29 September 2017

Last Week in Moments

We have actually managed to have some soccer-free weekends this season. Between the two boys, normally we would have 3-5 so this is just weird. And kind of nice. My friend Emma (on the right) opened CrossFit Blue Moon at the beginning of the year. While I was sad to lose her as a coach, I'm super happy for her. Unfortunately, I hadn't made it out to visit her there. Until last Saturday. It was super hot outside, blazing sun, and a 20-minute AMRAP (power snatch, burpees over bar and 200m run). Not my favorite (plus, I rarely CrossFit on the weekends). Fortunately, my partner, Amy, is pretty awesome which made it a blast. Miss these two like crazy. By the way, if you are in the Sussex area, you should check it out. Emma is fantastic and you won't regret it.

The JV team is so much fun to watch this year! They have their hardest match-up this coming week, but so far, are undefeated. Tuesday's game ended 7-0. And despite some nasty looking clouds, we avoided the rain.

Was straightening up, and for some reason, this little corner of our home just made me really happy.

22 September 2017

Last Week in Moments

H and the rest of the Nicolet JV soccer team caught the bus at 6:15am on Saturday morning and came home over 12 hours later, Red Devil Boys Soccer Invite champs.

Well, it's done! I finally finished up the tattoo I started a few months ago. What started as a cover-up -- under the purple daisy -- turned into a family bouquet. Every time I catch a glimpse of myself I'm shocked I got something so colorful and large. It took me over 20 years figured out what I wanted to do to cover up a tattoo I absolutely hated. I'm still not 100% sure this is something I would have done if I didn't have "the blob," but I love what it turned into.

The boys were off of school on Thursday, and besides Brian, we were all a little slow moving. It felt amazing.

I had been promising a trip to The Cheesecake Factory all summer. Since we never made it, we had lunch there after H's dentist appointment. After lunch, we made a pit stop on the way to apple picking. One of C's old soccer teammates is a big fisherman. The boys spotted him trying to reel in a huge fish. Unfortunately, he lost it, but it was pretty amazing.

Picked a huge bag of apples. Cortland, Gala, Fuji and 20 oz. Pippins were the pick of the day.

When the temperature is 82 degrees outside while picking apples, you opted for the apple cider slushy over the hot chocolate.

15 September 2017

Last Week in Moments

We spent a few hours in Rockford, Illinois for a soccer game with C (he one one both Saturday & Sunday), stopped home, then quickly went out to Panga to celebrate our friend's 40th birthday.

These kids celebrated their 18th anniversary! We sure have built an amazing life together. I can't believe how fast the years go by, but I'm also excited to see what the future holds.

C is doing cross-country again this year. He hasn't run that distance since last season, and hasn't made a single practice (ugh) so his goal was simply to get some miles on. He was dying, but excited to have his name on the announcements in the top 5 boys for his school. The next day, he was mentioned again! This time for scoring the first goal at the middle school soccer game. Yep, he's doing it all. In the meantime, he's also had his regular club soccer practice 3x a week, and H had two soccer games and practices. The JV team is still undefeated, which is exciting. It was a busy week, but a really good one.

08 September 2017

Last Week in Moments

First Day of School -- 10th Grade

First Day of School -- 7th Grade

The signs of a very happy little girl. I couldn't open the door because that wakes her! I think it's hilarious when I find her like this.

Klassy Kamping 2017 :: Cast of Characters


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Klassy Kamping 2017 :: Day 4


The last day of our weekend. It's always so sad saying goodbye to our friends, and to the summer. After we packed up, we stopped at the lake to do some fishing. The boys had fun catching a ton of little fish and tossing them back. I couldn't help but remember the year H was crushed because C dropped his Spiderman fishing pole in the lake. Wasn't that just yesterday? On our way home, we stopped for gas at our favorite gas station -- the Concord General Store. We've been here a million times. Gretel's trainer is about a mile away. But one thing we have never done, is visit the Concord Petting Zoo. C and I took a peak inside and decided we needed to continue our adventure there. We bought a couple ice cream cones filled with petting zoo animal food, and made our way inside. It was so cute! There was even a pot-bellied pig and alpacas. I'm pretty sure we'll never be able get gas here again without stopping in and saying hi to the animals. With that, our weekend came to an end. Until next year.

06 September 2017

Klassy Kamping 2017 :: Day 3


What a day! It started with the men going for a trail run while Penny brought the rest of the adults Bloody Marys while we made breakfast. I don't know why, but Bloody Marys while camping are just the best thing ever. When the boys came back, it was time for breakfast burritos -- one of our favorite meals of the entire trip. Except someone (ehm, ME!) forgot pretty much all of the key components. Like flour tortillas. And beans. And hot sauce. Oh, and salsa too. I was the one who even made the list and sent it out to everyone! Yet, I forgot every single thing. Fortunately, we were able to make due with what we had, crumpled up some tortilla chips, scooped some chili from the night before on it, and breakfast was still enjoyable. Unbelievable. I may not live this one down for awhile. That afternoon, some of the group stayed behind, while many of us went to the Iowa County Fair. Our family isn't much for the rides, so we spent most of the time visiting the animals and playing games. The fair was super cute. When we came back, we headed to the beach. The water was pretty cold, but that didn't stop a group from jumping in. We also had SUPs and donut tubes to play on (again, courtesy of Aaron -- maybe I should just start calling him Mr. Fun). That night we dined on hot dogs and cowboy beans. Other than an ER visit (unfortunately, the kids were playing in some gravel, and one got stuck in an ear. Ugh.) it was a perfect night.

05 September 2017

Klassy Kamping 2017 :: Day 2


We took a slow start on our second day. Made breakfast, hung around the campfire -- the kids slack-lined and long-boarded thanks to Aaron -- and waited for more of our crew to show up. First came Chris & T, then Amy & S. We made PB&J sandwiches (which, let me interrupt here to say how much I absolutely love PB&J sandwiches!), then went for a hike. Last year, we somehow didn't fit one it, and I personally really missed it. We went on the Cave Trail, passing through forests and fields to get there. It was amazing! We were all pretty exhausted by the time we got back, and figured out that we logged over 7 miles! Not bad. The remaining Frigs made it in time to join us for dinner. After frito pies and gourmet smores, it was time to hit the sack. The day definitely wore us all out.