27 December 2019

Moments 12 19 :: Week 04

How we all felt at the end of last week.

Hair cuts for all! Brian and the boys met up with my nephew and all got "proper" haircuts then dined on oysters. I think they all had a blast.

Annual holiday dinner with this crew. This year, we went to Pandl's. It really is one of the best traditions.

We finally made it down to the Christkindlmarket. Such a beautiful day. It was great seeing so many people there too.

Finally picked out their annual ornament as well.

Our friend Jesse, who Brian just visited in Austria, was in town for the holidays. Brian arranged a last minute pick up soccer game. It's so fun now that the kids can join in the mix. It was the Marsch family (cousins and all) against the rest of us (coaches, kids, dads). Such a blast.

The gang. (Thanks to C & H's old coach and Bavarian Club for letting us play.)
Our holiday card. Got them out right in time this year. Yikes.

He really was excited to be here.

Boxing Day at the Nomad!

26 December 2019

Christmas Day 19

My sister hosted Christmas Day this year for the gang. Quite the undertaking, but she killed it. It was such a fun day. We pretty much laugh non-stop. Usually with each other. Sometimes at. We are family after all, right? We were assigned leftover appetizers, so brought our Serrano Ham. (Chances are, if we are invited over during the next month, it may travel with us. LOL!) The day flew by, while we spent most of it opening presents! First our regular gifts. We open one-by-one so it lingers quite a bit. Next was our $20 exchange. We each bring a gift, and play a game where you trade, etc. No one knows who brought what until the end. It's really fun. The hot item this year? A malt maker. It was H's purchase and Brian ended up with it. We also ended up with wine and pasta, pizza making supplies, and I got a pair of Goodr sunglasses. I'd say we did pretty well. Such a great day. (P.S. How about that cake my niece decorated at a cake decorating party! It tasted as good as it looked.)

Christmas Morning 19


Christmas morning. I love that Brian & I are up before the boys. Santa was good to all of us. And we loved rocking our matching family pajamas. Even the dogs got to be part of the mix this year.

25 December 2019

Christmas Eve. 19


Just like that, the holidays were upon us. It was our year to host Christmas Eve, so we had our traditional appetizer party. The standard cast of characters, plus a few, minus a few came. Can't believe we forgot a group photo! We bought a giant Spanish jamon. Delicious. Thank goodness, because we will be eating that thing for awhile. It's pretty impressive. (Thanks Costco.) We went to bed happy and full, looking forward to the next day.

20 December 2019

Moments 12 19 :: Week 03

Breakfast is not one of my favorite meals to make ... or even eat for that matter. So, I'm not complaining one little bit that this guy has turned into our weekend breakfast chef. Saturday morning was soyrizo breakfast tacos. Sunday was homemade pancakes. Look at him go.

Saturday was the Varsity Sprint invite. Nina & Papa came to spectate. It's such a chaotic meet, but so much fun.

Saturday night was the CrossFit gym party. Our friend hosted, and the guys decided to build a fire. Must have been the first time the fireplace was used for awhile, because it was quite the event getting it to work properly. Needless to say, we all smelled like a campfire. Hilarious. (This is my favorite photo from the night).

Super snuggles. Gretel always sleeps with H, but for some reason, Storm decided to join the mix.

We hosted our 3rd Swim Team Skettifest. Always so fun.

Varsity Relay Invite. Wasn't H's best day of swim, but it was a really busy week for some reason. And we survived. Here he is doing his thing.

13 December 2019

Moments 12 19 :: Week 02

Basketball season is underway. Here's a rare moment of play time (he did awesome, by the way). Honestly though, it just doesn't even matter. He's having a blast, learning a ton, and loves just getting to practice with the team. We love that he is continuing to try things other than soccer. I think it's so important. But it's a lot to juggle, and he's doing it!

Went to Uncle Wolfies for brunch Saturday. My gosh that place is good. They have the best waiting room too.

We weren't able to take part in our traditional cookie baking at my sister's due to everyone's crazy schedules. Kind of sad, but we still made it happen.

We each picked out two cookies to make. Ok, I picked out three. But one is still hanging out in the freezer and I just haven't gotten to it. Maybe next weekend.

C made toffee (it turned out amazing!) and Mint Thumbprint Double Chocolate cookies. He was bummed to see the chocolate ones actually used a cookie mix.

H made Caramel Cream Sandwich Cookies and Oreo Truffle Reindeer.

I made Chocolate Sea Salt Rugelach and Cran-Pistachio Cookies. The Cran-Pistachio also required a cookie mix. I was NOT bummed out about that. :)

Finished! (Oh my gosh, Gretel's head lol). We look so absolutely exhausted. Because we were. It's been a crazy few weeks for sure.

After cookie baking, we met the family out for dinner. My parents picked The King & I. I hadn't been there for years! So much fun.

Meanwhile, Brian left on Sunday for Salzburg with Scott. Our friend Jesse is the coach of the Red Bulls. (Couldn't be prouder of him, by the way.) The team is in the Champions League and played Liverpool. Brian was lucky enough to use travel miles to get there and cheer Jesse and his team on at the game. He's currently stuck in Charlotte. Cannot wait to get him home and hear all about it.

07 December 2019

Moments 12 19 :: Week 01

Met up with with our Chicago peeps in Purdue for the Old Oaken Bucket football game. Cold and rainy, but so much fun.

Just look at this crew! <3

Freezing! Fortunately, our neighbors on the seats beside us took care of us by giving us some plastic bags to sit on. We made it for the first half before we just couldn't take it any more.

Purdue lost, unfortunately.

I love how much this guy loves Christmas.

He's also a really great helper.

Putting on the final touches.

There she blows! The P4 Christmas tree of 2019.

St. Nicolas still came on the 6th. You are never too old.

C is having a blast playing basketball. Their first game was Monday, and he didn't get any play time. He got a few minutes on Friday night, and did awesome. Most importantly, he's totally enjoying it and learning a ton. Nina & Papa even made it to game on Friday! Yay!