28 October 2015

Last Week in Moments

It was Ales & Tails at Brian's work. He wasn't able to bring either of ours in due to a busy schedule, but brought home some yummy treats. They are so spoiled // One of the girls from the gym I go to is getting married next week, so we celebrated by having a bachelorette party for her. It's been awhile since I've been to one of those

Our friends had their annual Halloween party. One of the hosts wears a banana costume every year, no matter the theme, so this year's party was "Going Bananas." It is always such a great time // No soccer games of our own this weekend, so we were able to join the others at the Chicago Fire game

[This week's moments are early, due to me going to NYC for the weekend! Yay!]

2015 School Photos


Here are the school photos from this year. Love them! 8th & 5th grades.

(2014 & 2013)

26 October 2015

Chicago Fire


We just ended a super fun, jam packed weekend. I mean, it was SO much fun I can't even stand it. The grand finale was a trip to Chicago on Sunday night to watch the Chicago Fire play the New York Red Bulls. Which happens to be the team our friend Jesse coaches. Of course, he was a little busy, so we didn't get to see him. But we were so excited to be invited by Leif & Melissa, and surprise the rest of our friends as they set up for tailgating. It was incredible. We enjoyed a giant spread before finding our seats in the Fire fan section (sorry Jesse). The boys sat first row for the first half, and had a blast. The Fire ended up losing to the Red Bulls 1-2. A bummer, but regardless, such a fun day. Love any time we get to spend with our gang.

23 October 2015

Last Week in Moments

On Saturday, Brian, H, my dad, my cousin and Gretel went on their first hunt of the season. C had no interest, but instead, wanted to attend Family Fun Day at the hunt club. He's still my little guy, and I love that. There were hayrides, pumpkin carving, and crafts, but our favorite thing were the goats. We pretty much spent all of our time there. So cute.

The boys were off of school on Friday, and Brian got offered tickets to Nitro Circus through work, so we went. What a blast! // Somebody loves his dogs very, very much

16 October 2015

Last Week in Moments

Handsome old man // Early morning reading buddies

Working hard on a documentary for Careers class // Late blooming nasturtium -- we scrambled to pick them in the dark due to a freeze watch and at them in our salad (it didn't freeze....)

13 October 2015

Cross Country


To think - we were not even going to let C run cross country this year. Somehow, he talked us into it. Plus, his coach was really understanding about him missing many (most) of the practices due to soccer, which helped. It turns out, he's had such a great time this season. Tonight was the final meet -- the North Shore Conference Championship. Eleven schools were there. C ran with the 7th and 8th grade boys and ended up coming in 4th for his school -- 13th overall -- with a time of 12:21. Honestly, the kid doesn't give up. It's so impressive and so much fun watching him. Their team ended up winning the Conference Championship! Four of those guys were in the top 15 -- 3 in the top 10. It was incredible. What a great season.

09 October 2015

Last Week in Moments

C had a 9:00am soccer game in Madison on Saturday. Brutal! The good news is, it meant we were able to go to the Dane County Farmer's Market. It's my favorite // So much pretty going on

After the Farmer's Market, we went for lunch at Shabu Shabu. The kids absolutely loved it // That evening, we had a pig roast to go to. They had a photo booth area with tons of props. C put on this mustache and everyone said he looked like Hulk Hogan. Funny

The pig // C had a cross country meet on Wednesday. He came in 1st for the 5th/6th grade for his school - 8th overall and had a time of 12:33 for a full 2 mile course

Found the drawing figure set up like this. Living with boys. Who play soccer // Speaking of soccer, C had a game on Thursday night. It down poured right before the game started and was almost pitch black when the game ended, but we were treated with this amazing sunset during the game. It was beautiful

02 October 2015

Last Week in Moments

Both boys played in a soccer tournament last weekend. Fortunately, it was the same one -- Brain was out of town for work at TomorrowWorld and between the two of them, there were 6 games and H referred 2. Unfortunately, neither team had a great showing // It was supposed to be cloudy, but turned out to be clear skies for the rare "Super Blood Moon." Pretty amazing

C had his annual physical a few weeks back, and saw a poster with the local high school sports schedule. Ever since, he's been obsessed with going to watch them play Homestead. It was so cold, but we had a great time // Gretel found this huge stick in the yard and has been dragging it around all over. Super score

Couple other things going on -- H is still have fun playing for his middle school soccer team, and played a couple days this week. C is running cross country, and came in 13th place overall -- 4th in his school -- at the last meet. He just never gives up. It's kind of incredible.