02 October 2015

Last Week in Moments

Both boys played in a soccer tournament last weekend. Fortunately, it was the same one -- Brain was out of town for work at TomorrowWorld and between the two of them, there were 6 games and H referred 2. Unfortunately, neither team had a great showing // It was supposed to be cloudy, but turned out to be clear skies for the rare "Super Blood Moon." Pretty amazing

C had his annual physical a few weeks back, and saw a poster with the local high school sports schedule. Ever since, he's been obsessed with going to watch them play Homestead. It was so cold, but we had a great time // Gretel found this huge stick in the yard and has been dragging it around all over. Super score

Couple other things going on -- H is still have fun playing for his middle school soccer team, and played a couple days this week. C is running cross country, and came in 13th place overall -- 4th in his school -- at the last meet. He just never gives up. It's kind of incredible.

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