31 July 2012

Toilet Paper Eater


Storm is pretty much an angel. Seriously, he puts up with the boys and is just a big giant love bug moose. But like everyone, he's got some bad habits. One is his affinity for paper products. The dude must think he is part goat. He especially likes kleenex and toilet paper. Lately, every time I walk into the downstairs bathroom, our toilet paper looks like this! He's started nibbling it off the roll. Seriously?!?

It Must Have Rained Last Night


"Special" Dessert


The boys love making "special dessert" every now and then. Last week C made this for us. Malted milk powder - chocolate rocks - gummie things - nonpareils - melted popsicle. Cannot say it was a favorite (cringe), but there's no denying he's clever.

28 July 2012

#alleyshrimp & Gallery Night


It all started with a picture of some shrimp in an alley. #alleyshrimp is a collection of photos people post of things in places where they don't belong. And yesterday it had it's own exhibit during Milwaukee Gallery Night. In an alley. Brian's old co-worker friends originated and organized the show, so despite a couple unenthusiastic children, we headed on down to the Third Ward to check it out. Unfortunately, we didn't make it to any other exhibits (due to previously mentioned unenthusiastic children), but got to see the show (C's favorite photo was underwear in a park), catch up with some friends and enjoy a bit of time in the park listening to some really great music and being entertained by a fishing artist.

26 July 2012

Beach Tour Continued


This afternoon the boys and I decided to hit Atwater Beach. One good thing has come out of the heat this summer -- we've been visiting a lot of the local beaches. Atwater was closed last year while they worked on it, so it was our very first time here. It's such a great little beach. We weren't there long before these crazy -- but very cool -- clouds came pouring in. But it was enough to check it out and cool ourselves off. We are so lucky to have all of these great beaches essentially in our backyard.



25 July 2012



This morning I dragged the boys to Discovery World. Man, they are getting lazy, preferring to hide out in the air conditioned basement playing Wii. Alas, I got them out, and they even had fun! There were a couple summer camp groups there, and H ran into a couple kids from school too. In the afternoon, we went over to our friend's house -- the boys played on the slip 'n slide, and I sat my bum in the inflatable pool. I know ... what a picture. But it's insanely hot out, and we need some relief. Turned out being a great day.

24 July 2012



As a finale to the boys golf lessons, today was the champions golf tournament. The did really well! 5th and 6th place. And best of all, they had a blast. They have one more week, but it's Fun Day. They have already said how sad they will be when it's all over. Part of it is the golf. But mostly, they have been having so fun going to Nina and Papa's every week. After I picked them up, we took the golf carts out and hit a few balls. Granted, I'm not much of a golfer. But they are way better than me. It's been so fun for them.

22 July 2012



It has finally rained a bit, but things are still pretty dry around here. We don't pull these out very much, but its either expensive water bills or losing plants at this point. Plus, it's cheaper than a water park!

North Beach


On Friday, my mother-in-law picked the boys up and took them to her house for the night. Brian and I retrieved them the next day. We went to his sister's house for a little pool action, then over to North Beach. It is one of a handful of Blue Wave beaches in Wisconsin -- the first in the state to achieve this. They really have done a great job with it. After dinner at the Yardarm, we came home, relaxed a bit, and all crashed from exhaustion. What a fun day -- the boys sure had a great time at Grandma's house.

19 July 2012

Vintage Travel Posters


I may have overdone it on the images this time, but I'm honestly such a sucker for vintage posters. And vintage travel posters? Shut up! Such great stuff. Of course, it could be that preparing for our upcoming vacation is completely putting me in full-blown wanderlust mode. Image from the Boston Public Library's flickr account via Gems.

18 July 2012



Mentos + Diet Soda (less sticky) = Big ole' backyard geyser.

17 July 2012

Picking Up the Boys


After three nights without the boys, it was time to pick them up after golf today. We sure did miss them. Although, I'd be lying if I didn't say the break was nice. Since it was 102 degrees in Milwaukee again today, we decided there was no need to rush home, and spent the day floating around the lake. It was a perfect, lazy summer day.

15 July 2012

Day Trip to Madison


Oh Madison! I always forget what a cool city you are. I actually can't even remember the last time I visited Madison. But we've been wanting to make a trip there for a long time, and finally got around to it. The main goal was the Dane County Farmers' Market, which we've heard nothing but incredible things about. It was smaller and moved down the street this week due to an art fair, but we still scored some amazing things. Like zucchini blossoms for $2 a huge bunch! And spicy cheese bread with was absolutely addicting. The art fair had some really great pieces as well. Unfortunately, the 95 degree heat and crazy crowds made the boys (and me) a bit irritable and claustrophobic so we didn't really get to look around too much. We also stopped in the capitol. H had just been for his 4th grade field trip, but it's always an impressive place to visit. And then we dragged the boys over to the Union Terrace so we could show them where Brian & I met. Actually, we had met briefly the week before the Terrace, but this is where Brian got my phone number and the rest is history. (He lived in Chicago, me in Milwaukee, but he was in a band that was playing in Madison that night). I'm not so sure the boys were impressed, but it was fun for us as we come upon our 13th anniversary in a couple months. Finally, our visit would not have been complete without going to Fromagination. All the hype over this place was definitely right on. It was amazing. And we picked up a few different cheeses -- all made in Wisconsin of course -- all of which were amazing. On the way back from Madison, we dropped the boys off at my parent's house where they are spending the next couple days. Then our friends Jim and Jennie from Chicago came over. We sampled our cheeses, and went to Lake Park Bistro. Brian and I had been wanting to try it forever, and I'm so glad we did. It was a really great dinner.