07 September 2015

Camping :: Day 4


As soon as we went to bed last night, the rain started. I honestly don't mind it though. And this year, we have a new tent which kept us nice and dry. We had been having a raccoon friend visit us at night -- all of us did, as a matter of fact -- but it left our site alone last night. (It did have a field day with juice boxes at Chris & Penny's site, and on sausages, hot sauce and grapes and Graham & Amy's site though). We woke up, packed up, and gathered for photos. A couple years back, I had taken family photos of the campers. I forgot to do it last year, and almost forgot again this year! Thankfully, we made it happen. It's so fun seeing these kids (and us, I suppose) change over the years. We decided to drive through Mt. Horeb. The kids were kind of freaked out -- turns out, Mt. Horeb is the "Troll Capital of the World." The main street is referee to as the "Trollway." It was settled by the Norwegians, who thought the trolls were lucky guardians. Trolls, by the way, have long noses, four fingers and four toes, which makes them different from gnomes. I know you were curious. A lot of the businesses were closed, but we were able to stop by Sjolinds chocolate shop, Open House Imports, Duluth Trading Company and grab some breakfast. Sad to see the weekend come to an end. I'm already looking forward to next year.

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