22 April 2010

Take Your Child to Work Day

Today was Take Your Child to Work Day. My company doesn't do anything special, and honestly, I've never thought to really bring the boys. But H really wanted to go -- and he has no clue what I do for a living, so it was a good opportunity to teach him. He came to a meeting with me, and sat at my desk for the day. Brian surprised him by meeting us for lunch (he had a doctor appointment a couple blocks away). H did really great! Until about 3:30 ... when he started losing it. He kept taking bubble wrap and jumping on it. Then he began to roll around in packing peanuts on the floor and dancing around. He made it the full day though, and said he had fun. He especially liked our "History Room." I work for a family-owned business, so there are portraits of all the Presidents of the company. There is also a desk that was saved from the Great Chicago Fire. The history of my company is pretty cool, and it was fun to see him excited about it. We even got to see Mr. B, who is turning 95 the first week in May. H looked at him in his office, stood there dumb-founded, and said "Wow, that guy is old!" Oh, the things kids say.

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