22 May 2015

Last Week in Moments

The blooming trees in our yard and in the neighborhood are amazing right now // H had a post-Bar Mitzvah party to go to so C, Brian and I bummed around the Third Ward. C and I were entertaining ourselves while waiting for Brian to do some shopping, so took this reflection photo

It was Little League picture day // Then an hour later, the middle school choir concert

4th graders had a bike rodeo at school today -- C and his friends rode together (but I picked him up) // Someone stole my phone and took selfies at his brother's baseball game. C ended up getting his first home run and the game ball!

Had to stop to pick up some dirt, but was lured in by this beautiful greenhouse // Took the dogs on a walk. What different personalities. Storm is the protector, so I have to watch out for other dogs. Gretel is the mighty hunter, so stops dead in her tracks to point at any bird she sees. Makes for an interesting walk.

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