23 April 2010

Happy Camping

We used to go camping with a group of friends every summer. The kids would run around until they dropped from exhaustion. We would swim, eat, and be merry. It's something we all looked forward to. But then, one year there was a little incident with an invasion of ticks. Even that couldn't stop us. We planned our traditional excursion the following year. It ended up being rainy, muggy, hot and extremely buggy (like, my-kid's-faces-were-puffed-up-from-bites buggy). Needless to say, we packed up and high-tailed it for an indoor water park. It was a blast. The bad news is, we haven't been camping since. And I really miss it. These pictures are making me really want to go again. This might have to be the year. (Images via The Happy Camper)

1 comment:

Mel said...

Lets pick a date in early June and hit the road before the ballerina departs. I am not kidding...bring on the ticks! I can take it.