31 May 2011

Where We Live


I asked C why he was frowning in this picture. He said it was because the state insect, the honey bee, was becoming extinct. I never knew! I also love that he drew himself with his favorite shirt. Seriously, he'd wear his little striped shirt every day if he could. And, of course, what picture of Wisconsin would be complete without the domesticated state animal, the cow? Nice utters. Only seven more days of school. I can't believe how fast the last few weeks have gone.

30 May 2011

Memorial Day


Growing up, Memorial Day equalled a day at the cemetery and family get togethers. You see, cemeteries are our family's business. My sister and dad own several today. But we grew up going to Pinelawn Memorial Park, which my family still owns, my grandfather owned before them, and my great-grandfather owned before him. When H was born, we made it up to a couple services, but haven't been up for years. Today we finally attended one again. It's really a nice way to celebrate the holiday. Afterwards, my family came over to our house for a little grill out (Italian sausages anyone?). It was a great afternoon. The weather was gorgeous -- and we spent the afternoon just hanging out, playing games, and having a perfect Memorial Day.


29 May 2011

A Deer ... In Our Back Yard


There are deer crossing signs a couple blocks from our house. But I never imagined we see them strolling through our back yard. I love it.


28 May 2011

We're Back


One of my favorite things to do is have friends and family over, and just enjoy a nice meal together. Admittedly, we've been out of our groove lately. But tonight, Scott, Ali and little A came over for dinner (shish kabobs over our fire pit). I couldn't wait to have them over. Ali took great care of Brian when he was on his own for six months, usually having him over for dinner at least once a week. I know he really appreciated it, but it made me feel good too. So it was only appropriate they were the first people we had over. I'm hoping it's just the beginning of many summer evenings together on the porch. P.S. Yes, C was around too. He was just in a crazy mood, and decided to eat inside. By himself.

26 May 2011

8th Grade Graduation


Many years before I was a parent, I was an aunt. Four times over. First my sister had a baby. Then my sister-in-law. Then my sister-in-law again. Then my sister again. And oh my gosh, do I love being an aunt. A few years later it was our turn to have kids. Except, since ours are the youngest, it means the older kids are turning -- well, old. Tonight, our niece graduated from 8th grade. And now that we live closer by, we can be a part of these things. She graduated from a small school, and the ceremony was really nice, with each student having a small role in it. We were so glad to be there. Now, if she would just stop getting older, that would be great.

House Guests


When we told people we were moving and bought a new house, I always said it reminded me of living in a giant tree house when they asked what it was like. Guess I'm not the only one who thinks so. Look what I found yesterday right outside our hallway window. The one right outside our bedroom. The one we walk by all the time since it leads to the bathroom and the rest of the house. Oh boy. Brian suggested that we needed to knock it down since we won't be able to open that window, of course. But all I could think of was an uncomfortable mama bird ready to hatch eggs, working so hard to get her little nest built, and then having it destroyed moments before she was ready to lay her eggs. It just seems too cruel to me. This morning I saw the mama and papa helping each other. Pretty cute! I have since read, that sometimes the males help with the nest, but that the females are the main builders and pick the location. So it seems like we will have house guests for a month or so. I just hope the mama robin gets a bit more comfortable with us walking by her nest all the time, and stops flying away each time we walk by. P.S. Aren't nests amazing? I really don't get how those birds do it.

25 May 2011

Blooms from our Yard


I always poo-pooed people who said that Wisconsin was colder than Chicago, but let me tell you, they are right. It's not much different, but at this point, we could use some warmer weather. It's 45 degrees right now. I don't mean to complain. Really I don't. But I'm ready for a little 70 degree weather (my favorite -- and then I'll be super happy that Wisconsin is colder than Chicago because man, does it get hot). Spring seems to be about a month behind here. Just this week, these two trees in our yard bloomed. And since we don't know a thing about trees, and can't predict what they are supposed to do, it's a bit like Christmas.

24 May 2011

Inspiration Files :: Warm Industrial Loft

It's no secret that I love a good loft, and this one is pretty much perfect if you ask me. Personal residence of architect Diana Kellogg. (via From the Right Bank via Remodelista)

22 May 2011

Galena Triathlon


We just got back from our first triathlon of the season -- the Galena Triathlon. Brian, Christie and Ali competed and all came in under two hours, which is extremely impressive on this hilly long sprint course. It was Ali's first triathlon ever, which was really amazing. I still haven't worked up enough guts to do it. We rented a house for a couple nights, and had such a great weekend. The first day was packet pick up, gear drop off, pre-race dinner at home and early to bed. The next day was triathlon and recovery. The kids were all so awesome while we sat in the misting rain and cheered our family and friends on. After the race, we went relaxed at the house, then went into Galena and bummed around a bit, then went to dinner at Fritz & Frites. H, who never naps or wants to sleep, feel asleep on the chair in the restaurant. It was a fun exhausting weekend.

17 May 2011

Beauty on Glass

I've mentioned Jason Rohlf before. Fortunately, my parents love his paintings too, and will be working with him on a piece for their home. Jason was recently in Munich at the Franz Mayer Studio to assist on a piece he did for New York's MTA's Art for Transit, and sent them a few of the photos. The middle image is of Jason and the master glass painter. Isn't it absolutely amazing? (photographs courtesy of Jason Rohlf)

16 May 2011

Art by C :: Cows


How appropriate that this was his first piece of art he made since we moved to Wisconsin.

14 May 2011



Our friends Scott & Ali had a big tree they took down in their yard. Since we've moved here, we've talked about coming over and splitting it for firewood. So this morning, Brian and H met up with the boys to split the lumber. Pretty funny, right? They were all way into it. C and I were super lazy and didn't meet up with them until later. But once we got there, C was just as into it as the rest. I have to admit -- they all looked awfully cute out there. I'd know -- I couldn't help but watch them from out of the window -- while Terri, Ali and I read magazines, drank coffee, looked up bike clothes online. It's rough being us.

13 May 2011

I did it!


I've been wanting to get my nose pierced for at least twelve years, probably more. I've always held off because of my job. I know, they are pretty common. But I'm also old(er) and slightly old-fashioned in that regard. I made an appointment to finally get it done today. I had to get this out of my system. And guess what? I kind of love it. The place I went to -- Custom Tattoo -- was great. I walked in and Greg, the owner, took one look at me, and said "I imagine you want just a little one." I joked by asking what he meant by that, but he was right. I just wanted a speck. I was shaking I was so nervous. But he explained everything, and it barely hurt. I can't believe I finally did it. I'm so excited.

P.S. The boys informed me I had three sets of bags under my eyes last night. Please ignore those. Ok?