29 May 2015

Last Week in Moments

Our friends Maria & Robbie are moving back to New Zealand and hosted a farewell party in the old bottling shed at Hanson's Pub // Tweed Funk played, which was such a blast

It's been a year since Brian and the boys went to a farm in Iowa and picked out the crazy -- and very loved -- Gretel  // Storm is still not sure what to think of that....

Celebrated Memorial Day at Pinelawn Memorial Park // The blooms were amazing on our trees this year while they lasted

Picked up everything for our garden and the boys helped plant it -- we are ready to go // New succulents -- I tend to be very bad with plants, and sure hope these last awhile

25 May 2015

Memorial Day


We come, not to mourn our dead soldiers, but to praise them. -Francis A. Walker

This morning we went to Pinelawn Memorial Park for their annual Memorial Day program. It's a great way to take time out during this holiday and really appreciate what they day is all about. A local girl scout troop was part of the ceremony, along with a children's brass quintet, Capt. Daniel Peterson who is a WI Nat'l Guard Member and Iraq Veteran, and The Radio Rosies -- a great addition to the day. It was also the first time H has seen my parents since Christmas, and he absolutely could not wait. Afterwards, we went to Cafe Bavaria with my parents, Justin, Amy and the girls. It was a really nice day.

22 May 2015

Last Week in Moments

The blooming trees in our yard and in the neighborhood are amazing right now // H had a post-Bar Mitzvah party to go to so C, Brian and I bummed around the Third Ward. C and I were entertaining ourselves while waiting for Brian to do some shopping, so took this reflection photo

It was Little League picture day // Then an hour later, the middle school choir concert

4th graders had a bike rodeo at school today -- C and his friends rode together (but I picked him up) // Someone stole my phone and took selfies at his brother's baseball game. C ended up getting his first home run and the game ball!

Had to stop to pick up some dirt, but was lured in by this beautiful greenhouse // Took the dogs on a walk. What different personalities. Storm is the protector, so I have to watch out for other dogs. Gretel is the mighty hunter, so stops dead in her tracks to point at any bird she sees. Makes for an interesting walk.

19 May 2015

Inspiration Files :: Westcarth Hall

Location // Northcote, Australia
More information (it's for sale)
via // Desire to Inspire

15 May 2015

Last Week in Moments

C and I participated in the Cupcake Run -- a 5K benefiting the boys' schools (H, is now a working man, and was busy soccer reffing a tournament) // Look who came in 1st place for the under 18 year old males! Crazy. His time was 20.47. I ran it in 26.20 ... and was thrilled. I have no idea how he does it

Mother's Day photo of me and my guys. I absolutely <3 them

Mother's Day was pretty low key ... and perfect. The boys made me an incredible breakfast in bed, baseball was rained out, and we went to Pizza Man for dinner // I've discovered green smoothie bowls for breakfast and am digging this combo with avocado, banana, berries, spinach, kale, flax seeds, almond milk and almond butter

08 May 2015

Last Week in Moments

Brian and I got all dressed up for the MIAD Creative Fusion event // C was playing in a soccer tournament last weekend, and I found this photo he took of himself (after I asked him to get my phone for me)

Somehow, Spring missed this tree last year and it went from brown to green. I really missed these yellow blossoms // Our niece was in the area for a lacrosse game, and we were so excited to get to watch her play

She's so cute when she sleeps (she plays hard and sleeps hard) // Their morning routine while waiting for the bus

05 May 2015

Inspiration Files :: Connections

Location // Melbourne, Australia
Inspiration // "thinking about how this family live and connect with their community"
Architects // MAKE Architecture
Photographer // Peter Bennetts
More Photos & Information // via Desire to Inspire

01 May 2015

Last Week in Photos

Last Friday,  C had a roller skating birthday party to go to, so Brian, H and I tried out a Nepalese restaurant -- The Cheel -- that we've been hearing amazing things about. Delicious....

It was Opening Day for Little League, and C is so excited to be back on the Marlins. He even pitched the first game // And...was awarded the game ball. He really had a great game. Baseball is not my favorite, but it sure is fun watching him play

Oh oh.... A silly robin is building a nest in Gretel's favorite "flushing" bush. I've already knocked it down once, but she's back at it // We've got an official soccer referee in the house. H refereed his first game last weekend. He was super nervous, but according to Brian, did great

These two in the mornings. It's C's last year of leisure in the mornings. Next year he's on the early am middle school schedule with H // Gretel has a few classic German Shorthaired Pointed spots. I think it looks like a hawk

We had a painter here this week. Gretel wasn't able to run around as much as usual so I took her to the dog park // Love this bird feeder at the dog park. Those birds definitely need to beware of the Greteler