29 January 2016

Last Week in Moments

Saturday was the annual Pablove benefit concert. We first had dinner with friends, then met up with a bunch more. It was a good night // Caught Gretel as she was about to leap right on me. Those ears!

This guy got a hair cut and cheesecake brownie. Not a bad deal // We have a new family member! My parents adopted this cute little puppy. He's 3 months old and I cannot wait to meet him. Too bad I have to wait until May until I see them again

22 January 2016

Last Week in Moments

We went to Racine to visit Grandma. Before having lunch (Brian's sister and her kids joined us too), we stopped at the winter farmer's market at Milaeger's. So much good stuff there! Next time we'll be prepared // The boys had off on Monday. It was a brutal cold day so I stopped at Michael's to get some craft supplies and even had the teenager make a nebula jar. We also made kool-aid candy dots, which were a big hit as you can image

This is quite possibly the most terrifying photo I have seen of myself. H's response when I put this Korean facial mask on was "That's not even cool, Mom." It was pretty scary, but my face loved it // C had his choir concert, and the mic caught him giggling during his performance. Typical

My dad was in town. He's officially retired, which is crazy. To celebrate, we went to Balistreri's for dinner. We were happy to get to see him // I totally bought this bottle of wine because of it's label. Isn't it amazing?

15 January 2016

Last Week in Moments

Finally, Gretel got spayed. And microchipped. It actually happened and I cannot believe it! It only took 4 rounds of appointment setting and canceling to get there. We thought she was going to be spending the night, but we were able to get her. She was totally groggy and sleepy. It was kind of nice. We've been needing to walk her on a leash and not let her run around this week. Needless to say, she has spent a lot of time in her crate. Poor thing just doesn't know how to slow down.

Brian and H wanted to go skiing. C has never been a big fan, but decided to give it another try. I'm so glad he did. He completely loves it. And now, he's bummed out that he didn't sign up for ski club with his brother. Oh well. He's got three more years.

Brian and I had a 4-hour pass that expired, but the boys kept going out so they could ski under the lights. It was really cold out, but such a great day.

Thanks to YouTube, C discovered giant gummy things and has been obsessed with them. He bought himself a vanilla cola bottle around the holidays, and was crushed when it was delivered but had Red 40 in it (Red 40 makes him throw up). He gave it to his brother, then ordered the Root Beer one, which doesn't have Red 40 in it. Wednesday was a short day, and they celebrated by finally being able to bust open the obnoxious confections. I mean, seriously, look at those things! They have been good about rationing them, thank goodness.

08 January 2016

Last Week in Moments

We made churros and hot chocolate for breakfast. It was absolutely delicious

The taking down of the Christmas tree is always bittersweet to me

The look I got as I was leaving the house the other day. What you can't see is the shaking she was doing too. So spoiled

01 January 2016

NYE with Friends


To me, the best way to spend New Years Eve is with my family and incredible friends. We never really make plans, but if something special happens, great! This year, Chris & Penny asked what we were up to and decided to visit us. I cannot even tell you how excited we were. Especially after they had guests at their house up until the minute they left to travel North. Brian & H planned a fantastic Spanish themed menu.

- Jamon and Manchego with Tomato Toast
- Shishito Peppers
- Ribs
- Gambas al Ajillo
- Croquettes 
- Paella

And of course, plenty of gin & tonics and Cava. We had also planned on making Potatoes Bravas and Churros with Chocolate Sauce. But my gosh, were we stuffed! And tired. We did make it until midnight, but gave a round of hugs and headed immediately for bed. What a perfect way to celebrate a fantastic year.

Last Week in Moments

Brian organized a soccer game with some friends on Boxing Day. The adults played on one side, and the kids organized their own game. I'm thinking there might be a new annual tradition // The crew. Our nephew came and played too. He spent the night which was great. We took him out to Cafe Hollander and had a really great night

Santa brought the boys a new Kracie kit // Brian and I snuck out one of the days and visited the Milwaukee Art Museum