07 September 2015

Camping :: Days 1 & 2


All summer long, we look forward to our annual friends camping trip. You might recall that last year, we had a bit of bad luck with sickies. This year, I'm happy to report that we all survived and were all in attendance, except for one of the E4 who has headed off to college! Crazy. We stayed at Governor Dodge State Park again. We've been going here longer than I even remembered, but it's really a great place -- beautiful, good swimming, and tons to do. This year, we stayed in different sites after driving around last year and thinking they were really gorgeous. Really, you can't go wrong anywhere here. The first night, we all arrived at different times, so just made our own meals. But the next morning, we met up for Leif's famous bloody mary's and breakfast. The kids discovered a path right behind our sites that led to some rock formations that morning. It was pretty incredible, and they ended up spending a ton of time back there. So cute. Amy and G were joining us later that day, so went on a hike to the falls, then went swimming in the afternoon. We didn't get a break from the heat this camping trip, so it was perfect. In the evening, we had chili in frito bags -- a favorite amongst our group -- then hit the sack relatively early after our day in the fresh air.

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