28 April 2015

Inspiration Files :: For the Home

Limited Edition Bold Woven Stripe Pillow (Non-perishible Goods) // Libations Bar Cart (Crate & Barrel)

Vintage Army Cot (styled just like this) // Linen Chambray Towels (Shop Fog Linen)

New House Letters (West On) // Door Mat (Urban Outfitters)

24 April 2015

Art by C :: Mask


Last Week in Photos

It was soccer Saturday, and between C & H, they played 8 games on that one day // C made a self-portrait made out of clay, of him in his soccer uniform

H played his first league game on a chilly Tuesday -- he scored a goal and they won 4-1

Firewood delivery -- we are officially ready for winter and s'mores // Giant googly eyes from their Easter baskets

17 April 2015

Last Week in Photos

Sunbathing buddies // H was all dressed up for a Bar Mitzvah on Saturday and I couldn't resist taking a photo of the handsome guy

While H was at a Brewers game for the Bar Mitzvah, C asked to go out for sushi -- we ordered the Party Boat, of course // H is playing middle school tennis -- he and his doubles partner won their first match in a tie breaker

14 April 2015

Inspiration Files :: Carnation Street

Design Firm // Commune
Location // Silverlake, California



In school, C's class had been following the Iditarod this year. As a final project, they had to write a letter to a musher, and he picked rookie Seth Barnes. Based on this letter, I'm getting the idea that C thinks Gretel is a little bit crazy....

10 April 2015

Last Week in Photos

Had so much fun celebrating H's 13th birthday -- and dessert at this place was the perfect surprise at the end of the night // Easter morning

Loving these blooming branches // So. Many. Birds. Gretel can barely control herself, Spring is just so exciting

07 April 2015

Inspiration Files :: Wear

Ballet trousers by Humanoid // Flat Hoop Earrings

Angelie pinstriped linen tapers pants by Malene Birger // Braam dress by Humanoid

Padma dress by Caron Callahan // Miranda Sandal by Bryr Studio for Mavenhaus

05 April 2015



We had such a great Easter! The boys woke us up at 7am, and the hunt was on. In the afternoon, we had everyone over. We even had another Easter egg hunt, which was super fun. Later, we had a turkey dinner and birthday celebrations -- mainly H's (with a red velvet cake that I made), but my sister's is also this week. One of my favorite things about today was my niece cutting H's hair. He's been talking about getting a buzz cut, and she's studying cosmetology so I asked if she wanted to cut his hair. It looks great, and he absolutely loves it. Yay! Spring break is over, and it's back to school for our guys tomorrow. Bummer.

04 April 2015

Birthday Celebration Day


I think it's safe to say that H had a great birthday. Overall, it was very low key. We are at the tail end of our spring break so most of his friends are gone, and Easter is tomorrow and we are hosting, so we were getting ready for that. But, he got to pick out where he wanted to go for dinner, which is always a treat. We went to Tochi -- it was amazing. We all had different dishes, and all were fantastic. Since a cake is happening tomorrow, we realized we didn't have any dessert for him to celebrate, so Brian came up with a great idea of having dessert at H's favorite restaurant of all time -- Lake Park Bistro. We sat at the bar, ordered three different desserts, and even got surprise flourless chocolate cake from the restaurant. He was in heaven and it was absolutely perfect.



You guys! Something crazy is happening today. H turns 13 -- and I cannot even believe it. Seriously, he is quite something, and I'm just so lucky. He's kind, thoughtful, and generally, just a really good guy. We are so proud of him.

H ' S   F A V O R I T E S   A T   1 3   Y E A R S  O L D :
Color // Dark Red
Food // Octopus
Drink // Pina Coladas
TV show // Knife Fight
Subject in school // Science
Animal // Puppies
Sport // Soccer
Place to be // In my bed. With Gretel. And Storm.

If he could visit anywhere in the world, it would be Singapore. "I did a project on it this year, and it really got me inspired." And when he grows up, he would like to be a chef.

(Past birthdays: 1211109876)

03 April 2015

Last Week in Photos


Most of my photos this week overlapped on this blog, so no need to repost. But one thing I didn't really mention was my great weekend with H! He had a soccer tournament in Schaumburg last weekend, and I was thrilled to get to spend some one-on-one time with him. We left the house at 5am on Saturday (brutal) for a 7:45am, 21 degree game. Saturday's games were rough in so many ways. It was freezing cold, and the teams they played were really incredible. In between games on Saturday, H and I went to IKEA. Crazy, but I haven't been there since we moved. That night, we had a team dinner, then crashed. We were so absolutely tired, it wasn't even funny. The next day, H didn't have a game until 2:25pm, so we were able to relax, then went to Mitsuwa. Another place I really miss. We split some ramen (we made it there before a HUGE line formed) and then had soft serve green tea ice cream cones. Yum. Fortunately, the afternoon game was much better than the previous day. Afterwards, we headed home. After a great week with C, it was so awesome getting to spend some time with H too.

Decorating Eggs


We finally got around to decorating eggs tonight. My favorite!

02 April 2015

Jelly Belly


We have been laying low this spring break. Besides the fact that our schedules after the break are absolutely insane and it feels good to unwind a little, we did just get back from incredible adventures, after all. Today we were meeting our tax person at Grandma's house, so decided to take a little detour to Pleasant Prairie to visit the Jelly Belly Warehouse. Due to spring break and Easter, the wait was a little bit long. But in less than an hour, we were on our "train" buzzing through the warehouse. The tour wasn't much of anything, but it was fun sampling different jelly beans at the end. I had Chili Mango, Champagne and Beer! The facility it set to close in the future, so I'm glad we fit it in. Plus, the boys had a good time, and I caved and got them a bag of Jelly Belly Flops -- our favorites.

01 April 2015

Dinner with Friends


During the auction at the last Player golf outing, we bought a dinner at the kitchen table at Lake Park Bistro with Bill & Lora. The great thing was, it gave us something to look forward to all year! Last night we had our dinner, and sure did not hold back. We enjoyed Tartare de Boeuf, Torchon de Foie Gras, Oeuf Mollet avec Champignons (my favorite!), Frites, Filet Mignon au Poivre (Bill), Canard Deux Facon (duck, Brian), Sole Meuniere (split by Lora and me), and Desserts. Specifically, Creme Brulee, Flan d' agrumees (panna cotta), and Mousse au Chocolat. Delicious! Such a treat, and such a great night.