02 April 2010

Mystery Reader

In H's second-grade class, his teacher invites Mystery Readers to read to the class. Over the course of the school year, they have had other teachers, siblings and even Mrs. K's father as the Mystery Reader. Mostly though, it's parents of the students -- and I think it's just great. A couple weeks ago, the Mystery Reader was Your's Truly. H told me he can always tell who is it is by the shoes. So I wore Brian's snow boots. He still guessed right though. Even though I was sweating like crazy under the special Mystery Reader blanket in winter boots on a warm day. But, he told me he could see my jeans. He's pretty cleaver, that kid. Anyhow, being the Mystery Reader was an absolute blast. I read two of H's favorites: Diary of a Fly and Dogs Don't Wear Sneakers.

Oh, and Brian was the Mystery Reader a few months back. He read Sancho the Snowboarder. Here he is "snowboarding" with the kids.

What a blast!