04 April 2014



One more year until he's a real-live, actual teenager. I cannot believe it. Eleven was a pretty good year for him, and for some reason, I think twelve is going to be even better. Happy birthday H! We absolutely adore you.

H ' S   F A V O R I T E S   A T    12    Y E A R S    O L D :
Color // "Dark Red."
Food // "Pickles? I don’t know."
Drink // "Grape Soda."
Toy // "iPad."
TV show // "Cutthroat Kitchen."
Subject in school // "Recess and Science."
Animal // "Dog."
Sport // "Soccer."
Place to be // "Home."
Day of the week // "Saturday."

If he could visit anywhere in the world, it would be New York. And when he grows up, he has no idea what he wants to be. “I’m too young to know that.”

(Past birthdays: 11109876)

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