28 April 2010

Game Ball

Well, H's t-ball team lost again. They haven't won once. Not even close. But they are still having a great time, and that's all that matters. H stopped a ball in outfield and ran very fast (his signature move), earning him the game ball. He could not be happier.

Crayola Color Chart

A color chart of Crayola crayon colors over the years, created by Steve Von Worley. I remember just absolutely lusting after that giant 72 color set. Thirteen colors have been retired, and I knew them all very well. Kind of fun to see the progression. (via Black*Eiffel)

25 April 2010

Scenes from the Conservatory

Night Blue

Last night, Melissa and Leif invited us to a gala benefiting Night Blue Theater. One of the teachers at H's school is a founding member of the theater company. The event took place at Carnivale, where we enjoyed some Latin cuisine and a couple (ok, a few) mojitos. It was a great evening, spent with some very enjoyable people.

23 April 2010

Happy Camping

We used to go camping with a group of friends every summer. The kids would run around until they dropped from exhaustion. We would swim, eat, and be merry. It's something we all looked forward to. But then, one year there was a little incident with an invasion of ticks. Even that couldn't stop us. We planned our traditional excursion the following year. It ended up being rainy, muggy, hot and extremely buggy (like, my-kid's-faces-were-puffed-up-from-bites buggy). Needless to say, we packed up and high-tailed it for an indoor water park. It was a blast. The bad news is, we haven't been camping since. And I really miss it. These pictures are making me really want to go again. This might have to be the year. (Images via The Happy Camper)

22 April 2010

Take Your Child to Work Day

Today was Take Your Child to Work Day. My company doesn't do anything special, and honestly, I've never thought to really bring the boys. But H really wanted to go -- and he has no clue what I do for a living, so it was a good opportunity to teach him. He came to a meeting with me, and sat at my desk for the day. Brian surprised him by meeting us for lunch (he had a doctor appointment a couple blocks away). H did really great! Until about 3:30 ... when he started losing it. He kept taking bubble wrap and jumping on it. Then he began to roll around in packing peanuts on the floor and dancing around. He made it the full day though, and said he had fun. He especially liked our "History Room." I work for a family-owned business, so there are portraits of all the Presidents of the company. There is also a desk that was saved from the Great Chicago Fire. The history of my company is pretty cool, and it was fun to see him excited about it. We even got to see Mr. B, who is turning 95 the first week in May. H looked at him in his office, stood there dumb-founded, and said "Wow, that guy is old!" Oh, the things kids say.

21 April 2010


Today was the Egg Drop at H's school. His didn't quite make it -- there was a little crack in it from it hitting the ground after the three story drop. Tonight was the Academic Fair. There were some really great projects. H didn't do one. But we still got to see something else -- an art project his class did. They made masks. His is the one in the way upper top. Pretty cool.

20 April 2010

T-Ball Scores

They lost again. But H is having a blast playing t-ball. What cracks me up though, is the game scores.

Bottle Installation

As if yesterday's green project weren't awesome enough, look what the kid's are doing at H's school today! They all made flowers out of plastic bottles and are putting up an installation that goes along a huge portion of the fence. I think it's fantastic. As an added bonus, we can see the school from our back yard. I was especially lucky, and happened to come out to take some pictures when H's class was putting some of the flowers up. This stuff really excites me.

19 April 2010


To kick off Earth Week, the all kids and teachers in H's school made a human sign. GREEN. Pretty cool, if you ask me. (Photos by Jassen S.)

Dishing it Out

On Friday, I picked H and another boy up from t-ball practice. C was in the car with me. The other boy asked C how old he was. C told him, 5. The other boy said that there was no way he was 5, because he can't understand how he talks. And that only little kids are hard to understand like that. Of course, he didn't mean anything by this, but I was still kind of cringing. I thought C might get frustrated or upset -- but no matter the situation, I wanted to see how he handled himself. I have a feeling this is not going to be the last time he gets told this once he hits Kindergarten next year. I don't think there's any need to worry. C looked at him, and said, "Well, you look like a chipmunk. Your front teeth are so big. Actually, you look like a beaver." Needless to say, they both started laughing at each other, and they proceeded to have a tickle fight.

18 April 2010

The Team

Team photos were today. A sight of organized chaos, for sure. The teams are so cute though.

T-Ball Through the Eyes of C

Photos and Self-Portrait by C


Saturday was ....

grocery store • t-ball • alumni almost sleepover at H's old school (C's school) • movies at home

H got extremely shy at the almost sleepover and would only stay if C was there with him. It frustrates me that he gets that way, but I used to be the same. I just have to remember that's simply how he is. C was a good sport and hung out with him, because, as he said, he had to take care of H. They ended up having a good time, and Storm and I took the opportunity to go on a run, so it worked out fine. It was a busy, nice day.

16 April 2010

Chili Dogs and Strawberry Cupcakes

I'm going to start out by saying this. My friend Melissa is pretty much one of the best chefs I have ever met. Brian has been out of town since Tuesday, so earlier this week, she invited the boys and I over for dinner tonight. She also takes H after school on Wednesdays (sorry Melissa, had to link that one -- I still trust you 110%), and when he was over this week, asked him what he wanted for dinner. His reply ... hot dogs. Hot dogs! From the same person I just said is one of the best chefs I've ever met. He could have picked anything, really. It's almost like the time he ate at their house and told me to get the recipe for best pizza he's ever had. Anyhow, he's been looking forward to it all week, and felt very special that he got to plan the menu. So tonight, we headed over to the Elsmo's for hot dogs. C even sported his suit again. By the way, never tell him he looks handsome. He's sharp -- that's ok to say. Back to the hot dogs. They were not any hot dog, of course. They were chili dogs. And honest to goodness, I've never tried one before in my life, but they were so crazy good. Yum. I brought cupcakes. I used the Trader Joe's vanilla bean cake mix, and made my own frosting. I basically used this recipe (mine actually had 3 T flour, but I can't remember where I originally found it) and added 1/2 cup pureed strawberries and topped them with dried strawberries. I thought they turned out pretty good. But the boys told me after wards they didn't love the frosting -- it wasn't sweet enough (probably the reason I thought it was awesome). Nonetheless, what a great, relaxing night. Thanks guys.

15 April 2010


Handpicked on the way home from school by C. Believe me, I've told him a million times not to do this. It was just one of those days. (But, tulips are my favorite!)

14 April 2010

Comic Characters

I think these vintage-style comic posters by Michael Myers are really great. Then again, I tend to like super hero themed art, I guess. These -- and more -- are available for purchase through his Imagekind shop. (Images from Michael Myers/Imagekind. Via Papercrave)

13 April 2010

Art for C

Today, when I dropped C off at school, we found this little drawing sticking out of his slippers. It was signed by two of his little girlfriends. What I think is so cute, is it seems that one of them actually drew his slippers (I think ... on left), and I love that it's just the front, like they are sticking out from under a table.

12 April 2010

T-Ball Season

If there is one sport Brian and I both decided we didn't want our kids to have anything to do with, it was baseball. Let's just put it this way. It's a huge, giant commitment. At the same time, however, I think it's one of those sports that is really great for kids to know. And given this is the last year H can play t-ball (no tee next year), we thought it was probably a good time for him to start. Tonight was the Nationals first game. And they lost. But it totally didn't matter. H is on a great team, and the boys had a great time. H is very excited.

10 April 2010

The 8th Birthday Party

For H's 8th birthday, all he wanted to do was go to Medieval Times. He invited a few friends, and my mother-in-law came to celebrate as well. We dined on dragon blood soup (tomato soup) with garlic bread, baby dragon (chicken) and rat tail (ribs), potatoes and apple pie. The boys seemed to really enjoy it.

The show was a blast too. We were in the blue section. Here was our knight.

It ended up that he didn't win the battle.

But the boys were totally into it.

They decided to put on their own show after wards. We even seemed to pick up another kid for the battle. All I have to say, is WOW. Eight year old boys are crazy.

We got to meet our blue knight. He signed the kid's crowns. The boys told him they were bummed out he died in the battle.

He was also quite handsome. And tall. And strong. My mother-in-law wanted a picture with him too.

All in all, it was an awesome day. H's friends were so nice, and H had a fantastic time.