30 June 2013



Summerfest is going on. It may not be my scene anymore, but we really wanted to take M since it totally was when I was his age. Unfortunately, he didn't get the same treatment as his cousin a couple years ago, but it still was a lot of fun. The little boys came along too, and while they were troopers (we didn't get home until 11pm), we were only able to watch BMX biking, and a couple songs from Silversun Pickups and Cold War Kids before it was absolutely time to go.

Bunnies ... Again


Last week, we noticed another big hole in our yard. It was there for several days with no activity. But yesterday, when we got home from the bike races, we noticed a rabbit sitting in the spot. After she left, we went over, and sure enough! She literally just had the babies. It was amazing. Here they are this morning. Crazy!



We thought C would have another playoff baseball game today, but since they lost, it's tomorrow instead. This meant we had the entire day open and got to spend it with Brian's family in Racine. Joan, Pam, Matt and Ian met up with us for lunch, a little beach time, and rootbeer floats. It was such a fun day. Again!

29 June 2013

Downer Classic


Our morning started out bright and early, with C having a play-off baseball game first thing. They played a team that lost every single game this season -- except for today! Shut. The afternoon was spent at the Downer Classic bike races. We didn't get home until late. We were seriously there all day. I'm not 100% sure it was M's thing. But hopefully it was fun for him to see. We absolutely love going to this event, and always end up seeing a ton of people we know. I even met up with a friend who I haven't seen for 20 years. So much fun.

28 June 2013

Discovery World


This morning we decided to go to Discovery World, where we saw fish, boats, and lay on a bed of nails. Afterwards, we were all starving, so took M to his first Kopp's experience. I think he liked it! The afternoon was spent at the pool again. So fun.

27 June 2013

Bike Night


Every Thursday night at the Harley Davidson Museum, it's Bike Night. And the Iron Horse has their own Bike Night, featuring different bikes each week. A couple weeks ago it was Ducati night. Tonight it was Scooter night. Not quite as exciting, but we still thought it would be fun to go anyhow. We ended up meeting some friends who were on their way to Summerfest, then headed over to Conejitos for dinner. Super fun night.

26 June 2013



Today we went strawberry picking at Barthel Fruit Farm. It's the same place we went last year. You would be surprised how quickly we fill up those big baskets. There's nothing like fresh strawberries.

25 June 2013



H & C had golf lessons today -- or were supposed to have golf lessons. It downpoured all morning long, so they had an indoor session on putting, but were not able to go out on the course. By afternoon, the skies cleared up, and since my mom had to take my niece to her tennis lessons and we had a free afternoon, we all decided to go back to the club for a little bit of driving range action, a tour of the golf course via golf cart (M drove), and even some beach time.

24 June 2013

A Little Hike


My mom came and got all of the boys this afternoon. H & C have their golf lesson tomorrow, and M gets to play some tennis, enjoy the beach, and escape the heat and humidity in an air conditioned house for a night. But we had a little bit of time beforehand, so went to the Schlitz Audubon Nature Center for a hike. All of us except H, who is scared of heights, walked to the top of the viewing tower. We walked to the beach. And then we went to the little lake to check out the frogs and snapping turtles.

23 June 2013

Strawberry Festival


My sister called today, mentioned she and the kids were going to the Cedarburg Strawberry Festival and asked if we wanted to join them. It was roasting hot out, but a really good time. Afterward, C had a baseball game (which was also very hot) then spent the early evening hanging out in the local pool. Ah, summer days are here.

Farm Party


My parents watched the kids while we were golfing. M got to also meet my sister and her family, and my cousin's family. After golf, they brought the kids over to the golf outing. Before heading home, we had one more party to go to. Brian's co-worker lives on an amazing farm Shangri-La. I have honestly never seen anything like it, and everything there was just perfect. The house itself is from the 1800s. There sheep roaming around. So many different varieties of chickens. And the party itself! S'mores stations. Strawberry-rhubarb punch. I never wanted to leave. It was absolutely spectacular.

The Player -- Dozen


For the third year now, we've golfed in The Player Invitational with Lora & Bill. None of us have golfed since last year's event, but thank goodness we've got Bill on our team. It's best ball, and we use most of his shots. Oh well. We are not very good -- and I declare myself the worst player in the group -- but we always have so much fun. And yesterday was no exception. Good times.

21 June 2013

Soccer Camp


The past week, C has been participating in a soccer camp run by coaches from the Bayern Leverkusen academy youth program. He had an absolute blast, and is already bummed out that it isn't longer. Right after camp ended, we headed to O'Hare to pick up our very own German! M, my host-sister's son, is spending the next 3.5 weeks with us. I had my camera all ready to take a photo of him, but wouldn't you know it -- I was sent to the wrong exit by the airport people, and he ended up finding us. Oh well. All is good -- we are home safe and sound. And ready for a fun few weeks.