22 January 2016

Last Week in Moments

We went to Racine to visit Grandma. Before having lunch (Brian's sister and her kids joined us too), we stopped at the winter farmer's market at Milaeger's. So much good stuff there! Next time we'll be prepared // The boys had off on Monday. It was a brutal cold day so I stopped at Michael's to get some craft supplies and even had the teenager make a nebula jar. We also made kool-aid candy dots, which were a big hit as you can image

This is quite possibly the most terrifying photo I have seen of myself. H's response when I put this Korean facial mask on was "That's not even cool, Mom." It was pretty scary, but my face loved it // C had his choir concert, and the mic caught him giggling during his performance. Typical

My dad was in town. He's officially retired, which is crazy. To celebrate, we went to Balistreri's for dinner. We were happy to get to see him // I totally bought this bottle of wine because of it's label. Isn't it amazing?

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