26 November 2017

The Tree


Per tradition, we put up the Christmas Tree this weekend. We visited our favorite place -- Monches Farm. They honestly just have so many beautiful trees, it's ridiculous. The boys each picked out an ornament like every year. H has a house the lights up. And C got a glittery reindeer. As we were hanging up the rest of the ornaments, he figured out that he pretty much has picked out an animal ornament every single year since he was 1. The tree turned out really pretty I think. It's got a little more bling than normal with some added tinsel -- that is getting everywhere already -- but it's a nice little change for this year. 

24 November 2017

Thanksgiving 2017


When I take time to really think about how great my life it, it's crazy. Seriously, I just have so much to be thankful for. It's easy to take it for granted sometimes, so a good reminder to take the time to pause and appreciate it. Despite the world being a crazy place, this year has been really good to me. My family is doing well. I've really focused on health and fitness and feel better than ever. I decided to start my own business. It's good! I'm excited to see what next year brings. Thanksgiving Day started with our annual Thanksgiving workout at the gym. Loved that Brian works out there too now, so we got to spend the morning together. In the afternoon, we went over to my parent's. They are moving in a few weeks, so this is the last holiday being spent in this house. I'm excited for their next adventure (building a new house) but it's bittersweet. There have been lot of really great memories made under this roof. Such a great day.

Last Week in Moments

It's crazy how much I love my new oven mitts.

This one....she's the worst! Thank goodness she's also totally adorable.

The boys were off at school and Brian took off on Wednesday. While C was hanging out with his friends at the mall, Brian and I had a poké lunch date with this guy.

18 November 2017

Last Week in Moments

Brian was out of town, but the boys and I were able to meet my family for dinner. You'd think that would happen more often, but life is just so busy. Glad we made it happen. We all had a great night.

When I looked over at the sofa the other day, the blanket was all bundled up. With a napping Gretel under it! She sure made herself comfortable.

It was this guy's 11th birthday. He's lumpy and bumpy, has quite a bit of grey, and snores like a freight train. But my gosh do we love him.

10 November 2017

Last Week in Moments

Last Friday, we got to celebrate Ed's 50th birthday. A couple things make this really great. First, he recently moved to Brooklyn so just visiting his old stomping grounds for his party. Second, I've known Ed since I was 17 years old, which means that I've known this guy here longer than most. Such a fun night.

Her favorite perch.

I heard Gretel barking outside and when I went to check it out, this is what I found. Haha! The recycling people left treats (yes, this is normal -- the garbage people do it too) -- but they were right on the other side of the invisible fence. Pour Gretel.

Lots of smiles at the soccer banquet. Such a good and successful season.

Clearly the Switch Witch doesn't visit our house.

This guy has been driving me around a lot. Which means, the holiday music is already playing. Ugh.

In an epic battle, the 7th grade boys' team, "The Gentlemen," beat the 8th grade girls' team for the championship.

03 November 2017

Last Week in Moments

Picking out the biggest pumpkins in the world means you have to take carving to a new level. Brian even pulled out the drywall tools to make this happen.

The trick-or-treating motley crew. Those inflatable costumes crack me up.

This guy was a little bit excited about the tiny bit of hail -- then snow -- we got. Gretel seems pretty happy too.

This year's pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns. Mine is the one with crayon melted on it. All I'm going to say, is carving would have been much easier.

When it's pitch black outside and cold out, plus this guy is all curled up in bed, it's super hard to wake up in the mornings.