, so after our kayak adventures, we went to check that out. We saw both the male and female, and the baby, who is getting pretty big, even popped out of the nest. Amazing. We rewarded our adventures with a poulie vousey wine in the hot tub, as one does when on vacation in Florida. Right? Dinner was the strangest thing ever. Cirella's is an Italian bistro AND sushi bar. But what is even stranger is how amazing it was. My sister and I had sushi, and my parents had Italian. I had the sashimi dinner - just check that plate out!

26 February 2019

Florida 19 :: Day 2


What a day! The main reason for our visit - my parents 50th anniversary and my dad's birthday! 50 years. Can you even believe it? It's pretty incredible and inspiring. Definitely worth celebrating. The day started with a short 1.5 run. Honestly, it was plenty, and what I ended up doing every morning we were there. It was so warm out, and my body was not liking it. But it felt great to move and just be outside. After lunch, my dad surprised us ladies with an afternoon at the spa! I could not believe it! He set up massages and facials and facials for the three of us. What a treat! Afterwards, we came home and broke open the champagne their friends from the UK left for them to enjoy on this day. Delicious! Then, we got ready and went to The Turtle Club for their celebration dinner. It seriously was absolutely perfect.

25 February 2019

Florida 19 :: Day 1


What a great weekend! Just got home, tired and sun-kissed, from an amazing trip to Florida. Last Thursday, my sister and I met up bright and early and caught an early flight to visit our parents. Honestly, the last time just the four of us spent time together on "vacation" was probably 1989 when we went to Mexico. It's been awhile, and was long overdue. First things first. We were so hungry so went to the golf club for lunch. Afterwards, we took the boat over to the beach were we spent the rest of the afternoon. It's not always so warm in February, but that sure wasn't the case this year. Not once did we need a jacket. Perfect beach weather. At night, we went to DeRomo's and picked up some food to make at home. My dad had a birthday the next day, so we celebrated with some birthday cake that my mom made. Full, fun day.

22 February 2019

Moments 02 19 :: Week 04

Last Friday, C joined Brian and me at Flat Out Friday.

So fun. This is the women's group.

Another big snow day. The boys were off, so got some early morning shenanigans in.

On their day off, Brian and H went on his second college visit -- Lewis University.

Gretel leads a very rough life.

He might not be the tallest, but the guy sure can fly. Volleyball season has begun.

At the swim banquet, H received his varsity letter AND Most Improved on Varsity. So exciting. It was such a great season for him and I think we are all sad to see it over.

On Thursday, Christie and I flew down to Florida to help celebrate my parents 50th anniversary and my Dad's birthday. Many more photos will follow once I get home. Having too much fun in the sun right now.

15 February 2019

Moments 02 19 :: Week 03

Swim sectionals were last week and H killed it! Even with a cold and fever (which he told us about later...).

He swam the 200 IM and 100 breaststroke, and since the start of the season, he shaved 20 seconds off his IM and 11 off of the breaststroke. Was hoping for under 2:10 for breast, and ended up with 2:08! Amazing.

Storm, with nails that are too long, but looking very cute all scrunched up.

And Gretel looking like a goofball. Ha!

Just a pretty view from the window. So much snow! In fact, the boys had another snow day. That's #4, in case you are counting.

Valentine's Day was pretty low key this year. H ditched us for a swim dinner. Brian was home sick. So C and I shared a cheese fondue dinner. Thank goodness no one ate with us! We did a great job polishing it off, that's for sure. Dessert was chocolate covered strawberries once we were all reunited.

Ah, here we are. Me and my forever Valentines.

Exciting stuff! H was invited to go to the State swim meet as an alternate! The 100 Breaststroke and Medley Relay team made it, and they took along two alternates. It meant a day off of school for H so they could rest and go to UW Madison. But first, they all met up for breakfast. Cute.

Here they are with their coach! Whoot whoot! Photo taken from the Nicolet Facebook page. :)